CRAZY: $600 Roundtrip Business Class Tickets From Cairo To New York

I’m not sure how useful this necessarily is, but it’s a damn good fare. Meridiana was recently rebranded as Air Italy, after Qatar Airways took over a 49% stake in the airline. The airline is getting an overhaul, and over the coming years will get 30 Boeing 787s, as Qatar Airways hopes to turn Air Italy into Italy’s national airline.

While Meridiana has flown from Naples and Palermo to New York for years (I even flew them last summer, and had a pleasant flight, despite them using an ancient 767 for the route), as of this spring the airline will be based out of Milan, and operate flights to New York and Miami.

At the moment they have some insane business class fares from Cairo to New York. Specifically, they have one-way business class fares of under $400, and roundtrip fares of $600. That’s crazy.

The fare seems to be available in July and early August, and you’re best off using ITA Matrix and Google Flights to find availability.

The problem is the limited potential to earn miles here. Air Italy isn’t part of oneworld (though Qatar Airways wants them to join), so the opportunity to earn miles is limited. Meridiana has partnered with British Airways Executive Club, so you should be able to earn 125% Avios in business class for these fares, though the miles flown won’t count towards earning elite status.

In terms of what you can expect onboard, Air Italy is using ex-Qatar Airways Airbus A330s for these flights, featuring business class seats with a mild angle. This is certainly a big improvement over what Meridiana used to offer.

While Cairo consistently has excellent business class fares, this is even lower than anything I recall seeing, so it is worth pointing out. Like I said, I’m not sure how worthwhile it is, though.

Anyone plan to take advantage of these amazing Air Italy business class fares?

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  1. Like lucky pointed out, miles earning opportunity isn’t good, and travel period is too short in summer only, I think it’ll be awfully hot there. Unless I could book the return in winter, I’ll pass.

  2. @Lucky with all details you giving dont be surprisrd if the Egyptian government stop them flying,knowing they are partly owned by Qatar.

  3. @mohamed
    Outstanding point which was overlooked by lucky.
    Given the Qatari blockade is more than likely Egypt will put a stop to this.
    Mohamed are you in Egypt?

  4. Do you reckon it would be fine to ditch the final leg back to Cairo if you went carry-on only on the return?

  5. Who in his right mind travels from Cairo… To NYC… with Meridiana… in business class?

  6. Maybe I should know, but I don’t: is it possible to buy this fare in reverse JFK-CAI-JFK roundtrip for the same fare?

  7. Stan,
    If it was the case, we’re so excited as many of readers here have much easier time positioning to JFK than to Cai. Check and report, though.
    That should be fine.

  8. So it looks like the distance R/T is about 11,000 miles, and with the 25% bonus you’d get around 13,750 Avios (or do they use km in that program? IDK), which are valued at what, 1.5 cents per mile? So around $200 value on those.

    I looked at Google Flights and I see it is ONLY from Cairo—>JFK—>Cairo, not the other way ’round, sadly.

  9. If you are in or near CAI and want to visit NYC, this is a no-brainer. Otherwise, “it depends”. I would have found it more attractive if the airline was (already) in OneWorld.

    Lumma: Yes, you can ditch the last leg. Just makes sure there is no checked bag.

    Flieger: Obviously it may not makes sense for someone who is not already close to CAI to go there just for one trip to JFK. Such fares appeal to those who need / want / can use many trips out of CAI.

    Dr. Stan: I haven’t even bothered to check because the answer is always No. You will pay more if starting in the USA.

  10. So lucky why don’t you do it.
    Be one of the first to review air italy.
    Given you haven’t reviewed it I think it’s only fair that you review it and tell us all about it!

  11. Love Egypt. Have booked a roundtrip and will credit to Avios. Fan hotels in Cairo for cheap cheap

  12. Does anyone know if there is a Lounge in Cairo i can use with this Air Italy Ticket ? Thanks !

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