Video: Crabs At Baggage Claim

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I think we can all use a good laugh at this point, so take a look at the below video of what happens when you check a bag with crabs, and that doesn’t end well at baggage claim…

As it turns out, the video is from 2017 in Nassau. I hadn’t seen the video before and it gave me a good laugh, so hopefully, others appreciate it as well.


  1. Not really sure why you think it’s funny that someone jammed a bunch of live animals into a cooler, and now they’re either going to be exterminated at the airport or, at best, boiled alive in line with the original plan.

    Kind of a trash post, if I’m honest. Unsure why you and your staff can’t come up with enough relevant material to fill your site.

  2. @Mike, what should Lucky have posted, how air traffic is down, people are sick with COVID and the future of travel and points is bleak?

  3. LOL…what a riot. Reminds of a red-eye that we took from PHX to PHL a few Xmases ago. When we got to the AA baggage claim, not only where both baggage carousels broken, pigeons where flying up from down below and all over the claim area. Talk about your partridge in a pear tree. . .LOL

    BTW, eventually some poor guy started to walk the bags up the conveyor belt to the claim area. Our two bags were first for some reason, but at that point, I just wanted to get coffee!

    Thanks for the chuckle and happy Friday!

  4. funny is funny, crab or piece of garment. maybe they can be ’emotional support’ animal, nothing to do with cruelty or stuff like that pls do show up here.

  5. Why is everyone in the video laughing? It’s not funny to check in a box full of crabs and then bust the box open at a baggage belt so that the poor creatures can get stepped on or otherwise killed off. Yeah it was an accident but the laughing retards in the background just make me sick

  6. This is why I don’t check bags! On a flight a long, long time ago, I checked my expensive Tumi bag and someone had checked a big batch of kimchi and it busted open on the carousel and it got over everybody’s stuff. It was a disgusting mess and it ruined my bag since I could never get the stink out.

  7. Poor @Dave started off being so PC but then screwed it up by playing the “retards” card. Blew your whole attempt at trying to make us believe you were an animal rights believer. Please join @Mike in the exit line.

  8. Not remotely funny, rather disgusting treatment of animals. It’s a sad day that anyone would find humour in such a thing.

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