Continental’s new BusinessFirst seats

Continental had a couple of their new BusinessFirst seats on display at the hangar on Saturday night, so naturally I was curious to check them out and compare them to the new United business class seats. Not surprisingly, the seats are nearly the same! Apparently they even come from the same vendor.

Unfortunately I found the new seat to be quite uncomfortable, especially for reclining and relaxing. While the seat itself was fine, the ottoman was tiny, since the seats are at a slight angle so the ottoman is only about half the size of what it is on United. This royally sucks when trying to put your feet up and relax.

It’s also worth noting that these seats will be installed on all longhaul aircraft, including the 757. They’ll by far be the best 757 business class seats, given that the 757 usually has a sub-par premium product.

Another thing that’s disappointing is that installation won’t be complete before mid-2011. By then Singapore Airlines will probably already have a new generation of seats and this one won’t be anything special (not that it is to begin with).

New Business Class Seats

Business Class seat

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  1. Lucky, you aren’t the first person I’ve seen to mention the negative factors about the new CO seats. By now, CO mgmt surely must be aware of this feedback. Do you have any idea if they are considering changing the seat design (ie., ottoman), or is it too late in the game?

  2. I am much larger than you lucky, both in height and weight, and I had no issue with the ottoman, my only issue was in the foot well area.

    In fact the seat was more comfortable in a recline but not lie flat position than current seats and the footrest could be controlled precisely to the point you want it from a flat level (for the lie flat, but with the back reclined not lie flat) down to the upright position or any point in between.

    I think the biggest issue about the demo unit was the lack of documentation on the controller they had as it was a temporary one. If you played with it a bit you could get a very comfortable seat at a nice upright/recline/lieflat position all around. It would have been nice if they had the real controllers wired up.

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