Confirmed regional upgrades are here to stay for 1K’s!

Some days I just love United. This is one of them. See here:

1K® members will continue to earn Regional Upgrades
Sometimes no change is good news. After our last announcement, we heard from our 1K members how much they value their Regional Upgrades. To thank them for their ongoing loyalty, we’ve decided to continue issuing Regional Upgrades to 1Ks, even after the Unlimited Domestic Upgrades program launches.

I knew something had to happen. They either had to offer unlimited upgrades on Premium Service or return the confirmed regional upgrades, so it looks like they went with the confirmed regionals, which is my preferred choice anyway. I’ve been saying for a while now that Executive Platinum is leaps and bounds ahead of 1K in terms of benefits (since they now allow systemwide upgrades to be used on any fare and United screwed up the domestic upgrade program), but I’m not so sure about that anymore. Unlimited domestic upgrades and confirmed regional upgrades is a pretty darn good program, in my opinion. You can lock in the upgrades when you really want to, either for yourself or friends, and “gamble” with the free upgrades when you would have otherwise used 500 mile upgrade certificates.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, United!

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  1. A big thumbs up to United for this move. CR1s are a useful tool, and this will help those on the PS routes being able to upgrade at least 4 roundtrips per year.

  2. THANK YOU United!!

    As a NYC-based 1K who mostly flies p.s or 1 cabin regional jets I was not a happy camper at the prospect of losing my CR1s. (After all they were the only reason I kept flying MRs after hitting 1K this spring)

    Yesterday’s announcement to let more folks into the RCC also did not sit well with this RCC member. I was with you thinking that was the end of the hope of UA restoring CR1s.

    I can’t wait to write UA a thank you letter.

    It’s about time they did something right :o)

  3. this is excellent news. This kind of thing makes me believe that the UA exec who told me they are trying to “make a better airline” was being sincere. Now the unlimited domestic upgrade thing really does seem like a genuine enhancement.

  4. Does that mean that 1MM will continue to get 2 CR1s per year still regardless of status, or is it 1K only now?

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