C’mon, Swiss!

Before getting on longhaul flights I like to look at the movie selection, especially when I’m flying multiple airlines, in order to avoid overlap. While Thai Airways has posted their August movie selection online, Swiss has not. It’s August 5, and they still have July’s movies posted. Not that it’s a big deal, but I would have expected a bit more timeliness from Swiss.

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  1. I was going to give you a hard time but I understand. Last year the movies on the ANA flights from FRA-NRT were not the same as those from HKG-NRT. Odd. It was the same listing but not the same availability. Then again won’t your selection be pretty extensive in First/Business? Maybe you do deserve to be harrassed! Have a good trip.

  2. Hah, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a serious complaint, but just an observation. I’m just kind of surprised how long it’s taking them to get the movies up. Actually, the selection isn’t that extensive on Thai, so I want to make sure I “save” a movie or two for that flight that may be available on one of the other flights, for example.

  3. Good luck finding something to watch on Swiss. We did an F award in July on the new A333 – fantastic to see the 23″ TV but I couldn’t find one decent movie to watch!! Still, it was a great experience.


  4. I’m a movie guy — good bad or otherwise, especially when on a plane. I’d start with Star Trek. Heard some good reports. Bill Murray in Lost in Translation was highly acclaimed. There’s the French Bordeau movie, A Good Year. That’s a perfect airplane movie. If in fact the Swiss Air folks are reading your blog, you missed out on a great opportunity to request a selection of movies. Here’s an idea. Can’t you pre-select food in First Class on some airlines? Maybe allow one to pre-select entertainment for the flight and have it downloaded into the system before departure.

  5. Lost in Translation is a great movie
    I have heard good things about 21 Grams
    ‘Che’ looks interesting
    X-Men Wolverine is entertaining

    IMHO, the movies FROM Schweiz appear better than those TO Schweiz.

  6. I watched Sunshine Cleaning TXL-JFK on Monday and enjoyed it. Otherwise it’s too bad you aren’t going from Switzerland, those movies are much better!

  7. North by Northwest is really good and I’ve heard good things about Lost in Translation and A Bunch of Amateurs. I’ve watched Monsters v Aliens – it was inoffensive but unless you get the 3D effects I wouldn’t say its worth the time.

  8. Wait a sec, they don’t show all of the movies on the AVOD system in first class? Like, they have a different set of movies in each direction? That’s utter BS….

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