CLEAR Is Offering A Free 3 Month Trial

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I’m a huge fan of CLEAR, and have written about it quite a bit in the past. I signed up for it last year, and it has saved me a significant amount of time.

The benefit of being a CLEAR member is that instead of lining up to have your ID checked in the regular line or Pre-Check line, you can go to the CLEAR line, scan your fingerprints, and then you’re escorted past the ID checker. With TSA Pre-Check lines sometimes being longer than the regular lines nowadays, this lets you skip to the front of even that line.

It doesn’t always save me time, though what I appreciate is that it makes my airport experience consistent. I’m always on my way within a few minutes. While the normal price for CLEAR is $179 per year, nobody should actually be paying that much. Just for being a SkyMiles member (without any status) you get a reduced price of $99 per year, and the price goes down even more if you have status.

CLEAR sometimes has promotions for new members (like 15 months for the price of 12 months), though it’s not often they offer an outright free trial, as they’re doing now. At the moment CLEAR is offering a three month free trial when you sign up using promotion code HAPPY4TH by July 8, 2018.

The terms say that this will automatically renew at $179 for 12 months after the trial, though you can cancel anytime during the trial. So you will have to make sure that you remember to cancel, and presumably once you do, you’d be able to sign-up again under the Delta offer, for the lower annual rate.

If you’ve been curious about CLEAR but haven’t wanted to drop the cash without experiencing it first, this is a great opportunity. The process of signing up is super easy. You just fill out the online form, which takes maybe a minute, and then you get registered the next time you go to the airport, which also only takes a few minutes. This isn’t as complicated as signing up for Global Entry, or anything.

Anyone plan to take advantage of this CLEAR free three month trial?

  1. my experience recently with Clear was not that successful. Because of the nature of my business, my name is associated with many properties owned by my clients so much so that my Lexus Nexus report is 41 pages long and this report is what Clear uses for their security questions. I tried twice but could not answer the questions correctly, and in fact, one of the questions asked for the age of a client’s former spouse. After failing, i contacted the main office and told them of these issues and suggested they have me present my passport and drivers license instead. I was told they are not equipped to do that so i cancelled my enrollment. Funny, doesn’t the TSA accept passports and DLs as forms of identity?

  2. CLEAR was a huge PITA for me to enroll as I have 2 last names and they system could not handle that correctly. Their people was clueless and even said my driver’s license was wrong. After 2 months of being denied I finally found a person that was smarter and figured out how to get me enrolled. I have been using the system now for over a year and although it doesn’t make much difference at my home airport it has been a life saver in Seattle every time I travel there. Having it free as a Delta DM it is a good thing to have.

  3. @George – they are not at all airports. Their website has a list of airports and other locations where they are available. They may not be in each terminal of a multi-terminal airport, like JFK.

  4. I’m finding this confusing. I received an email from CLEAR that says:

    “You have FIVE free guest passes to help your friends beat the travel rush.
    Go fourth and share!
    Your exclusive 5-use code:

    Then the “VIP Guess Pass” mentions “Three months free!”

    When I click on the link, I’m presented with what looks to be a regular registration page, including where I enter payment information. Um, I’m not paying for five people’s annual Clear membership.

    Anyway, am I talking about something completely different than what this post addresses? Or did I receive an email that’s a variation on this post? Anyone? Bueller?

  5. @ TravelinWilly — Hah, nope, they did indeed make it confusing, and at first I had similar thoughts. It seems the “guest pass” thing is just a marketing technique, and that this is really open to anyone who uses the promo code. I don’t see any restriction that prevents anyone from signing up. I’m guessing they just thought it would be more compelling if members felt like they were offering friends something exclusive.

    Or who knows, maybe I got this completely wrong…

  6. Once you enroll for the promo, you don’t need to remember to cancel or risk being charged. When you login you can turn “Auto-renew” off and it will tell you your membership will automatically expire on the date that is 90 days after you enrolled. One less thing to remember to cancel!

  7. Coupled with TSA Pre, this is my favorite paid program. Game changer out of LAX. If you’re a Delta Silver or above, you get a preferred rate. Coupled with TripIt and Priority Pass/Centurion Lounge, it’s the only way to go.

  8. Why is it taking them a lifetime to get Clear at ORD?!!! I just don’t get it!

    Is it because of Delta’s large ownership stake in the company and not wanting to allow them to expand to certain airports?

  9. I’ve had clear 7 months now, have flown r/t to Europe 3 times from JFK & twice domestically and never once was I able to use their service. They are only available at the Delta terminal & not at any of the foreign carriers in Terminal one. Make sure they are at your preferred terminals before you waste your money!

  10. I would NEVER give all that info, including biometrics, to a private company! If Equifax can be hacked so can CLEAR.

  11. Michael B, no major cc that I know of will — assuming you mean similar to free GE or PreCheck by being a Amex Plat cardholder

  12. These “innovations” are simply money-grabbing nonsense. Now Pre-Check is full so they came up with CLEAR. Another 2 years and CLEAR lines will be full too. And guess what? They will come up with a 3rd (paid) option. And yeah, not giving them my details thanks!

  13. I’ll try out the free offer…to this point PreCheck hasn’t been an issue for me, Clear may save me a minute or two, hardly worth $80/year.

    And I’m surprised that no one is saying that holding the Gold or Plat Skymiles AMEX drops the Delta price down to $79, same as DL status.

  14. Wait until CLEAR gets a security breach. Never really trust so many government agencies over my sensitive information, so a private 3rd party company, NEVER.

    Please stay CLEAR. In the high tech world where hackers from N.Korea, China, Russia, and NSA sees everything, the fewer party knows the better. Even wilderness Alaska can’t protect Eskimos from hackers.

  15. I tried to sign up for 3 month free trial offer like you stated.. am I doing something wrong.. there’s no place for me to enter the discount code. Please help asap !!

  16. Any confirmation that, once the trial ends, we can cancel and then sign up for the discounted SkyMiles rate?

  17. Just tried to complete the sign up at MIA & machine is having trouble reading my FLA ID since it became Real ID compliant. Clear ambassadors were very patient & kept trying to scan my ID. They said to try a different airport & I just did at MCO with the same result. They also said to bring my PASSPORT next time

  18. Clear & other bogus data collection scanners should get off the floor in Denver. Wasted my time by blocking the REAL security sign w/theirs & then sending me back to the end of the line to start over. Hate what flying has become, stop making it worse.

  19. I have a clear membership and received an email from them for 5 “free” passess for 3-month membership. I forwarded it to my daughter with the code and she signed up. I then got a bill on my credit card for $179. I contacted Clear and took about 10 chats back and forth for them to acknowledge that I shouldn’t have been charged. They couldn’t explain why I was charged. It certainly isn’t “free.” If you sent someone this email and they used the code, make sure you weren’t charged.

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