Clarification on US Airways OneWorld Redemptions

Earlier in the week US Airways emailed DividendMiles members with further information regarding their transition to OneWorld.


The email linked to a page on outlining their transition to OneWorld, and for the most part included information we already knew, though there was one section on award travel that was somewhat confusing.

How to redeem

  • Check the American Airlines award chart to see how many miles you need to reach your desired destination.
  • Book award travel on American with your Dividend Miles on or call 800-428-4322.
  • Miles cannot be combined between the Dividend Miles and AAdvantage programs to redeem flight awards.

American Airlines award travel chart (pdf)

Like many of you, I was concerned about this wording, as it seemed to suggest US Airways would be using American award chart as of March 31.

As promised, I reached out to a PR contact at American for clarification, and they’ve responded as follows:

AA and US Airways will maintain individual award redemption charts at this time. Although the chart being referred to on the page is the DM Award chart for redemption on American Airlines, it can also be used to redeem awards on oneworld partner airlines. For all other travel, customers will continue to use the DM award chart.

They’ve promised to send additional details early next week, but it sounds like the chart US Airways will be using for OneWorld partners will be the same chart they are currently using for American Airlines (which mirrors their Star Alliance award chart, for what it’s worth.

My guess is that this means you won’t be able to combine OneWorld carriers and other partners on award tickets, though I never really expected that to be the case.

Anyways, it’s nice to have that detail confirmed. It will be interesting to see how the next couple of weeks unfold in practice!

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  1. I suppose this also means they will stick with not allowing one-way bookings at half the round-trip mileage rate?

  2. I also noticed the US Airways chart makes no mention of off-peak award redemption. That’s one of my favorite favorite of the Aadvantage program

  3. Do you think *A bookings will be either fly as booked or cancel after 4/1? Or could you pay $150 and add OW flights?

  4. @ Scott — It’s anyone’s guess. I wouldn’t be surprised if they let you change awards and add OneWorld flights to previously booked itineraries.

  5. @ Mankini — US Airways does offer off peak awards as well, though they’re not quite as lucrative as American’s. I doubt they’ll have access to American off peak awards until a single program is formed.

  6. Hi Lucky,

    Does this mean awards from US to India on oneworld using DM would price at 120K RT in business starting 31st?


  7. Look for confusion in the coming weeks as they make the transition. Doesn’t matter if they, or any other organization for that matter, had 20 years to plan for this. It is inevitable. I don’t think you’ll be able to combine OW and partners either. Also, the partner airlines will last only a brief period, several months before they all exit.

  8. @lucky, the off-peak awards were mentioned in the previous award chart; they’re don’t show in the new award chart

  9. Lucky, what about using USair miles to book just oneworld parnter Ethiad with no other Oneworld on segments ?

  10. Lucky, does this mean US charging 50k for first class domestically will be going away on 3 cabin set ups? Looking to book the a321t service but was hoping to have more than a week to book something

  11. Whether OW and other USAir partners being combinable is a question I’m waiting to be answered. I tried booking a NAsia via Europe 2 days ago and LH is impossible to get, the agent also told me at this late stage UA, Air Canada, Brussels, Swiss, Austrian, are also not available. Essentially, USAir has defacto exited Star Alliance to a great degree.

  12. @ choi — We haven’t heard anything to indicate that US Airways will partner with Etihad (or Alaska, or Air Tahiti Nui, etc.) prior to the programs being integrated.

  13. @ Ryan — No, the US Airways chart still prices three cabin first class domestically at 50,000 miles roundtrip.

  14. I wonder how the USDM agents have been trained for this? Most (if not all) award bookers calling will know more about one world carriers and routes then they will …

  15. I’m guessing then that any of the good new partner flights will still have to be booked by phone and not online. Ugh! Also on *A, if an itinerary is self-cancelled, it can be rebooked for a $150 fee and new dates must be available. BUT, how far back can the outbound be made. Date of issue was 03/19/14 for travel 11/2014 but new dates may have to change to 5/2015. MIT this work, or does the etkt expire on 3/1/2015?

  16. @ DM — You have a year from the date of issue to complete travel, so you’d have to redeposit and start over.

  17. Lucky

    When booking one world airlines after March, will US Airway’s stopover/openjaw rules still apply?

  18. I’ve used 105,000 Avios to fly one way in first from LAX-HKG on Cathay. If I can do that trip now using dividend miles for 60k each way, that’s a big plus.

  19. @lucky- regarding the redeposit: starting over and rebooking (I’m fairly certain of this) would only be viable with oneworld partner at that stage of te game….correct? (I’m sure I’ve answered my nw question but your input is appreciated)

  20. Ben,

    Will we be able to mix one world partners on roundtrip award after March 31st with US Airway miles (eg. Cathay one way and Jal back)?

  21. @ Lucky – if AA chart used by US (which will become their OW chart) is the same one as *A chart, why wouldn’t we be able to combine OW & *A? Or am I missing anything? This is a little confusing 🙁

  22. @ Ivan Y — It’s a silly rule, but it looks like they’ll only allow you to redeem either for OneWorld OR their other partner airlines, and not both on the same award. Similarly, they’re not letting you include flights on American on a Star Alliance award at the moment either.

  23. @ Lucky – thank you! Used 100% bonus and purchased 100K miles for myself. I guess, I can also gift same amount to a second account although not sure I will do that. After 3/31, once we know all the rules (and what US agents will price out, lol), could you do a quick post on sweet spots?

    P.S. Off-topic – is there going to be a reader meet-up before/during FTU?

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