China Eastern’s New Toy Story Plane Looks Like A Subway Car

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We’ve seen airlines introduce themed planes to all kinds of different degrees. On the most basic level, there are some planes that have a special livery that’s showcasing a partnership. For example, Alaska has a 737 with a Disney theme, though the interior is the same as on all other planes. So passengers not on the plane are more likely to notice this than passengers actually on the plane.

On the other end of the spectrum you have EVA Air and their Hello Kitty flights. For these flights it’s not just that the plane is painted in a special livery, but rather everything about the flight is Hello Kitty themed, from the aprons the flight attendants wear, to the food, to the toilet paper. If you ever have the chance to take one of these flights, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience.

China Eastern and Shanghai Disney Resort have a partnership, and to celebrate that, China Eastern has introduced a Toy Story themed Airbus A330, which just started flying over the weekend.

I think China Eastern might have the most extreme transformation we’ve seen when it comes to the changes they made to the plane. Not only is the plane in a special livery, but the tray tables and even the ceiling of the plane are plastered in Toy Story stuff. They’re even more extreme than EVA Air, because with EVA Air’s Hello Kitty partnership, the cabin itself isn’t altered.

Rumor has it that the Toy Story plane has special menus, including themed food, drinks, and cutlery, though I haven’t been able to find what that actually looks like.

Here are some pictures of the exterior:

And here are some pictures of the interior:


I’ve never seen a commitment to a theme by an airline quite like this before. They’ve branded it so heavily that it almost looks like a subway car.

What do you guys think — is this China Eastern Toy Story plane hideous, awesome, or both?

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  1. Who pays whom for this? Does the airline pay the brand for the rights or do they pay the airline for marketing?

  2. Having taken subways in more cities than I can count on 4 continents, I can definitely say that looks nothing like a subway car

  3. Having taken 250 subways in 28 continents, I can say that looks very similar to the New York subway.

  4. Hmm. I enjoyed the novelty of EVA’s Hello Kitty jet. Even my wife, who normally dislikes Hello Kitty had fun with it. China Eastern’s Toy Story plane though… it just seems much less tastefully done and over the top. My initial reaction is: no thanks.

  5. It looks like a particularly loud kindergarten… why on earth would anyone over 6 years of age would enjoy this…

  6. I’d lose my mind if I had to fly on that thing.

    But this type of total theme décor is not new. Among the First Class accommodations onboard the Italian luxury-liner ANDREA DORIA was the Zodiac Suite, in which every single surface was covered with signs of the zodiac: walls, ceiling, furniture, draperies and bedspreads. A week in that suite and I’d have been taken off the ship in a straightjacket. (Google ‘Andrea Doria Zodiac Suite’ for images.)

  7. As a Shanghai resident, I feel obliged to mention that this ties in with the opening of the new Toy Story Land at SH Disneyland last week.

  8. Awful beyond words. I do not want to see that crap in Business Class! Don’t people have to suffer enough in Economy. It’s just a no.

    Having spent a lot of time in Asia, Asians love this sh** and will eat it up!! I do love how wacky some Asian countries are, but I like it from a distance.


  9. I quite like the exterior. The interior is a bit much, but hardly the worst. Kind of reminds me of US Airways back when they used to have advertising in the cabin. Though I would much rather look at Toy Story things than the random adverts those planes had…

  10. Like many others, I’m struggling to see the resemblance of a subway car…

    What exactly is your thinking and have you ever been on a subway before? Normal plane interiors look more subway-like than this (though even they don’t particularly look like a subway!).

  11. Interesting in the context of China just having banned Peppa the Pig ( for an association with anti-social thoughts/attitudes). BBC article refers.

  12. hello you know how i can book a fligth in this airplane? going from shangai to beijing?

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