Amazing Deal: ~$1,150 Roundtrip Transatlantic Business Class Fares (Departing Dublin)

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One general industry trend we’re seeing is that airlines are getting more aggressive about selling business class seats. And part of that trend involves airlines pricing business class more variably than ever before, to the point that business class is sometimes only marginally more expensive than economy.

We see this most commonly in two forms:

  • Cheap fares out of certain markets — there are certain cities out of which we consistently see cheap premium cabin fares, including Cairo, Egypt, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dublin, Ireland, etc.
  • Limited time sales — on top of the great fares out of certain markets, we also often see promotional fare sales, either due to fare wars (where airlines compete with one another on price), periods of low demand for premium travel (around the holidays, where economy is full but business class isn’t), etc.

Well, right now we’re seeing a sale which combines the above two points. At the moment airlines are publishing extremely cheap business class fares from Ireland to the US. It’s normal to see cheap business class fares out of Dublin, but right now we’re seeing especially low business class fares published out of Dublin.

For example, I see business class fares from Dublin to New York for ~$1,150:


Or if you want to earn substantially more miles you can fly all the way to Los Angeles for ~$1,350:


Or if you want to take it even further you can fly all the way to Honolulu in business class for a few hundred dollars more:


There are similar fares on SkyTeam:


Delta-One-London - 3
Delta business class

And even similar fares on Delta’s joint venture partner, Virgin Atlantic:


Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

For around the same price you could route via London both ways and fly American’s 777-300ER, which has a fantastic business class product:


American business class

If you have systemwide upgrades you could even upgrade to first class.

American first class

The fares seem to be valid for travel through August, and a Sunday night minimum stay is required on most of these fares. Like I said, there’s availability to many cities across different airlines, so there’s lots of potential with this fare.

Of course this fare is valuable to those based in Europe, but it can also be a great option for those based in the US. For example, I’m heading to London for an Adele concert soon (thanks, Starwood!), and hadn’t yet booked my return ticket (my outbound is booked on a really fun routing — stay tuned!).

I could redeem 50,000 AAdvantage miles to book a one-way business class ticket home (though if I originate in London there will be ~$300 in taxes), or I could position to Dublin and book a paid ticket on American.

Say you value 50,000 AAdvantage miles at ~1.5 cents each after the devaluation. That means the “value” of the miles you’re redeeming for a one-way award is ~$750.

Then you have to factor in the miles you’re forgoing by not booking a paid ticket. As an Executive Platinum member in paid business class routing from Dublin to London to New York to Los Angeles I’d earn well over 20,000 AAdvantage miles (including the 100% elite bonus and bonus redeemable miles for paid business class), which are worth another ~$300. That almost gets me to the “break even” on that revenue ticket, not even accounting for all the elite qualifying miles I’d be earning (I’m not sure I’d need them, though), or the fact that I could upgrade to first class.

If I could figure out a date where a return ticket to Europe in business class would be useful, that would be the icing on the cake.

Bottom line

These are some amazing fares across a variety of airlines for travel between Dublin and the US. If you’re looking for a great way to earn status quickly, or otherwise are just looking at an alternative to redeeming miles for transatlantic travel, I’d highly recommend considering this fare, as it’s a heck of a deal. Your best bet for searching availability is Google Flights or ITA Matrix.

Do you plan on taking advantage of one of these amazing business class fares departing Dublin?

  1. Wow, this time you’re _really_ late to the party. These fares have been around for more than 6 weeks. If I remember correctly, you have to book _by tomorrow_…

  2. Damn what a good deal. I too am going to that show and when I went to look for awards I found BA F both ways but for the 2k in taxes for 2 tickets and the miles used it was too much. I ended up buying 2 tickets and upgrading to business with EVIP’s. Sure not F but I like AA C.

    The time and cost savings of flying back from a different city was not worth it.

    BTW care to share what date your going?

  3. Take a look at the Gulf carriers’ Business and First Class out of Jo’Burg. With the weak South African rand, premium fares to Europe and the U.S. are amazing.

  4. Purchased one a few weeks ago for around $1,200, all in LH business class. DUB FRA MIA and return 90 days later. Hoping to be able to rinse and repeat then with a similar offer…

  5. Booked dub-ewr-sfo/sfo/zrh/dub about 6 weeks ago for around $1200 flying United out and Swiss back. Travel August to September. Very pleased.

  6. I didn’t want to fly the 757 and A321 so I booked DUB-LHR-LAX for the same price and get a shiny new 777-300 business reverse herringbone seat. Paying €1300 return in the 773 both ways is a frigging steal!

  7. Last Friday I bought a business class ticket on Air Canada direct Toronto to Paris return for travel in peak summer for USD 1765 on the latest seat sale. Includes lounges and 150% Aeroplan miles. Normally costs USD 2800.00. Catch: 7 night minimum stay, must include a full weekend, travel between June 15 and Aug 31. Valid until Feb 4 (Thursday). I guess AC wants to presell as many of these better seats as early as they can (there’s about 45 of them on the 777s). I’m happy with the deal I got.

  8. Thanks for the post!

    Sorry for the NUB question here, but why is the reverse routing so much more? LAX/DUB RT on Apr2/Apr9 in C = US$4K+, but reverse (DUB-LAX same dates also in C) is US$1.5K? Is it “just one of those things”?

  9. You get similar prices for many long distance flights out of several places in Europe. Flying Germany-HKG and return later this year in business for <$1,600. I also found $1200 fare for MXP-NYC.

  10. This is fascinating. I tried multiple dates in Google flights, and the fare does come out around $1300-$1400 coming out of DUB. If I changed to 1-way, the fare will shoot up to $4000+. That’s crazy.

    I’d love to understand the fare structures and how airlines decide how much to charge.

  11. Does anyone know if you change the date on the return portion after departure, are you responsible for the change fee PLUS any increase in fare? Just wondering how certain I need to be about return dates (US to Europe) before booking this or if changes later would be without any fare increase penalties…


  12. Does anyone know if you change the date on the return portion after departure, are you responsible for the change fee PLUS any increase in fare? Just wondering how certain I need to be about return dates (US to Europe) before booking this or if changes later would be without any fare increase penalties…


  13. @ stacy – Your new dates must be within the dates included in the sale or your ticket will reprice. Also, BA reps may quote a reprice to you if you phone them to make a change. This happened when their web site was having technical issues and I needed to change my return flight even though it was a date included in the original sale. That may have been a glitch because I tried again on BA’s site and the same change came out as change fee only. Anyway, something to consider. This was for a discounted biz fare from last year also originating in Dublin.

  14. these have been around for AGES, but you MUST complete your whole journey, if you are based in the U.K, and start your flight from Dublin to get these fares, you MUST terminate your flight on the return leg in Dublin, you can’t skip the last leg, UK to Dublin, if you do, the airline has the right to charge you for a FULL fare and they have been doing this for the past year and have been successful as the passenger has broken the terms of the ticket, so just a heads up if people are thinking this. plus your miles will NOT be credited.

  15. Do any of the JFK-LAX/SFO flights qualify for the 3,500 long haul bonus with the More Miles promotion when flying with AA? I know United has specific flights on that route under the United p.s. brand, not sure if AA has something similar. Luckily fares are similar when flying through LHR from DUB, much better planes.

  16. Hey Ben, I didn’t see this on your American super deals last week (did book Hong Kong), although you did mention Bogota Columbia

    I got American Business/First to Quito Ecuador from Houston for 30,000 miles. The economy home on the date I wanted was 80,000 miles so I bought the ticket and will upgrade with miles.

  17. @ worldtraveller – Unless someone is repeatedly ditching the last segment, that isn’t something most people should worry about. There may by legitimate reasons someone may miss the London-Dublin leg. Are airlines going to interrogate everyone who does? Not likely. Of course YMMV but skipping the last segment is not nearly as bad as skipping Dublin-London for instance.

  18. @frank – of course you can’t skip the first segment, ticket becomes cancelled, but there has been a lot of reports on this subject last year, so i am merely letting people know who may not be aware and think that they can miss/skip the last segment, and later found out that the miles for their trip was not credited as the full ticket was not honored according to the ticket agreement. Yes it can be difficult for an airline to go after each individual, but if the ticket had been purchased by a travel agent, the airlines will communicate directly with the travel agent and invoice them for the difference and in turn the agent will try and collect from the traveler. Note some HK based travel agencies will not issue a ticket for a HK traveler commencing his ticket in TPE or BKK and then flying thru HK to an onward destination to obtain a lower airfare, this is because of this reason, (they will be held liable by the airline) There has been huge discussion among the business community in “business traveller” on this subject focusing on using “hubs” in Europe to originate the travel. Just sharing some experience –

  19. Lucky, All,

    What do you use to find out about these fares? Do you have an alerting system?
    Thanks for the advice.

  20. Thank you so much for the info Lucky. I am a Flying Blue Platinum Member. I just booked my Dublin – JFK roundtrip in the summer in business class for 976 Euros. Additionally, I will be earning 25,000 awards miles. Once again, thanks a lot for sharing this great deal.

  21. These deals all seem to involve a change, and a lot more elapsed time given the connecting flights go east before they go west. Moreover the aircraft types in many cases are sub-optimal, e.g. 757 and 767.

    I haven’t seen similarly priced Aer Lingus flights which are non-stop to many North American cities, including to SFO and (soon, I believe) LAX. They fly only A330’s, I believe.

    Buying tickets originating in Europe isn’t a problem in my experience. Just time the return east-bound flight to coincide with your next trip. I sometimes end up with open return tickets in both directions which can overlap.

  22. So I checked, I’m from the UK, DUB to JFK on Lucky’s dates and I got £1,144 GBP!! Logged out, signed in with a VPN from the USA, went to and got $1,130!!! What gives with AA gouging its Brit and European customers anyone?? By a full five hundred and twenty bucks more…

  23. Dub-ams-lax-cdg-dub KL/AF metals. New J on both. Travel late NOV-DEC ~US$1130. Thanks lucky! Now to only position myself at DUB from SIN>.<

  24. Thanks for this!

    I wanted to fly business from London to New York to see friends in July 2016. New World Business with KLM routes you via Amsterdam for just under £2,500. However, this morning I tried this Dublin trick (DUB>AMS>JFK return) and picked up exactly the same transatlantic flights for £1,100 total. The cheapest direct Economy flights on my dates are coming up at £741 so I’m really please with this price. I had to buy return flights to Dublin for £100 on top (so I’m doing LHR>DUB>AMS>JFK return) but it’s still a saving of £1,300 and the first two flights are only about an hour each.

    I wonder why flights from Dublin are so discounted. Has everyone in Ireland gone broke?

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