Cheap KLM Business Class Fares From Europe To Caribbean

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Here’s a great deal for my friends in Europe. KLM has some crazy good business class fares from Amsterdam to the Caribbean at the moment — they’re charging just 999EUR (~$1,335USD) roundtrip including all taxes and fees.

The fare sale is valid for bookings made by August 11, 2014, and for outbound travel through September 30, 2014. The rules seem to suggest that a seven night minimum stay is required, though in practice when pricing the fare it seems to only require a Saturday night minimum stay.


The 999EUR fare is valid from Amsterdam to Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, and St. Maarten.


Availability for the fare is excellent throughout the promotion dates, so finding availability shouldn’t be an issue.


As a reminder, KLM’s routes to Curacao and St. Maarten are generally operated by 747s, so should feature the new business class product. Meanwhile their flights to Aruba and Bonaire are operated by A330s, so would feature their old business class product. I’d definitely go out of my way to fly KLM’s new fully flat business class product, which is a big improvement over the old product.


Admittedly there’s a reason the fares are so cheap — no one wants to go to the Caribbean this time of year. But still, if it’s miles you’re after or if you’re wanting to experience KLM business class, this is an offer that’s tough to beat, in my opinion. Usually a $2,000 transatlantic business class fare would be considered great, and this is about a third cheaper than that.

I flew KLM business class from Amsterdam to Chicago a few weeks ago and really enjoyed my flight. The service and food were excellent, and there was something cool and quirky about the product. So I would fly KLM again in a heartbeat, given the chance.


On one hand I’m tempted to take advantage of this since I could credit the miles to Alaska Mileage Plan to help me requalify for MVP Gold 75K, but at the same time I’m not sure I really want to spend much time in the Caribbean in September.

  1. Lucky, I love you like a play cousin, but I’m going to bust your chops for a minute.

    Yeah…who wants to go to the Caribbean in September…in business class. From Europe. For less than $1500. While earning miles. DO IT, MAN. I don’t see the down side here. I get the slight risk of weather issues…but come on! GO. GO FORTH AND TAN, DAMMIT.

  2. I am also surprised you don’t want to do it… I believe Curacao is outside the hurricane alley and at least it won’t be overrun by tourists… why not go?

  3. I’ve spent a lot of time in St. Maarten over the years. The hurricane season is overhyped and is actually a really good time to go (We usually go in July around Bastille Day). The crowds of the busy season translate into unbearable traffic and having a hard time getting a table at the best restaurants. That said, September is a horrible time to go. It’s the month in St. Maarten where most of the best restaurants close for the month as a break (mostly on the French side). The best food is in the small seaside village of Grand Case on the French side. Unfortunately, your choices are severely limited in September.

    We went to Aruba last year and liked it. It’s not in the hurricane belt and is very familiar for Americans (part of the reason I prefer the more culturally-diverse St. Maarten/St. Martin). It just depends on what you enjoy on vacation. Aruba is beautiful and has scenery that is unique to the island but is a bit lacking in its culinary offerings compared to St. Maarten.

    One thing about the KLM 747 flight to St. Maarten and Curacao is that it’s the same flight. It leaves St. Maarten and heads to Curacao before returning to Amsterdam and conversely if you go to Curacao you stop in St. Maarten on the way down.

  4. @ Lucky – judging by an abysmal award availability (esp. on return flights), I’d say plenty of people in the US choose to ignore the wet season. And like others said, it depends on the location. I was thinking of going down to Grand Cayman and got in touch with hotel to talk about weather – they said even if it rains it’s fairly short.

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