Cheap First & Business Class Fares From Dublin To The US

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While airfare on the whole is on the rise, the great trend we’re seeing lately is that the premium for first & business class airfare is decreasing considerably. We’re seeing cheaper first & business class fares than ever before, which is great for leisure travelers who value comfort but don’t want to pay $10,000 for a first class ticket.

As a matter of fact, over the past year virtually all of my paid international travel has been in paid first and business class (much of it originating in Cairo and Colombo).

For my friends in Europe, there’s a hell of a fare sale right now between Dublin and most points in the US.

The fare war was started by American/British Airways, and business class fares to just about anywhere in the US are ~$1,700USD.

That includes Dublin to Seattle:



Dublin to Los Angeles:



And it’s even valid for travel all the way to Hawaii, which adds a ton of miles:


Other airlines have matched the fare as well, including Delta/SkyTeam/Virgin Atlantic:



It’s pretty normal to see business class fare sales, though we’re also seeing huge first class fare sales, which is rare. I’m seeing roundtrip first class fares on British Airways for under $3,000 roundtrip. For example, a roundtrip first class ticket from Dublin to San Francisco is ~$2,800 (that’s like paying less than $600 each way to upgrade from business class to first class, not to mention all the bonus miles you earn):



In terms of fare rules, most of these fares seem to have:

  • A Sunday night minimum stay requirement
  • 28 day advance purchase requirement
  • There’s not yet an expiration date for sale, but I wouldn’t expect it to last
  • The fare is valid for outbound travel the following dates:
    • June 22 through August 22, 2015
    • November 23 through November 30, 2015
    • December 18, 2015, through January 4, 2016
    • March 28 through April 12, 2016

Keep in mind that at least for oneworld travel, this promotion can be stacked with a lot of other great promotions:


I started my year by taking advantage of some similar business class fares, which was a great way to kickstart my 2015 Executive Platinum status requalification. I flew from London to New York to Los Angeles to Honolulu to Los Angeles to London.


Bottom line

These are some fantastic fares, both in business & first class. Hopefully some readers in Europe can take advantage of this fare. And even if you’re not in Europe, it could be worth positioning to take advantage of this fare.

Given the lucrative bonuses oneworld is offering for transatlantic travel, combined with American’s premium cabin bonuses, you could earn a ton of miles with these fare.

Anyone planning on taking advantage of one of these excellent ex-Dublin fares?

(Tip of the hat to harry0023 on FlyerTalk)

  1. Lucky,

    Thanks for the heads up!
    how about from SFO to DUB in business? or from DUB to SFO In business? same price?

  2. Ben – do you know if AARP discount will qualify on these fares? Or only x-USA? Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Sounds like this sale is just for roundtrips. Would I be able to get a discounted fare for DUB-LAX one-way?

  4. @ Charles — I suppose it all depends if it’s miles you’re after or what. Personally I love Seattle, but I’m also a bit biased. 😉

  5. The only way to go is on Aer Lingus using Avios. Do NOT use AA if fuel surcharges (YQ/YR) are involved. Bypass LHR/LGW on Aer Lingus to/from DUB and avoid ripoff UK air taxes.

  6. Argh… So many deals, so little vacation time! 🙂

    P.S. This could also be stacked with US to Dublin fares (see next post).

  7. This has been around for some time now, surprised it is only being picked up now!
    Luckily I’ve done my booking at this point!

    Flying from DUB-LAX (and return) 3 times this summer for business.
    Got the first (mid July dates) for €940 return
    and the two others (August dates) for €1,645 return

    All 3 with British Airways on the A380,
    very nicely priced, these would usually cost around €3,000-€5,000..

  8. If you check a bag SEA-LHR-DUB can you claim it in LHR after customs or does it go to DUB? Would like to stay in LHR if possible.

  9. I’m getting lost with all of the AA bonuses and promotions. Could someone tell me what the result would be for a 0-balance, non-elite AA flier who was to do 3 round trips in paid business class from DUB to HNL for 1,683*3= $5,049?

    115,000 bonus miles sounds awesome. Can someone tell me how many redeemable miles and status points one would have at the end?

    Thanks a million if anyone does this.

  10. @ Daniel — It all depends on the routing, if you do a status challenge, etc. Tough to say without those details.

  11. Thanks @lucky!

    Assuming about 8,000 butt-in-seat miles each way (via either JFK or ORD and LAX), that means it’s 48,000 actual miles. Given the current 2.0 EQM promotion, I’m gathering that means about 96,000 EQMs, so just a hair shy of Executive Platinum.

    Additionally, I understand one gets an additional 1.5X redeemable miles on paid business class, as well as an additional 115,000 bonus, so that would mean 48,0000*1.5+115,000 = 187,000 redeemable miles.

    Does that all sound right to everyone? Thanks again.

  12. Been like this for months.

    Saw a flight the other day, from DUB>LHR>NYC on VA – £1047 return. Same flight from LHR>NYC return came in at £3,578

    Wonder why they don’t get investigated for this – Im all for good deals, but gouging just because you can is really annoying, its not like they can say its because its high LHR demand, you’re getting on the same dang plane!

  13. I fly to SFO every month usually Sunday > Friday. I live in the UK but fly to Dub just to pick up these fares, even though the routing is back through LHR. Book a cheap flight either cash or miles to get to Dub on the same plane you are coming back from DUB>LHR on, to ensure I don’t get stranded in either LHR or DuB before the BA long haul flight LHR > SFO.
    I’ve never paid more than £2700 for BA 1st. Well worth the extra 5hr hassle / hop from LHR > DUB > LHR to get 1st for 25% of the fare if you start at LHR.
    I use similar deals from AMS as well. AMS has the added bonus that security is at the gate, so no need to go round the transfers route at DUB. Walk up the gangway, sit down, wait for gate to open, go through Security, get back on plane. I don’t walk more than 300 feet in AMS.
    My other practice is to clear UK customs at LHR, not transfer. Transfer security lines are only 2 or 3 in number & are a bun fight. For this reason only, Heathrow should hang its head in shame at trying to get a 3rd runway on its desire to get more transit traffic. Come back through normal security which is only way to get choice on lines & get treated well.

  14. The fare rules I checked (for AA’s “IL28SALE”) says “permitted … through 10 April 2016” (your text says April 12). I did find one (“ILR28AP”) that is $300 more and does run through 12 April.

  15. Advice please – from anyone!

    I crunched the numbers on my three flights that are on hold between Dublin and HNL. The numbers pan out as follows:

    $5,088 for the three tickets
    237,341 redeemable miles
    97,566 EQPs

    I’ve never been much a milleage runner before, but this is a good deal, yeah? Especially if I can enjoy europe and Hawaii a bit on either end? And given that I plan to fly a lot in the next year?

    Thanks for any input.


  16. @Daniel, I’d consider it a very good deal. You’ll earn several stacked bonuses for redeemable miles and for elite-qualifying points, and have fun in Europe and Hawaii. I might suggest that you consider visiting a different island on one or two of the trips, as each island has its own personality and fun aspects.

  17. I was working on an AONE3 ex-NRT when I saw this and for less money, get twice the miles. First trip is DUB-LHR-LAX-DFW-HNL and return in first on the 380 for $3400. Second two are in business on AA’s 77W at $2050 each. Total miles flown at 64384 and 128,768 points. Total miles including class of service, distance promotion and exec plat bonus is 276,960. This route also avoids the 757’s.

    I squeezed the dates in under the cutoff for the transatlantic promotion, but have my doubts that it will work for flights originating in Europe. The BA terms and conditions make it very clear it is for flights originating in North America, whereas AA’s just say “between” North America and Europe. No mistaking how BA views the promotion. Regardless, that’s enough miles for two first class trips to Asia (I live in Beijing) and 8 or maybe more eVIP’s.

    Now if anyone has some suggestions on how to get to Dublin, I would appreciate it.

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