Great Deal: ~$1,430 Business Class Tickets From The US To Israel

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British Airways has an incredible business class fare sale for travel between the US East Coast and Israel, where you can get the fare down to ~$1,430 all-in. The fare is valid out of New York, Philadelphia, Miami, etc.

British-Airways-Business-Class-777 - 3
British Airways business class

A Saturday night minimum stay is required, and the fare is valid for travel in June, July, and August.

Without any discounts, the fare is just under $2,000 roundtrip.


Then you use the usual “tricks” to lower the cost by $400 and 10%.

First, you can save $200 per ticket by being an AARP member, with the BA/AARP discount. Anyone can join AARP for $16 per year — there’s no age requirement.


You have to click through the AARP portal to receive the discount, and the discount will be reflected in the flights as you select them. The discount is valid on British Airways marketed flights, though you can fly on a partner like American or Iberia, which are also options on this fare.

Iberia-Business-Class-A340 - 1
Iberia business class

The discounted price is reflected in your total as long as you shop through the AARP portal, so there’s nothing extra you have to do. In this case it lowers the fare to ~$1,588.


You can also save a further 10% by using promotion code CHASEBA10 at the time of booking, which is valid for those with the British Airways Visa Signature® Card.


It’s worth noting that’s only valid on flights both marketed and operated by British Airways, so if you want to take advantage of that you need to fly British Airways the whole way, rather than American and/or Iberia.

That lowers the fare to ~$1,430.


This is an incredible deal for business class to Israel. If you’re interested in visiting Israel this summer, this is a deal which is tough to beat. If you’re interested I’d recommend booking as soon as possible, as I imagine this fare won’t last. You can always cancel within 24 hours if you want.

British Airways business class most certainly isn’t my favorite business class in the world, though it’s a heck of a deal at this price. Furthermore, keep in mind you can upgrade these fares to first class for a reasonable number of Avios, which is a great way to score first class on a cheap fare. You can also fly American or Iberia for the transatlantic flight, though you’ll just pay ~$150 more, because you won’t save the 10% from the British Airways Card.

British-Airways-First-Class - 57
British Airways first class

Anyone planning on taking advantage of this fare to travel to Israel?

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  1. @R yep, you guys prefer to support the MEC’s whose state sponsors execute gay people.

  2. @R go back to the ISIS controlled area of Iraq and Syria where you belong for making such a comment

  3. @R dont turn OMAAT into a forum to spew your Leftist antisemitism. We come here for travel news and tips, not stupidity

  4. @john cocktosin – what’s on the books versus what actually happens in those countries is very far apart. I lived in one of those ME 3 countries for a long time and things like that never happened. I’m gay and had no trouble living a fulfilling gay life there. and the gay life is huge there. can you walk down the street with a rainbow flag and have a parade? no. just be smart and it can be an amazing experience.

  5. @R
    We welcome everyone. Yes, even people like you.
    We just ask that you do not use our products (sorry but that includes technology) whilst sporting that attitude.
    Be careful now when you drop your phone.

  6. From an outsider’s perspective, Israel is the only country in that area that has freedom of religion, does not execute people for being homosexual, and where anti-government rhetoric is tolerated and freely reported. This, coming from a country who’s neighbours all want to destroy it for those reasons. I agree that the Palestinians are in a very unfortunate situation, but say, if Mexico for example, shot rockets on a daily basis into the USA, there would DEFINITELY be a wall, and much of Mexico would be flattened! Besides, the Palestinians made their own bed by electing and re-electing terrorist groups to represent them.

    The way I see it, both the Israelis and the Palestinians started with nothing. The Israelis built a remarkable country with social services, infrastructure and a first world economy, without having any natural resources. They used their minds to grow. The Palestinians complain, attack, and complain more, using their minds to be a burden on those around them.

    Let’s face it: Arabs who are living in Israel are living better than anywhere in Arab lands.

  7. Israel did not start with nothing. They stole land from Palestime and continue to steal land now! They only pick on the defenseless or those they know they can easily beat up (Palestine). They won’t dare pick a fight with people who can flight back (Iran). Israel receives all their money (largest aid recipient) from the U.S., they are hardly self reliant. Arabs in Dubai (just one example) are far better off than Arabs in Israel.

  8. Could you credit the milleage to AA and earn EQM’s … as a follow up would you get elite bonuses on mileage?

  9. So does this mean that Lucky will finally visit Israel? Why no mention of thinking of booking himself?

  10. First off, what the F.*! does the political rhetoric re Israel have to do with the price of planes tickets? Holy cow people focus your comments into the appropriate channels.

    Getting back to the topic at hand, I ran the pricing and the deals are also applying to San Francisco. Found a round trip for $1230 SFO to Tel Aviv with the $400 AARP discount.

  11. thanks to the latest “john” for the first useful post – a very useful one at that!

  12. @John I’m not finding anything cheaper than $3k base SFO-TLV… with both discounts I think that makes it $2300. What dates did you find for so cheap?

  13. Great deal, thanks! 🙂

    Oh, the plague called the BDS.
    Those a$$holes are everywhere.
    They’re not even Lefties. They’re just a bunch of ignorant and uneducated antisemites, and the fact they include some self-hating Jews is so sad.
    Don’t worry, R – you’re not welcome, anyway.

  14. Like @JoshR, I was wondering if Lucky was considering a trip to Israel. I’ve only been to Tel Aviv once (did not make it to Jerusalem) and found it to be a most enjoyably playful & exuberant city.

  15. @ Lady Carnavon von villy

    You want to have a state that is literally run by a terrorist organization, Hamas, to have an airport?

  16. @Lucky

    Do you recommend getting a second passport for travel to Israel? I wouldn’t want to get denied entry to UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, etc for having an Israeli stamp.

  17. @Brad Israel doesn’t stamp passports any more. They give you a little insert you keep with you instead (similar to what I got in… Japan I think? Or maybe it was Hong Kong… or maybe both).

  18. djibouti. I searched August, 2016. It was the BA flight SFO-LHR-Tel Aviv. Not the American Airlines flights through Philadelphia. Searched at 7 am, so about 6.5 hours ago.

  19. @John H. On Google Flights or I think you got lucky, it’s all $3k now. Ah, well, thanks for following up.

  20. I lived in Israel for 5 years and I loved it there. Beautiful people, amazing country, good food, awesome technology and infrastructure! Time to get these tickets if I still can! @Lucky: thank you!

    @Brad, you can also get a temporary passport for travel to Israel (that’s what I do). I am a US citizen.

  21. Hi
    So I’m trying to book this deal and I cannot find prices mentioned above. Can someone please walk me through the booking. Thanks

  22. Any idea on how to get this deal this year? i am struggling to find anything close and <2k

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