Cheap business class fares to Europe for summer (and beyond)!

The interesting thing about summer travel to Europe is that while coach fares are high (due to the amount of leisure travel), business class fares are often quite low, given that premium cabin demand is a bit lower. Therefore it’s not unusual to see business class fare sales for that time of year, though Delta (and some Star Alliance carriers) are running business class sales for travel to Europe right now, as pointed out by The Points Guy.

The catch is that there’s a 10-day minimum stay on most of these fares, which I realize kills the value of this for many. That being said if you’re planning a trip to Europe over the summer and want to stay for a while, this is a pretty unbeatable deal.

It’s easy to find these fares on ITA Matrix by entering your origin and destination and doing a month long availability search for stays of at least 10 days.

So how good are the business class fares?

I see New York to London, Dublin, and Madrid all in the $1,500 range, largely for peak summer travel dates.

Even out of Los Angeles fares are as low as $1,600 or so in business class, which is unheard of good from the west coast (I almost never see fares from there to Europe dip below $2,000).

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a business class ticket to Europe this would be a great time to pull the trigger, as I doubt this sale will last long.

If American matched I’d probably jump on this as they let you upgrade all paid business class fares to first class, though I haven’t seen them publish any good fares yet.

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  1. There are also great fares in late July from SFO to LHR on United Business First – it was at $2K this am.

  2. Yeah, SEA-DUB in May running less than $1500 this morning when I checked, same for my town, MSY-DUB. Tempting. On United. That was a few hours ago though, don’t know if the fare is still there.

  3. There is one other way to make these fares work if you are doing two trips to europe this summer. Split your flights on two different tickets. Yes one will “originate” in europe, but you can still see a big savings if you have to fly twice.

  4. Mitch,

    How would that work exactly? Say I have two trips planned — one in beginning of May and one July 4th weekend — and say I want to stay 3-4 days per trip — how could I do it (with 10 day maximum stay per trip?)

  5. @ Michael — You would simply book it as one roundtrip originating in the US and one originating in Europe. Your first trip could be New York to London departing May 20 and returning July 8, for example, while your second roundtrip would be London to New York departing May 25 and returning July 3.

    Does that make sense?

  6. Great fares if anyone is cruising with current promos especially if airfare credit is given or if you do the super cheap one way transatlantic repositioning cruises which go to UK, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Rome. A 14 day cruise inside is under $1000 pp. I’ve seen some at $500 pp. so if you have lots of time you could do that

  7. Lucky,

    That is so simple I never thought of it. Probably never thought of it because for some reason, I thought that if I’m in the U.S. I can’t buy a ticket originating in Europe. So stupid of me.

    So I take it that, if say, American matched and you could purchase two $1500 LHR-West Coast/West Coast LHR biz class tickets, you would do what you suggested above, correct?

  8. These prices look great, but what about if you wanted to stop over in multiple cities in Europe, like you can do on an award ticket. Can you typically do that on a single ticket, or would you have to buy a ticket to LHR for example, and then a different ticket if you then wanted to check out DUB

  9. @ Alex — If you wanted to stop over somewhere you’d have to just book that ticket separately. Through BA you can book shorthaul flights within Europe for just 4,500 Avios, so that’s a good way of doing that.

    @ Jeremy — No, that’s only for select full fare premium cabin tickets, while these are all discounted.

  10. @ Michael — Probably. However, I should also mention that this is called nested ticketing (if you’re trying to get around minimum stay requirements), so I suggest either using a different city in Europe or the US for one of the tickets so that it’s totally legitimate.

  11. Great fares! Though I’m gathering they don’t come up very far in advance (for folks who’d want to plan some months ahead for a special vacation trip), correct?

  12. @ DougB — They are available right now for travel in summer and beyond, so I’d say that’s quite a ways in advance.

  13. @ Orv — Correct, this post was written over a year ago and for travel last year. Sorry about any confusion.

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