Cathay Pacific’s New “The Bridge” Lounge Now Open

Cathay Pacific is expanding their Hong Kong lounge offerings quite nicely. They recently reopened The Wing after a lengthy renovation. I have to say the finished product is pretty damn impressive.

Cathay Pacific The Wing

Meanwhile today (Wednesday, October 30 in Hong Kong) they’ve opened their latest lounge, The Bridge. It’s located near gate 35, so is strategically located given that it’s between The Wing and The Pier. The lounge is over 27,000 square feet, so will provide some much needed additional lounge capacity in Hong Kong. It’ll be open daily from 5:30AM till the last flight, similar to The Wing and The Pier.

Australian Business Traveller has an extensive write up of the new lounge, so check it out. It seems to have a coffee bar, egg tarts, and pizza, so I’m more or less sold. 😉

Would love to hear some firsthand experiences if someone has a chance to check it out in the next few days!

(Tip of the hat to DestinationDavid)

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  1. I stopped by a few weeks ago and honestly didn’t like the new design of The Wing… But I took it all back the moment I saw the cabanas. Wow! I pretty much stayed inside the cabana after I had a bite to eat haha.

  2. @Kevin
    If you read the article, the last paragraph says
    “The Bridge is open to First and Business Class passengers, Silver or above Marco Polo Club members, and Sapphire or above oneworld members departing or transiting in Hong Kong. Opening hours are from 5:30am until the last departure.”

  3. Sitting in The Bridge right now. The W1 (I think) transfer point dumps you out next to the lounge entrance. Quite a nice facility. I really can’t add anything to what the above referenced article says, so I’ll shut up now.


  4. Just did a quick stop by at The Bridge. Agree with ZFW that the ABT article does a pretty spot on job of describing the lounge. Reminds me of a larger and brighter “Cabin”. I found the pizza to be disappointing (there’s 2 options both pre made under a heat lamp) and make sure to ask for a fresh sandwich. Also the coffee bar and bakery are on opposite ends so if you want coffee with your “bakery items” be ready to walk or wait for it to be brought to you. Assuming you have access, I’d still rather go to the Wing First Class lounge and leave early then use The Bridge.

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