Cathay Pacific Will Honor Cheap Portugal First Class Fares

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Last night I wrote about some incredible first class fares that Cathay Pacific published between Portugal and Hong Kong. You could fly from either Lisbon or Porto to Hong Kong via London (or in some cases other gateways) for $1,500 one-way. The intra-Europe segment was on British Airways, while the longhaul segment was on Cathay Pacific.

While that’s not unheard of pricing for a premium cabin flight on some airlines, Cathay Pacific almost never has first class fare sales, so this was extremely rare.

The fare was available for several hours, and now that it’s over, you can get a better sense of what their pricing usually is. The same itinerary that cost $1,508 yesterday costs $16,854 today, so it was over 90% off.

Well, Cathay Pacific has been quick to come out and say that they’ll honor these fares.

Per a statement issued by Cathay Pacific to Danny Lee of the South China Morning Post:

“We are looking into the root cause of this incident both internally and externally with our vendors.

“For the very small number of customers who have purchased these tickets, we look forward to welcoming you on board to enjoy our premium services.”

Of course Cathay Pacific made headlines at the very beginning of the year, when they published ~$800 roundtrip first class fares between Vietnam and North America. To just about everyone’s surprise, the airline honored those fares, and that was a deal that was taken advantage of by a ton of people.

So in many ways they set the precedent for honoring this fare, since it’s tough to justify honoring an $800 roundtrip transpacific first class fare if you won’t honor a $1,500 one-way first class fare. It also seems like this fare wasn’t booked by nearly as many people as the last one. After all, a one-way ticket for $1,500 seems downright expensive when you can book a roundtrip for $800. 😉

Big kudos to Cathay Pacific for honoring the fares they’re publishing, and congrats to all those who got in on this fare!

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  1. In what world is this that cheap?

    $1500 one way is not too crazy of a deal. Multiple times seen 3500 usd round trip with LH F for instance ex-Europe.

  2. Why do I feel that all these Cathay Pacific “mistake first class fares” are just a marketing campaign to get them in the news?

  3. First class expert here. I flew the route HKG-LHR on CX so many times paying very often 6 times this mistake fare. Make sure to come early to enjou the First class lounges in HKG and the CX first in LHR. You can skip AA and Ba first lounges. They are a joke full of overweight Flyer talk folks

  4. I agree @santastico. Their service sucks and they’re losing money like crazy. A bunch of happy people and bit of publicity won’t hurt.

  5. @Aaron, their service sucks? Since when? CX F has some of the best service in the sky last time I’ve checked and flown them. And to everyone bitching about the price, move on. This flight normally sells for over 10 grand. You would pay a third of $1,500 for a one way on AA from JFK-LAX in recliner seats lmao.

  6. Good one Cathay. More mistakes means more people will keep searching Cathay for more mistake fares increasing your search hits. Millions lost in seat revenue many millions more made in search revenue

  7. This would be useful for people who needed a one way to China or SE Asia. Beyond that the value isn’t all that great once you factor in all the costs associated with positioning flights on both ends and then having to worry about returns. Don’t get me wrong it was a good fare but just because something is a good fare doesn’t mean people should rush out to buy it.I have flown CS F multilple times. Its nice but the experience feels dated.

  8. Regulator and airfare pricing expert here. As explained in brief on yesterday’s post, I knew about this fare long before lucky did. I have intimate knowledge of the events that led up to this fare being published. I won’t be sharing the details of my knowledge with you, but hope you have a nice flight.

  9. @alonzo last time I flew them was around 3 years ago in paid J from BOS-PNH(they are the only airline with only 1 stop from BOS). 2 long hauls and 2 short hops on KA. Service could not have been worst. I have never seen FAs so uninterested in their jobs(FYI I have never flown F, so don’t think that I’m that spoiled). Food was also bad. Their lounges in HKG were great; I wish their flights were as great as the lounges. All flights were consistently bad. My first time was my last. I have flown QR ever since.

  10. @Aaron Two flights in J three years ago! Well you seem eminently qualified to comment on their F service then!

  11. @Santastico……..I agree with you . It seems to be a marketing campaign, may be even cheaper than paying for TV adverts etc ??

  12. Google flights right now showing $3793 for either business or first, same flights you show above, same dates. Something in the system, perhaps?

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