Car Rental Companies Stop Offering Discounts To NRA Members

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It’s normal for many businesses to offer discounts to various organizations. For example, plenty of travel companies offer discounts to members of AAA, AARP, USAA, etc. The logic is that these organizations have millions of members, and a discount for members may encourage them to choose one business over another.

Another one of those organizations that offers discounts to members is the NRA. The NRA has about five million members, and an annual membership is $40. The NRA advertises that “it pays to be a member,” thanks to all the discounts that are available to members.

This includes discounts on insurance, car rentals, and other travel purchases. However, it looks like some of their partners are reconsidering.

All five of the NRA’s car rental partners — Alamo, Avis, Enterprise, Hertz, and National — have cut ties with the organization. They’re no longer offering discounts for members, and at this point the NRA’s car rental partners page is just redirecting to their general partners page.

It’s always controversial for companies to pull partnerships like this. It’s one thing if they never offered a discount to begin with, but to pull the discount sends a strong message to these organizations and their members. The response from this on social media has been as you’d expect — the companies are being overwhelmingly praised for the decision, and then there are people threatening to boycott car rental companies (which, fair enough, but they’re all pulling their support of the NRA, so I guess those people just won’t be renting cars in the future).

I, for one, commend these car rental companies for taking a stand on this. It’s nothing against the individual members, but rather it’s about what the organization has come to represent. The time has come, and it’s nice to see that as a society we’re finally reaching a tipping point on this topic, rather than the same “it’s too soon to discuss gun violence” talking point we’ve heard for too long. At least that’s my two cents…

  1. Glad to see Hertz pull their support. I am a Gold member and this morning was within 24 hrs of cancelling all my reservations and going with Enterprise if they did not follow suit.

  2. vs. YOUR talking point that the NRA is bad. kudos! what does the NRA represent to you? if ur going to make a stand then explain vs just being the essential virtue signaler

  3. Just re-upped my membership. Was an inexpensive route to a sizeable FedEx discount. Now I’ll have to settle for paying to defend my liberty.

  4. Just shocking to see people so convinced to give up their rights so easily. I as a gun owner travel quite a bit. I guess I will take my business elsewhere. Personally I think NRA gives up on too many of my rights. Great blog I am sure I am in the minority here but my two cents.

  5. I dont know how big of a deal is. I mean, before NRA members were getting special discounts not available to general public. Now they are getting treated equally.

    What I’d like to really see is companies refuse service to NRA members. Or have more aggressive no weapons policies.

  6. A major choice to be made by companies and politicians do what’s right or do what’s popular. Finally right I’d starting to gain traction

  7. I gotta admit, when I first heard this I was outraged, even more so by the effeminate travel blogger’s comments. But now I see that the best recourse is to boycott the rental companies and donate to the NRA to fight people like you. Lucky, 500 bucks going to them today, thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Oh here we go, the right wingers are out to play talking about defending liberty…

    I’m also a rifle and handgun owner and think the NRA has none of my priorities around sensible weapon ownership, political parties, or domestic policies. I own many legacy weapons that we used to take and defend the country from the British, Indians (Sorry about that one), Confederates, and Spanish (also questionable). Don’t need to support an organization that supports widespread weapons of war within our borders. I’m just fine with my muskets, early bolt action rifles and bird hunting shotguns. Obama isn’t gonna show up and take my guns like the wing nuts believe.

  9. “best recourse is to boycott the rental companies ” LOL you extremists gonna form your own car borrowing groups like white parents founded private schools in the 60s?

  10. My question is who doesn’t use or get some discount anyways. How is this a real story outside of the fake PR this brings by people saying they will never use Hertz or people now saying they love Hertz. People will go with whoever is cheaper no one actually cares. There’s a billion car discount codes. I bet 99.99% of NRA members don’t use their nra code anyways for Hertz. Plus who uses Hertz when Avis is an options?

  11. You guys really think even a fully auto AR-15 would have much stopping power IF the government or a foreign power decided to take away all your precious little Freedoms? It wouldn’t do anything against tanks and planes so quit spouting your Second Amendment baloney.

  12. I hate guns but this is so stupid and reactive. So the discount was fine until this last shooting? Enough lives were finally taken that these pathetic rental car companies finally took a stand? Pure grandstanding. Hey Enterprise, what was the exact number you needed? 200? 250? Ridiculous.

  13. Ever hear of a place called Vietnam? Iraq, Afghanistan? Not like it’s a serious concern. American police and military are more likely to side with us over the gun grabbers anyway.

  14. NRA stands AGAINST gun violence. Period.

    Life member here, never aware of any discount code before, as @Steve says. Public stunt that pleases some, and good for them! Will rent from whoever most convenient, like always 😉

  15. What I am curious about is if most of these republican Congress people or NRA office bearers had their kids shot to pieces whether they will still come up with cute slogans about arming teachers and other BS.

    That said, it’s too late. There are too many assault rifles out there already. Banning them now will do nothing. Few more school massacres are guaranteed.

    Like our president I will pretend some empathy/ sympathy

  16. Hats off to our teenagers in South Florida!!!
    They’re poised to accomplish major changes in our society while adult politicians have blood on their hands!

  17. Actually there’s nothing you people can do about guns. There are over 300 million of them in this country and enough passionate gun owners to keep the laws as they are. No matter how much you slander us and say there’s blood on our hands and blah blah blah. I think I’ll go shoot a few hundred rounds out of one of my ARs tomorrow, because I can.

  18. I’m always amazed with these arguments – the bottom line for me is – Why do you need all these guns? Whose coming for you ? And as far as “you’re rights” what about me being able to exist in a non violent maniacal society- and why does it just happen in the USA? Perhaps this is a start for sending a strong message

  19. Organizations that don’t get car rental discounts:
    American Nazi Party

    yep. looks about right to me.

  20. Hey lucky you seem to get quite a few new readers to your blog – I think the comments section today looks quite different from usual.

  21. @TrueFreedom

    That’s exactly right. The 2nd amendment as I learned about it was so the colonies could have assurances they would have a well armed militia ready to go should the new government (Washington D.C.) try to impinge on their liberties like the freshly defeated Brits did. The Constitution would not have been ratified without that and the other Bill of Rights amendments.

    Today, you’re absolutely right. All this “defend my liberty” stuff is nonsense. NRA members won’t stop sh!t with their guns in the face of an Abrams tank or Tomahawk cruise missile if Washington loses its mind. The only two reasons for a gun that I can think of are hunting/sport (think, Olympic shooting) or home defense (which is why I own a Smithfield 9mm). You don’t need or want an AR-15 for home defense; pistols are more than sufficient, easier to handle, easier to store, etc. for home defense purposes.

  22. For the record, I am a proud member of the NRA myself, and so is my wife. For the uneducated, the NRA stands for upholding the rights of LAW ABIDING citizens. And maybe more importantly, they stand for LOCKING UP VIOLENT CRIMINALS AND THROWING AWAY THE KEY. The problem is violent offenders, people, not the instrument they used. What needs to be done is to make these violent criminals accountable for their actions and stop letting them out after a fraction of their sentence is served. Not taking away the rights of law abiding citizens. How many people really think that restricting or outlawing firearms will actually have any affect other than disarming the good guys? If that were true than we should probably outlaw heroin and meth, since that will obviously eradicate THAT problem. Oh wait….

    People hell bent on causing harm to others will always be able to get their hands on whatever they want. When they mean to do harm to others, they couldn’t care less about a firearms possession charge.

  23. @JV

    A few days after Sandy Hook shooting a crazy guy armed with knife attacked a kindergarden in China.

    You know what happened after that? The kindergardener and their teacher managed to overpowered him using brooms and sticks!!!

    Imagine if he have access to mass killing weapon like AR-15

    So to answer your question, yes a people intended on harming other people will still try to do it, but we dont need to make them job easier by giving them semi auto riffle

  24. “People hell bent on causing harm to others will always be able to get their hands on whatever they want. When they mean to do harm to others, they couldn’t care less about a firearms possession charge.”

    You should get out and travel a little. Plenty of gun free examples in this fine world, just take a look at Japan. When I lived there the cops did not even carry guns.

    The NRA feeds off a little minded peoples fear. They are nothing more than a terrorist organization who needs to go away.

  25. Lucky, noooo, please… I support and love you having your own opinion on anything and everything; but I implore you with all my strength, I beg you, please refrain from broadcasting your political opinions here, especially on incredibly divisive topics! I say that without agreeing or disagreeing with you. It’s your website, so you could do and say whatever you want.

    OMAAT is one of the few things left in my life that hasn’t outwardly succumbed to our political climate, and I’m sure there are some others who feel the same way. I won’t claim to speak for anyone else, but I think it would go a long way to at least avoid taking sides on a particular matter. Please don’t contribute to the massive divide that already exists.

  26. JV-your argument is bogus. If the 2nd Amendment was the right to have anthrax, I don’t think you could say that it is safe in the hands of “law abiding” citizens. While you are somewhat correct that violent offenders are an issue, they wouldn’t be nearly as much an issue if all they could have were muskets. You don’t need an AR-15, and the founders never conceived of military-grade weapons in the hands of civilians. The NRA is distorting in every way possible what the 2nd Amendment was all about. As a society we should all be ashamed at what we allowed to be created here.

    Oh, and Erik, “effeminate travel blogger?” Really? Couldn’t you muster faggot or something more in line with your thinking?

  27. @JV

    The NRA traffics in propaganda designed to make you think that the threat of “VIOLENT CRIMINALS” is much higher than it actually is and the only sane response is to buy more guns. Maybe you have fallen for such propaganda. Rates of violent crime are down significantly nationally.

    Restricting or outlawing firearms decreases the amount of violent crime involving firearms. Look at the new gun control regulations in Connecticut for a recent practical example.

    Generally, having guns in the home dramatically increases gun violence 1. accidentally 2. in domestic disputes. Actual use for self-defense is much, much rarer.

    The more guns are legal and easily available, the more the police feel that they must militarize because they must (and should!) have a monopoly on the use of force. Increased gun ownership therefore increases government overreach and violence rather than mitigate it.

  28. Discount or no discount, I’ll be supporting the NRA – an organization committed to promoting responsible gun ownership, violent crime prevention, and the defense of our Bill of Rights.

    It’s a shame to see so many citizens of this country use a national tragedy to promote their politics by aligning those in support of the 2nd amendment as enablers and supporters of the mass murder of children. “Blood on your hands” being the horrible and immoral epithet most commonly thrown around.

    I’ll be donating today, thanks for the reminder.

  29. The first and second amendments to the Constitution have equal standing. The second does not trump the first. Individuals who run the car rental companies are simply choosing to exercise their rights under the first amendment. Everyone has a right to express an opinion, no matter how similar or how different to yours it may be and no matter how much money they may have to back that opinion. No US court has ever upheld the existence of a right to bear weapons of mass destruction and it’s highly unlikely one ever would, regardless of the propaganda espoused by certain organizations, just as screaming “fire” in a crowded theater is also not protected under the Constitution. To the contrary, courts have always permitted reasonable restrictions on both first and second amendment rights. rather than no restrictions as some incorrectly believe thanks to years of propaganda based on wishful thinking.

  30. For the last couple of days I’ve been hearing of several companies breaking ties with the NRA. But somehow it was this post that made a difference: I’ve just joined the NRA. I’ve never owned guns, as remote from the gun culture as it can be, but I’m not going to let the fascists take away my constitutional rights.

    Lucky, there are many people outside of your bubble who enjoy reading your blog. Don’t assume these kinds of posts won’t affect the bottom line.

  31. @grrizzly
    Oh yes it was this post on a travel blog that turned you on to those fascist gun grabbers. The level of sanctimony is astounding. I’ve got extra tin foil hats for you…

  32. The Constitution never contemplated civilians having access to military-grade weapons capable of mass murder (or anyone, for that matter) at the time the Second Amendment was passed. The Second Amendment was largely added to ensure some soon-to-be states, wary of ratifying the Constitution, that they would be able to operate their own internal peacekeeping forces for both upholding the law (at the time, a federal army wasn’t going to do a whole lot of good for people living far away from their bases or any major settlement) and in case things didn’t go right with this new political experiment. In fact, no legal or Constitutional figure believed that the Second Amendment granted the individual right to bear arms until activists and activist judges radically re-interpreted centuries of of long-held precedent in the 70’s/80’s. The rights of gun owners in this country today expand far beyond what was originally intended by the Founders, so its really hard to see gun control as taking “rights” away. They weren’t supposed to be rights in the first place.

  33. JV said:”People hell bent on causing harm to others will always be able to get their hands on whatever they want.”

    Applying the same absurd logic, one can say:”Terrorists hell bent on blowing up planes will always be able to board airplanes whenever they want.” Then why do we need airport screening? Why travel ban?

  34. It’s amazing how many Americans do not understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The government can not take these rights away because the government does not grant these rights in the first place. The founding fathers wrote the Constitution to give the government specific powers. The Bill of Rights specifies God given rights the government can not take away.

  35. @Mark First of all the Supreme Court has been pretty clear on what the 2nd amendment means, at least on what firearms we can own. In the late 1700’s the average Joe had a muzzle loading long rifle with an accuracy far superior to the Brown Bess the British soldier were using. However, the general citizenry could not own cannons. The AR-15 and it’s ilk are not military grade weapons since they are semi-automatic. A person can do far more damage with a high caliber lever action rifle so are you going to ban that? Are we going to heavily regulate car rentals so people are less likely to run over crowds? Are we going to close our borders air tight so firearms will stop flowing across while law abiding citizens are powerless to defend themselves?

    Never been part of the NRA. Never felt a need before now it seems.

  36. @anon2, you are right and I would say that even reason no. 2 is pretty iffy. If you are a responsible gun owner your gun should be kept under lock and key where it would be of practically zero utility for home defense unless someone was forewarning you of a siege

  37. @James

    Agree that the Bill of Rights was intended to protect certain rights from being taken away, but as I described in my above post, there’s no evidence that the Founders intended the right to own weapons of mass murder or even the individual right to own guns in that group. The individual right to own guns was only established (rejecting centuries of precedent) by the Supreme Court a few decades ago.

  38. Justin….amen. I am sick of EVERYTHING being politicized and used to divide people. Ben knows damn well that however diplomatic he is, the comments are going to be incendiary.

    The commenters sure did live down to their reputations on this
    Subject. As I write this, NOT ONE WORD of vitriol for the actual perpetrator of the crime…not a single word. Not one word of criticism for the system or law enforcement that utterly failed, multiple times, to prevent this crime and then hid outside the school peeing their pants as the active shooter was inside. Many commenters do however show their utter hatred towards the NRA and, of course, the millions of members.

    Ben, I’m done following you and it’s mostly so I will not have to ever again read the snarky, soul-sucking, hateful commentary of your Bolshevik mafia followers.

  39. @Pete
    Obviously, this post didn’t change my thinking. The NRA is too squishy in protecting the 2nd Amendment, that’s why I didn’t contribute to them until they became directly under attack–right about now.

  40. Kudos lucky and kudos to the youth for starting to speak up. The NRA is very active on social media and clearly they have called their friends here to shame you. But we are more than them. Trump has a ridicule 85k likes when he says waynr is a great guy.

    We are all starting to speak up and they are scared. Well we will send them our thoughts and prayers when they will have lost their guns.

  41. Maybe they should end the discount to FL government employees instead. Today we learned on CNN that 3 more law enforcement stood outside at their cars rather than confront the shooter, besides the deputy named earlier. Then we have the FBI ignoring multiple warnings and 29+ visits to the shooters residence.

    Don’t forget the government screw up in TX where the shooter incorrectly didn’t appear on a database that would have stopped him.

    Same with Dylan Roof who should have been denied a gun except for another database screw up on the background checks.

    None of these people are being held accountable. Let’s not fix that though and blame others instead, people who teach gun safety for example. That will fix it.

  42. I largely stayed away from watching the NFL this year because I was tired of politics mixed in everything. We don’t need it everywhere 24 hours a day. Likewise I’ll stay clear from any “travel” blogs that decide they need to start spending their time on politics rather than what I Iook to them for. It’s your blog and you can do what you want, but see ya.

  43. Funny how the gun-lust conservatives ignore the fact that their paranoid and delusional orange leader tries to distract from the issue by talking about “mental illness,” but ONE MONTH into his term, he signed an executive order overturning legislation making it harder for the mentally ill to purchase firearms.

    Just more hypocrisy from those who can’t comprehend REASONABLE restrictions. I hope that the next passionate young person who impacts your life is one that makes a positive change…rather than one that murders your loved one.

  44. @James “It’s amazing how many Americans do not understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. … The Bill of Rights specifies God given rights the government can not take away.”
    Um, there is zero mention of a deity in the Bill or Rights or, for that matter, the Constitution. And it’s a much stronger document because of it. These are inalienable — not God-given — rights, though I’m pretty sure none of the drafters envisioned possessing an AR-15 as being among them.

    @lucky While there are any number of times I find your blogging out of touch, even elitist (your apparent total lack of interest in the kind of travel 99% of travelers experience, for example) and maddeningly apolitical, even to the point of being unprincipled (for example, your apparent refusal, even when called on it, to discuss issues like the connection between the national carriers you praise to the skies — Turkish, Aeroflot, Saudia, Emirates, etc. — and the treatment of political dissenters and LGBT people or the subversion of democracy by the nations concerned, as though there were no connection), I applaud your taking a moral stand on the NRA. Other bloggers should follow your example and it’s heartening to see so many are. The kind of blowback you’ve received from posters like Erik reflects totally on them, not you, and actually proves your point.

  45. Lol, God given rights.
    And in the 5th day God said: all americans shall have the right to own guns, get 5% coupons and free soda refills!

  46. Lucky, the NRA credit card was also discontinued earlier this week:

    NRA has 5 million dues-paying members, and 14 million total who consider themselves part of the NRA. There are 73 million school-aged children.

    While there are surely a number of parents who are NRA members, my guess is the number of parents with school-aged children far outnumbers the number of NRA members.

  47. please, for the love of God – take down the photos of those repugnant NRA people from your webpage. i dont want to see not so peppy lappiere and hate barbie the failed pantene commercial rejct

  48. Ha, funny how people are bragging about how this post just made them a NRA member or donor. It doesn’t make you a winner of an argument by deciding to spend your money.. it just makes you a little poorer. Literally…

  49. I just became a lifetime member – $1500. Don’t worry, I can easily afford it, with plenty left over for travel and ammo. See ya at the range!

  50. Lucky… you should really stay out of politics.
    your posts won’t make NRA members give up their guns and it won’t cause a liberal brain to become tolerant. But it does make you look like a dumbass. We come here for travel info, not inflamatory commentary. Well, we won’t come here again.

  51. @JV
    The problem here isn’t what the NRA is or what it stands for, rather how it halts any changes or gun laws. By giving money to certain politicians, it ensures that it’s sales won’t drop, as no laws can be passed. The obvious problem therefore is how it corrupts politicians with financial means.

  52. Couldn’t be more disappointed Lucky. I am a daily reader but I will never view you in the same light. You are entitled to your opinion and I respect it but its not the place and I can’t imagine what on earth is going through your head to do something like this to intentionally turn a part of your viewer base. No matter how you try to spin it it is indeed “against their individual members”

    NRA members are law abiding citizens. I am not a member but I am grateful that there are watchdog groups to protect our all our freedoms. You demonizing them is very unbecoming. I thought you were better than that.

  53. Who cares deltahater.

    So lucky I live in Australia . American red necks and their guns. You will never learn.

  54. LOL @ thinking the NRA cares about OMAAT.

    With that said, I own guns, I enjoy hunting, shooting at the range to targets and clay pigeons.

    Most of the people on boarding area have made their opinions on the Trump Administration clear on way or the other(an emphasis on against). To my knowledge, a car company wouldn’t stop someone who is a gun owner from renting, much less how could they? A concealed carry is what it says it is, concealed.

    To me this is a publicity stunt, no matter your belief, in a social media era, people will forget this in a week and we will be back to status quo.

  55. I just $50 in the thong of nice American woman. Guns or no guns we can all agree objectifying women is fun.

  56. Today, the NRA said that the ability of Americans to own guns is not a regular law, written by men, but a *right* granted by *god*

    If you read this blog and have had the privilege to visit different cultures and countries, yet you actually believe – as the NRA does – that gun rights are given specifically to U.S. Citizens at birth by god, you are an idiot.

    You are honestly so far from existing in any semblance of reality that there is no use in talking. How else can I say it? You believe a magic, invisible person gave you guns because of which side of an invisible, governmental line you were born on? It’s pure madness.

  57. I am a responsible law abiding gun owner and NRA member. I don’t have time to worry about people who can’t figure out what gender they are or the environment. Increased military spending and protecting the second amendment are what matters.
    I’d rather be reading news about the new Boeing 767 KC fuel tanker that is undergoing certification than what champagne is being served in first class.

  58. +100 for boycotting NRA and hunting should be banned altogether. There is no place for guns in a civilized society!

  59. @Daniel, you miss the point, NRA members are anti foreign travel. There isn’t a single NRA member that doesn’t hate all foreign countries and foreigners for that matter lol. Naturally for them, your statement makes perfect sense. Indeed, they probably believe there is a golden tablet in heaven that says Americans and Americans alone have the right to own guns.

    I am anti NRA but a firm believer of the 2nd Amendment. In the USA you have to be. The first Amendment only protects you from governments, not closed-minded gun toting right wing yahoos. That’s what the 2nd Amendment is for…

  60. @Surfintx There is no logic in your argument. So in 25 years when Lockheed perfects the hand-held phaser that can disintegrate my dog, my idiot neighbor can have one of those too? Oh yea, that makes lots of sense. And what does the distinction of semi-automatic and automatic matter? Neither are needed (or were envisioned) to protect you in your home.

    What’s with the “dump on Lucky and his blog” attitude of a few readers? It’s not like he randomly chose to politicize his forum. He brought to his readers attention a TRAVEL related story, and like anyone, shared his opinion. And what does he get? Trump-like (re: child-like) boo-hoo comments from those who are going to leave the sandbox and take their toys. GMAB.

  61. Lucky, this thread makes me sad. Why bother? Why raise such a provocative topic on a travel blog and then see dozens of hostile posts accumulating including ones directing homophobic comments your way?
    The comments section of so many of your threads descends into an angry shouting match across the political divide, and it creates such a hostile environment. And for what, blog traffic? It feels like a cheap tactic, and it saddens me that you’re prepared to be called effeminate just for a few more page-views.

  62. Good for the car rental companies. All they’re doing is giving these people the same prices as anyone else instead of special privileges. Enough people have been sacrificed to Congress’s worship of guns and the NRA already.

  63. The only thing I understand from the comments is that Americans don’t really give a damn about gun violence. Sandy Hook, Columbine, now Florida. If you haven’t stopped gun violence at the time of Sandy Hook (they were kids, not even teens!), you are not likely to do it now. You are just fine with mass murder.
    Talking about tackling mental illness in a country where you need to have an insurance to even jump on an ambulance to go to the ER it’s quite funny. Why do think your country is so full of weirdos? Why don’t you grant them the right cures? Why you let them buy weapons of war with an expired ID? Zero gun violence mean ZERO gun tolerance.

  64. I’m afraid this country won’t improve until the drug-addled, hyper-aggressive Baby Boomers and the early Gen X’ers who grew up in the 60s and 70s finally start dying off en masse. They’re a lost cause, never had a chance from breathing all those lead-concentrated exhaust fumes during their formative years. No wonder they’re resistant to critical thinking and education, their poor minds just can’t handle it.

    I just hope the world is still salvageable by the rest of us by the time they’re finally gone.

  65. As an outsider I find gun control in America very interesting.

    Firstly the idea of a written constitution from several hundred years ago for a different age and different world is still ruling over. Secondly that it is the 2nd amendment which as an amendment suggested it is ok to change your mind. Thirdly I don’t think the intention would ever to have been to have guns on the scale now.

    I think the decision that has to be made is that without gun control you are going to get these mass shootings and you have to decide are these mass shootings a price I am willing to pay to be able to have a gun. A bit like we don’t ban cars which kill people all the time in road accidents but we accept them. Admittedly, having a car has far more use than guns in my opinion.

    I think the biggest problem with the NRA is that their objectives are now aligned with making sure the most guns possible are sold as demonstrated by their solution to every shooting being more $guns$$$. If they stuck purely to pushing the responsible gun ownership it could be a force for real good.

    There has also been a lot of deflection on to the FBI and the cop that didn’t go in rather than guns. I agree that they are problems that should be fixed but that is secondary. Being from the U.K. it’s a demonstratsble fact that less guns mean less killing.

    Your choice America, are guns worth it?

  66. Mysterious post. As non american I don’t have a bloody clue what NRS is although from some of the responses I get the sense this is the club that is promoting violence?
    Are they behind the fact that the US is one of the most violent and unsafe countries nowadays?

  67. I appreciate you using this platform for sharing your opinion Lucky – forget the folks who think they can limit your scope of topics to travel information only. If you don’t like it, don’t come to this site. I’m a gun owner myself, but not a member of the NRA. I also share your sentiments. Unfortunately, I fear this topic, for many, is something that will have to personally touch people’s lives before even a real conversation about a fix can begin. Why the conversation always leads to each side in their corner baffles me. Kids are dead from a senseless act, and we choose to allow it to happen. Seems to me like we should all agree that kids being shot at in schools is a bad thing, so what steps can be made to prevent it. There are a range of solutions, presented by both sides of the debate, but we are too locked into the view that ‘compromise is weak’ to do be able to combat the NRA narrative that more guns will solve the problem or that we need a complete ban on guns. I hope the country wakes up and starts to value their right to vote so we can get folks in who will act on a reasonable solution that keeps our kids and teachers safe in schools.

  68. Here in Indonesia, gun ownership is very strict. We must have letter from office before get weapon, only some job position who can retain weapon. After that, we must conduct psychology test, our ability to use weapon, and screening for our criminal record. Even after get gun licensed, only certain weapon who can be afford only via police. Homicide rate in Indonesia remains low. BTW, I appreciate this way, gun ownership control is something need in America if they want to stop mass shooting.

  69. @Brodie February 23, 2018 at 9:00 pm,

    Wow – how old were you when you lived/traveled in Japan when they had unarmed police? The two years I spent at Camp Zama recently the local cops all carried sidearms. All police officers in Japan have carried a service weapon since 1951.

    Fake news.

  70. @ron The NRA is basically this mega-corporation which stands for National Rifle Association, and every year, it pays millions of dollars to politicians as incentive to not work towards any laws restricting gun purchasing and usership. (IE, funelling money straight back to them.)

  71. Going after the NRA is political correctness run amok.

    Guns have been a reality in this country for decades. The AR-15 first went on sale in 1964. Columbine was in 1999.

    Can someone tell me what has changed since then? Why are kids suddenly doing what was once unthinkable? If people honestly care about doing something then just like an aircraft accident a deep dive to uncover and address ALL of the root causes is required. Otherwise we are just tilting at windmills.

  72. North Americas inability to (thus far) stop the killings let alone even talk about it rationally is a sad indictment on you all. How a country that has so much going for it can be so stupid is incredible. The fact is we all from time to time get angry, depressed etc and we may blame others for it. If we have ready access to lethal force, then we are more inclined to use it. If we don’t, then it’s a lot harder to kill another.
    Gun loving Americans, where is your humanity, decency and respect for yourselves and each other? Your 2nd amendment is just a bunch of words….. words that shouldn’t define you…. you are all collectively better than this.. yes you have a ‘right’ to bear arms… but I put to you that this ‘right’ should not and never can be superior to your fellow countrymens right to life. Australia changed … so can you … so I encourage you to be the change !

  73. Writing an anti-NRA blog post is just like rental car companies alienating 5 million NRA members. It isn’t going to get you more credit card affiliate clicks but could make some of your readers/customers unhappy with you and understand that you are either biased or don’t care about clients with different opinions.

  74. How desperate are you?

    Why can’t you leave politics the f*ck out of a travel blog? This was a very unprofessional and backwards step.

    Liberalism is a complete mental disorder. Literally everything has to be politicized and every person on earth have to get your depraved political opinions and morals shoved down their throats.

    Turning a personal travel blog into a fascist socialist propaganda channel advocating for elimination of civil rights and more power to the state.

    Nothing has resulted in more deaths of human beings than populations being unarmed and unable to defend themselves against violent tyrants. A monopoly of force and concentration of power is literally the worst thing that can happen to human kind. Nothing surpasses it. Nothing. Learn some history.

    Lucky is nothing more than a typical spoiled leftist little brat.
    Very disappointing. But I already suspected that.

  75. To the people saying they aren’t going to be reading Lucky’s blog anymore because he has an opinion, he probably doesn’t want you anyway.

  76. The NRA is a particular vocal 2% of the population and they are batshit crazy. All of these comments ar being bussed in.

  77. Omg I just realized … that because I live in a country with gun control … I have no liberty!!!! Omg all this oppression due to lack of liberty! please help me … maybe I’ll get on a boat to america I can finally be free. Will someone sponsor me? I can’t take this gun control situation anymore. Help me please.

  78. Australia has made it impossible to own any form of semi-automatic weapon and placed severe constraints on all forms of gun ownership . Members of sports shooting clubs have limited exemptions but only under strict conditions.
    The ban followed a mass murder in a Tasmania, maybe 20 years ago, in which a nutter with an automatic weapon murdered 35 people, American style.
    All states, all political parties agreed to the bans and the funding of a buy-back scheme costing hundreds of millions. 90 % of the population supported it according to the polls. And yet the US continues to pander to these loony gun zealots , even as school kids and concert goers are slaughtered. Beyond weird.
    But good on the rental companies for showing these whack-jobs the door.

  79. Lucky – your post was fine.. Until you went libtard by saying you support the move by the car companies to cut ties with the NRA.

    What is it with you libs.. Always blame the gun, but never the triggerman. Chicago, Mexico, and CA has strict gun laws..but surprise! Crime and murders are sky high.

    Shut up about the politics. I read your blog about traveling, not how your political views make ‘crats look like sensitive snowflakes.

  80. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA v. HELLER (No. 07-290) 478 F. 3d 370, affirmed.
    Quote from late Justice Scalia:

    “like most rights, the right secured by the Second Amendment is not unlimited.” It is “not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose.”

  81. “Liberalism is a complete mental disorder.”

    Actually, it was because of liberalism that people of color, women, and homosexuals have had their rights increased to what they have today. Still not quite on equal footing as your average white Christian male, but getting closer with each day.

    As much as you might enjoy setting things back to the way they were in the 1950s…too bad, that ship has sailed.

    “fascist socialist propaganda”

    Those damn socialist countries in Northern Europe, with their free health care, free education, advanced rights for all citizens, their thriving middle class, and lack of school shooting…yeah, what sh*tholes those countries are.

  82. The NRA ceased representing the views of their ‘rank-and-file’ gun-owning members years ago.
    Instead, the policies and political stances of the NRA leadership serve to advocate the wants and needs of the gun manufacturing and retail industries.

  83. In the civilian world, guns are for weak pussies, and wannabes. If you want to use a war weapon, sign up for the military (like I did). Most gun owners are entitled little brats that have done nothing to earn the right. F$&king pussies. There is no reason you cowards should be allowed to own the caliber of weapons that you do. Man up.

  84. People. Let’s talk only after kids of these NRA members get slaughtered. Then we well see if they are truly pro gun. People come to their senses only when tragedy affects them personally. Like the scum bag dick Cheney became pro same sex marriage after his daughter came out.

    Till then all gibberish and useless talk.

  85. @Julia: Excellent points!!! Not saying they’re immune to criticism but it’s those same “liberals” people are chastising on this blog that have resulted in many of the freedoms and advances we have today.

  86. Delta and United just joined the growing list. #BoycottNRA seems to be working quite nicely.

    NRA/2nd Amendment trolls who support military grade weapons that have nothing to do with home protection nor hunting – piss off to the hole you crawled out of. I bet a lot of you made the same inane “slippery slope” argument about legalizing gay marriage leading to legalizing marrying one’s pet.

  87. Found this website in October 2017. Nice travel info. But will no longer visit, I’ll take my business and views elsewhere. NRA members spend money and are or were part of your viewing audience.

  88. Dear Notalibretard,
    “What is it with you libs.. Always blame the gun, but never the triggerman. Chicago, Mexico, and CA has strict gun laws..but surprise! Crime and murders are sky high.”

    Does Chicago have a fence around it so one cannot leave it’s boundaries and acquire guns next door? Mexico is not a 1st world country, so that is a moot point. CA borders Arizona and Nevada, which do not have the restrictions that CA does. You need some new talking points……

    Go back to school. The fact that you say retard shows your mental capacity.

  89. Be careful, Lucky. You had to have known the comments section on this post was going to be a blow-up between pro- and anti-NRA folks. I really don’t come to OMAAT so I can get sucked down the rabbit hole of arguing with the lunatics who actually think the NRA protects liberty and makes us safer.

  90. People don’t join the NRA for discounts. All this virtue signaling is just pissing more people off and the NRA has probably gained more subscriptions in the last week than in the last year.

    The low class attacks from the anti gun commenters is very eye opening. Keep degrading and belittling people. That has worked so well and is ACTUALLY a root cause for the violence problem.

    Lucky as someone who should know better than to marginalize and contribute to ostracizing a entire group of your countrymen I am ashamed to have thought more of you.

  91. Because, you know, when seconds count, the police will be there in minutes.

    And sadly, even when they show up, they may not try to protect you. 4 Broward county sheriffs just hid behind a car and did not try to save people during the shoot out. See this CNN link. Shame.

  92. Why is no one helping me? Please get me out of this country with no liberty! What’s the point of having this comfortable privileged upper middle class lifestyle with cheap or free primary and education education, free healthcare and access to wealth creation and social mobility when I have no right to own a gun? Please help me without a gun I have nothing….

  93. All the mass shootings recently have been deranged white males. White males are violent, uncivilized and danger to society if left unchecked. And christian religion and NRA tries to exploit this propensity of white male for violence

    White christian males are scary.

  94. This is my second time commenting here. I have been nearly pushed to the point of vomiting by the people who so cavalierly insult and dehumanize their fellow Americans, and castigate the millions of people who were not in any way responsible for the tragedy; not to the mention at least one person invoking race, sex, and religious identity as a factor, and several others openly calling or cheering for the literal death of gun owners and NRA members.

    I’m so unbelievably disgusted by this immense indecency and palpable hatred, which is exasperated by the fact that these people are also the ones claiming to have the moral high ground. I won’t participate in a forum that instigates such hatred.

    Shame on you all for your childish, tribal vitriol. And shame on you, Lucky. I’ll read The Points Guy from here on.

  95. Commenters who who say they won’t be coming back to this blog – don’t let the door hit you where your good lord split you

  96. First, Rental companies aren’t innocent when you weigh them on the same scale as the NRA. Look at the attacks using rental cars or trucks all over the world, and the call by terrorist to use them as they are so effective.
    “Security experts say once a determined attacker has a vehicle, cities are full of potential targets”,

    Secondly, The first recorded murder was committed with a ROCK!

    Lastly, this is a heart issue, the weapons that are being used regardless of the technology are insignificant.

    Even YOU reading this comment, while making a plan to assassinate my character with this amazing online technology; proves my point of murder is a Heart and civility issue.

  97. Why do conservatives who “hate” the “politicization” of a travel blog bother to click on a headline, read the story, and take time to comment? Yeah, we can see you really hate it (eyeroll).

    Change the channel, kids — nobody is forcing, let alone asking, you to be here. If you think people don’t want to see anything political, then why would they be interested in your political observations in the comments?

    Not to mention the absolute intolerance of any opinions that differ from their own, even on someone’s PERSONALLY OWNED site. Freedom of expression is only for those who agree with your point of view?

    I swear, the new conservative mantra is: “If I do not agree with, accept, or understand it, it cannot possibly be true.”

    Just more conservative hypocrisy.

  98. Too bad you stay so apolitical over the torture, abuse and killing of women and gays in middle east countries whilst you hang out in their lounges meticulously ranking their champagne selection but choose to polarize your blog over guns.

  99. Well done Lucky. Here in the UK we don’t allow the ownership of handguns (let alone more extreme weapons) and we strangely don’t have a problem with people shooting schoolchildren.

  100. Great news! My NRA Enterprise and Hertz discounts just went up to 100%… boycotts work both ways.

  101. I thought Lucky didn’t like cars? And didnt like driving….and never rents a car…why are we made to read all this political crap?

    That flu got straight into your head.

  102. +1 Christy

    For being such world travelers Lucky and his crew have a profound propensity for oblivious naivety.

  103. Aint a single gun going anywhere. The only thing this accomplishes is turning a entire group against their businesses. They basically boycotted themselves.

  104. Just some food for thought:
    Compared to 22 other high-income nations, the U.S. gun-related murder rate is 25 times higher. Although it has half the population of the other 22 nations combined, the U.S. had 82% of all gun deaths, 90% of all women killed with guns, 91% of children under 14 and 92% of young people between ages 15 and 24 killed with guns.
    Only in America …

  105. The real problem is the amount of power the NRA has over our country. Politicians are bought by this organization openly and even get public grades for how well they do what the NRA wants, it’s disgusting. The money needs to get out of politics before any real change will happen. Unfortunately this will never happen and will only get worse.

  106. I have never owned a gun, but I’m starting to think I should buy one to protect myself from the NRA. Those people sound very dangerous, and I don’t want them near my family.

  107. Is it “fascist” to want confiscate private guns? Yes, one of the very first things the Nazis did when they took over in Germany was to confiscate private guns. They didn’t want the Gestapo getting shot when they came to round up the Jews. Check out any of the totalitarian states, Cuba, North Korea, the Soviet Union; they all banned private gun ownership.

    And if you want to see the naked face of incipient fascism, just watch the tape of the CNN “Town Hall” (sic). They screened the participants, and only invited people who wanted to bans guns. Which turned into a mob, shouting down Marco Rubio and Dana Loesch, and showed how concerned and thoughtful they are by screaming things like “burn her” at Dana. Dana said the only reason she got out of there unharmed was that she had a security detail to protect her.

    Is there more violent crime where there is more legal gun ownership? No, there is less. Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the country, and one of the highest murder rates. Mexico has such draconian gun laws that being caught with a single bullet (no gun, just a bullet) can get you 5 years in prison. Which is why the crime rate there is so low. /sarcasm

    In the UK, where almost no one is allowed to have a gun, the rate of home invasions is many times higher than in the US. Criminals have no fear of being shot when they break in when the residents are home.

    When was the last time you heard of a mass shooting at a gun show? Mass shooters want to shoot others, not be shot. That’s why 98% of mass shootings occur in “gun free zones” (sic). And the incidence of mass shootings skyrocketed after Congress passed the Federal Gun Free Zone act.

    The US did have an “assault weapons” ban for a few years. The result? It didn’t change the crime rate at all. But it did get a number of National Dem politicians who voted for it sent back home. Which is why Obama, when he had solid majorities in both the House and the Senate, didn’t even think of proposing it again. Outside of a few very Liberal major metro areas, the 2nd amendment is very popular, even among people who might not even own a gun.

    For anyone under the false idea that the 2nd amendment is just for state militias, I suggest you read up on the Heller and McDonald decisions. Both times the Supreme Court ruled that “the Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home…”

    Does the US have an extremely high rate of mass shootings? No, it just has a very large population. On a per capita basis, the US is #14 worldwide.

    I could go on and on, but anyone with the capacity to reason already knows most of this. And trying to reason with folks who want to rant about “weapons of war”, which would be hand grenades, RPGs, and tanks, rather than semi-automatic rifles, is a utter waste of time.

    And don’t even get me started on KeepingItReal’s slur of “naked pole dancer”….

  108. Oh nos…a few people posting and re-posting under different names about how butthurt they are over Lucky’s post and won’t be coming back…sob sob…like this will really affect Lucky’s site…lets all try and figure out which of these NRA nutsos are using which different names…

  109. “NRA stands AGAINST gun violence. Period.”

    Yes, and Kim Jong Un presides over a democratic people’s republic…

    There’s a distinct difference between claiming something and actually doing it – and promoting the spread of weapons of war amongst an unstable and violent population is wholly incompatible with being against gun violence.

  110. NRA supporters: would you be in favor of having licensing and registration requirements at least as strict as we have to drive and own a car?

  111. @Robert Hanson
    Care to use any citations in this list of half-truths and misleading propaganda? You won’t fnd any credible ones. Have you ever been shot at? Have you ever killed anyone, you little bitch? The bottom line is, you are just a coward, afraid of way too much (fascism, home invaders, liberals, crime, tyranny, etc). Fear and insecurity leads to gun ownership, but no real ability to defend yourself against someone set to kill you.

    Here is a fact: the AR-15 assault rifle is the civilian replication of the M-16 military assault rifle; it has been used in about half of all of the USA’s mass shootings. The M-16 assault rifle is the one weapon of war that EVERY soldier is issued. These semi-automatic rifles are lethal killers designed for war, designed to kill humans. Period. They do not belong in civilian hands, nor has the average civilian earned the right to own one of these things – it is insane that anyone who wants to can buy one.

  112. Lucky:
    “the same “it’s too soon to discuss gun violence” talking point we’ve heard for too long”

    I have never in my life heard anyone say that. Ever !

    Gun violence is spoken about, debated about, and yes ranted about, on a regular basis on all types of media. But surprise, surprise, not everyone believes the liberal talking points about the way to end the violence from mentally disturbed murderers is to take away the guns from mentally healthy, law abiding citizens. As if it would even be possible to confiscate over 3 million mostly unregistered guns from millions of people very committed to keeping them.

    What I don’t remember hearing is you posting anything about the murderous attack on most of the Republicans in the Senate by a demented “progressive”, with Steve Scalise nearly dying. But then again, they were just Republicans, so I guess they had it coming. ;(

    “The response from this on social media has been as you’d expect — the companies are being overwhelmingly praised for the decision”

    What you really mean, although you probably don’t realize it, is that this is happening on the very Left Wing social media you apparently choose to read. If you were to read something like Instapundit, which is the most highly read Libertarian blog around, with a much higher readership than your blog, you would find something far different. If you were to read a major non-ideological blog like Real Clear Politics, which links to posts from Left, Right, and Center, you’d find a wide range of reactions. So I guess you must just self select for Leftist media.

    You seem super intelligent, so I find it strange that, as a businessman, you didn’t learn from the damage done to ESPN with their “progressive” (sic) slant. Profits way down, major “talent” laid off. Nor the 30% loss of viewers by the NFL from the knelling during the anthem. Not to mention the rants about how racist and oppressive this country is from players making multimillion dollars a year. Plus the Academy Awards viewership also down @30% over the past few years as it turned into a Trump hate fest. As Instapundit frequently says: Get Woke, Go Broke.

    Sadly you didn’t learn from all that, because as the miles and point game continues to devalue, you should be doing everything you can to keep every one of your loyal readers on board.

    Even though I don’t belong to the NRA, and don’t own a gun either, I really found your smug sarcasm of “so I guess those people just won’t be renting cars in the future” to be petty and inane.

    But no, I’m not going to boycott this blog as I occasionally learn something useful from it. Not like the old days when I learned something useful every week, some times every day. But the miles and points game has contracted so much lately that I probably learn something of interest maybe twice a month. And to do so I have to wade thru endless posts of use to perhaps 1% of your readers. I mean, really:

    Air Serbia Is Expected To Restructure
    Review: Armenia Marriott Hotel Yerevan
    I Have So Many Questions About This Lagos Airport Robbery…

    Lately I have to wade not only thru all of that, but also your and Tiffany’s insufferable super Liberal ‘virtue signaling’. But it’s free, and occasionally useful and/or interesting, so I don’t have any real reason to complain. I do find it strange that you, not all the time, but now and then, put up very liberally slanted posts that I’d expect you to realize are going to alienate at least 1/3 of your readers. And I’ve seen a number of times people have told you that in their comments. But you choose to keep doing it, and it’s a free country, or at least it used to be, so you have every right to do that.

    So anyway, I’m not going to boycott this blog. What will end is: up to now, when I would apply for a new cc, I’d check for a link from OMAAT rather than using one from FlyerTalk. And I used to make a point to tell people I meet who want to learn more about miles/points that they NEED to read this blog. From now on, if there is a cc link on FT, I’m using that. I’ll only use one from here if I can’t find one elsewhere.

    And I’m not going out of my way to publicize OMAAT.

    Best of Luck, as I still like you, I just can’t support this blog anymore.

  113. I will be interested in reading all these comments! .. But First my 2 cents:

    After Sandy Hook, I joined NRA for a 5 year commitment.
    Yesterday, I re-joined NRA for a 5 year commitment.

    USA Constitution is special in the way it has granted citizens the right AND POWER to assure good government. Don’t ever think that we could not go the way of others without our rights.

    … and with that, I will review the comments above and laugh at many of the naive I’m sure ..

  114. Scary to hear these gun nuts say they need guns so they’ll have “power.” Really, these people are dangerous.

  115. It’s not just about the NRA. The Second Amendment itself needs to be walked back. The current interpretation bears no resemblance to what the founders intended.

    For real change to occur, we will need a new Amendment interpreting and limiting the Second Amendment, and yes, some guns will need to be taken away to get us back to sane and reasonable. (Sorry for repost, but it must be said.)

  116. @Robert Hanson sez: “I have never in my life heard anyone say that. Ever !” in response to @Lucky’s statement that: “the same “it’s too soon to discuss gun violence” talking point we’ve heard for too long”

    @Robert Hanson, you “have never in [your] life heard anyone say that. Ever !” because you have not been paying attention, which is not surprising considering your politics.

    Don’t the door hit you on your way out.


  117. only thing I got from the comments is to support those I believe in.
    In the past, I used Lucky’s links to apply for credit cards, etc, to give him the ad revenue
    In the future,
    I will not use Lucky’s OMAAT licks to go anywhere else (my little boycott of the foolish)

  118. Mark – The US is not special, the US Constitution is not special.

    The arrogant belief that it is is the main reason why America and Americans have such a terrible reputation right around the globe (though that arrogance will no doubt prevent you from caring!).

  119. Wonder if planned parenthood gets discounts on car rentals…they are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths…many more so than gun violence. Where is the outrage?

  120. @Tom
    “Scary to hear these gun nuts say they need guns so they’ll have “power.”

    Whereas you don’t want power, you only want to rewrite the US Constitution to your exact specifications, and impose that on all of the rest of US. Do you realize that when you point a finger at someone, 3 of your fingers are pointing back at yourself?

    Plus you misquoted Mark’s post. It didn’t say he needs guns to get power. He said the Constitution already gives us all the power to live our own lives as we each see fit.

    The only problem therein is folks like you who want to take that Freedom away, and make us conform to their rigid ideology.

    “A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” );

  121. @Callum
    “the main reason why America and Americans have such a terrible reputation right around the globe”

    LOL ! Yep, that’s why we have such a problem with illegal immigration, and the waiting list for legal immigration is years long. If we just put Green cards on the internet, so people could print them out, and offered free one way airfare here, about half the planet would show up in the next few days. 😉

  122. Time to quit supporting and company that tries to play politics,,

    How’s that no guns in China policy working..

    When guns are outlawed, only Criminaks will have guns..

  123. Well, one thing for certain is that this blog post is now attracting Russian trolls. Regardless of your belief in the meaning of the 2d Amendment, the idea that it is a”god given”right could only come from a foreign troll.

    And @Robert Hanson, I am not sure you a Russian, but you sure sound like one. I am retired US Army, and the shotguns my wife and I own are perfectly fine for home defense – and I am not worried one whit about the government taking them away . But if the 2d Amendment includes the unlimited right to have military grade weaponry without regard to public safety, then I hope your neighbors pickup some grenade launchers, anti-tank weapons, and Stryker vehicles and start practicing with them in close proximity to your house. The NRA view of the scope of the 2d Amendment is simply absurd.

  124. So… responding to a political thread on a travel blog is unfortunate. I don’t own guns and am not passionate about this issue.

    Having said that, what I find disappointing is the inability of too many gun owners to have a rational conversation about guns. I get that there are irrational people on the other side too, but why is there no room to discuss *reasonable* gun ownership?

    A lot of NRA supporters are touting the benefits of the NRA. They want to “lock people up and throw away the key”? The US already locks up more people as a percentage of our population than any other civilized country. Instead of parroting back slogans, look at the data.

    From what I can tell the #1 goal of the NRA is to eliminate any possibility of civilized discussion or legislation around sane gun control. The “slippery slope” argument is for those that can’t think beyond their dogma.

    Speaking of dogma, the 2nd amendment argument is another crutch that allows for a knee jerk reaction without having to *think* through the consequences. People passionate about guns seem to think the founding fathers were infallible and cite the 2nd amendment as if it was handed down from on high. These are the same men that thought Indians and 2/5 of “all other persons” shouldn’t have representation. I think that means the women who are for gun rights should keep quiet. After all, it wasn’t until 1920 that the 19th amendment was ratified. Ya, those guys got everything right and we definitely shouldn’t act on revelations we’ve had over the last 240 years.

  125. @Robet Hanson
    Are you referring to all those “rapers” and “criminals” that “polute your cities and steal your taxes”? Well, guess what, only that kind is attracted to US, as they expect they will fit right in. /sarcasm
    Yes, you have a flood of illegal immigration, because people that you want to attract with legal immigration are not interested in participating in basket case competition.

  126. @Robert Hanson. I can assure you that I would not be lining up to enter the USA, printed green card in hand. I value my life too much!

  127. I remember when this blog used to have valuable stories which helped me travel more comfortably. Recently I’ve grown VERY bored with stories of strange third world airline business classes and political nonsense stories designed solely to get lots and lots of action with clicks and comments. And *boy* is it working!

  128. Have you ever asked yourself why we don’t see these types of shootings in inner-city schools, such as those in Detroit (where I attended?). They actually have security personal on site… and not just for guns… knifes, machetes, etc. If we invested in security, and mental health care, this would not be an issue. What bothers me, is that people run to blame the guns the second something occurs and not the underlying issues.

    With that said, I do believe we need stricter background checks, etc… but come on man… acknowledge the issue and ask yourself tougher questions… why does this keep happening in suburbia… why not the rough neighborhoods in Chicago… etc.

  129. … and what also blows my mind is how quickly everyone wants to walk back guns, yet are terrified of our president… y’all really want to give him your guns?

  130. @Anon In the Florida school shooting, they had an armed police officer on site as he was the school’s security guard. You can see how effective he was.

  131. Robert Hanson – The fact that it is news to you that the US is hated by a huge proportion of the world is incredibly hilarious, though not at all surprising given the dream world you appear to inhabit based on your regular posting on this site.

    The US is a wealthy country, obviously poor people are going to be flocking to it regardless of what the reputation is…

    Mark – Good for you. Though if you think the US is special then you’re the naive one. There are countless countries around the world with greater freedom, health and quality of life than the US where they don’t need to live in fear that they’ll be one of the tens of thousands killed by guns each year. Neither do they need to cower at home with a machine gun because they’re terrified the government is going to come after them.

    Though I’m not quite as callous as you (another benefit of not being American), so I pity you – not laugh at you.

  132. I don’t think Americans will ever realize how wonderful its to stay in a country with strict gun control!! I hope they realize it before more souls are killed & it especially hurts to see so many beautiful kids getting killed because of it, the only developed country where this phenomenon happens and half a country still wants more guns:(

  133. Time for NRA members to rent from Silvercar and Advantage, fly on American, Alaska, and Southwest.

    Time for anti-NRA people to boycott Silvercar and Advantage, stop flying on AA, AS, WN.

  134. Hey lucky dummy. How about I infringe on your first amendment right and tell you to shut the hell up? I never liked your stupid articles and now I know why Without the second amendment there would be no America.

  135. @derek Your post was out of date before you typed it. American Airlines tweeted nine hours ago that they do not offer discounted travel to NRA members.

  136. @ Robert Hanson

    “In the UK, where almost no one is allowed to have a gun, the rate of home invasions is many times higher than in the US. Criminals have no fear of being shot when they break in when the residents are home.”

    Good grief… If you’re interested in facts:

    – Why don’t you compare the US gun murder rate with the UK gun murder rate?

    And, to be really fair:

    – Why don’t you compare the TOTAL US murder rate with the TOTAL UK murder rate? Adjust it to murders per 100,000 population, so you’re really comparing like with like.

    You’ll find that individual cities like Chicago or Washington DC have more murders each year than the WHOLE of the UK. The US is, from a UK perspective, a *staggeringly* violent society. We worry about knife crime: it pales into insignificance compared to US rates of criminal violence.

    You could argue that the UK and the US are so culturally different that the comparison isn’t valid. Ok, why not compare the US and Canadian murder rates – you know, like with like? Do tell us what you find out.

    Cherry-picking utterly different classes of statistics to “prove” a causal relationship is such a dumb move. You need to study Statistics 101. Honestly, it would strengthen your arguments enormously if they were based on comparable, you know, *facts*.

    @ Rich

    “Hey lucky dummy. How about I infringe on your first amendment right and tell you to shut the hell up? I never liked your stupid articles and now I know why”

    If you never liked the articles what the Hell are you doing here? You need to get a life, where you do things you like instead of spewing out bile on a blog you don’t like.

    Or are you actually paid to do this? I can think of no other reason why you would be here, let alone posting poorly-punctuated abusive comments (it seems like your first language is not English – do you even have a dog in this fight?).

  137. This is an article about travel that is based on recent events. I think this absolutely has a place on this blog. Similar to other terrorist attacks impacting other parts of travel; liquids, batteries, taking shoes off.

    @Lucky – don’t let the trolls derail you. This level of venom goes *far* beyond your blog – so don’t take it personally.

  138. @The nice Paul

    Why does any one except a killer would want a AR-15, AK47, etc. If you are a hunter you should be ashamed using those types of guns for hunting. If you are a law abiding collector, you should have no problem registering every guns you have, just like your cars. In addition, every responsible gun owners would want to make sure guns do not land in dangerous people hands. They would be advocating not just registering every guns but every transactions so that any gun can be traced back to a responsible party.

    HOWEVER, NRA do not like that, thinking it is trampling on their rights. How about the rights of other innocent victim of guns? As a result, we can conclude that NRA is a selfish, backward, illogical organization. WHY should any sane, responsible company do business with them?

  139. The NRA the group who teach people gun ownership and responsible to law bying individuals are the evil ones. The left wing libtard media has become it’s own wing of the government. Anyone who is for gun control please remember the Nazi party of Germany had a great gun control for Jewish people at the time. The NRA isn’t the enemy!

  140. @Johnny Sellah

    Hahahahahahahaha The NRA is all about protecting the interests of the gun manufacturing companies.

    “The left wing libtard media has become it’s own wing of the government.”

    But…doesn’t America have a conservative government now?

    Also, how is the weather in Russia these days?

  141. This comment section is a trip.

    I have lived in America for most of my life, and really, truly, do not understand the argument that guns and the NRA are protecting your freedoms. I truly don’t understand. What freedom of yours is limited when you can’t buy an assault rifle? How is the NRA defending your freedoms? What about my right to go to a movie theatre, a school, or a club and not get shot? What about the right to send your child to a school without them getting shot? Doesn’t my right to life (enshrined in the the Constitution) hold equal weight to your right to buy a gun so you can go to the shooting range?

    And my second question, because I also truly do not understand: the 2nd amendment protects the right to bear arms. What arms? Handguns? Assault rifles? Grenades? Grenade launchers? Tanks? Nukes? Where will you draw the line? Do you want to be able to purchase the military’s entire arsenal? Aren’t you concerned that your freedoms have been curtailed because you can’t buy a nuke?

  142. Good grief Lucky! You woke up up every troll in creation!
    To all who were outraged by Lucky exercising his first amendment rights, feel free to depart! Bye Felicia!

    I am a gun owner.
    I stand with the kids.

  143. “I have lived in America for most of my life, and really, truly, do not understand the argument that guns and the NRA are protecting your freedoms.what arms? Handguns? Assault rifles? Grenades? Grenade launchers? Tanks? Nukes? Where will you draw the line?”

    Yes, you truly don’t understand. No one, and I mean no one, is asking for the right to grenade launchers. You might want to google the meaning of straw man argument.

    Wikipedia (about Heller):

    “The Second Amendment protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home, and that Washington, D.C.’s handgun ban and requirement that lawfully-owned rifles and shotguns be kept “unloaded and disassembled or bound by a trigger lock” violated this guarantee. It was also clearly stated that the right to bear arms is not unlimited and that guns and gun ownership would continue to be regulated.”

    So then, handguns, rifles, and shotguns…obviously not tanks… sheesh !

  144. The NRA doesn’t promote guns. You are free to be defenseless if you prefer it that way – remember, as these students in Florida found out, that when seconds count the police are minutes away (and that’s if they even bother themselves, as we also saw in Florida.) But neither the NRA nor I will ever try to persuade you to buy a gun if you don’t want one. Those of you applauding the narrow minded and unfounded accusations against the NRA should really bother yourselves to go and learn about their history, the reason they were founded, and how they came to be nearly the sole defender of our second amendment rights in this country. Folks, you can be outraged if you want to, and you can have whatever opinion you like – but you can’t have your own facts. Facts are their own thing, and can’t be changed just because you don’t like them. And whether you like it or not – even those of you calling to ban the NRA, take away all private guns – all of you are still gun proponents. In your world, you would take MY guns away, leaving only the criminals and the police with guns. That’s pretty much the situation we had in FL – bad guy had guns, cops had guns, and a lot of innocent people who the law had deprived of guns died. Facts are facts. These shootings happen 98% of the time in the “Gun Free Zones” that our politicians have provided for us to “keep us safe.” And now you want to make all the rest of us exactly as safe as that FL school. If you really truly cared about the dead and wounded – and if you really wanted to prevent future dead and wounded – your efforts would be to place well-trained and well-ARMED personnel in all of these gun-free “victim” zones. The NRA was originally formed to provide marksmanship training for those who were tasked with being our protectors – and those of you who still have an open mind and can reason this out, they can hook you up with a trainer in your area. The NRA evolved from solely marksmanship training – out of necessity due to constant political attacks on our freedom – to become one of the worlds largest political action / lobbying organizations, with somewhere around 5 million average, normal, everyday working-stiff members – probably some of your neighbors, or family, or friends. You can make fun of those of us who talk about not having our freedom infringed – have your own opinion, it’s a free country – but once again, those darn facts show that EVERY dictatorship started out by taking away the guns from it’s subjects. Give up YOUR guns if you want – turn in YOUR freedom, and let YOUR government overlords tell you when and how to live and die. But don’t think you speak for me, or 5 million of my close friends when you do.

  145. Ha! I love all these right wing knuckle draggers showing their infatuation with guns and their penis size. @Erick literally called @Lucky “effeminate” while defending his “right” to guns. Hilarious!

  146. @Robert Hanson –

    The last sentence of what you quoted states that “guns and gun ownership would continue to be regulated.” That seems to be precisely what we’re having an argument about right now, seeing how we’re trying to regulate assault rifles and things like who can buy a gun, and the NRA seems to be having none of it. Regulation presumes drawing the line between what is and what isn’t permitted, so again – why is an assault rifle permitted but a grenade launcher not? When we’re regulating, how do you draw that line? Why are you so certain that handguns and rifles are okay, but tanks aren’t? I’m just trying to point out to you that perhaps some of the arms we allow civilians to purchase currently should be prohibited alongside military grade weapons like tanks and grenade launchers since they’re, you know, kinda military grade. I have no interest in taking away your handgun or your hunting rifle, but an AR-15 seems like a bit much for a civilian to own.

  147. And @Rick – the school in Florida that had a shooting recently literally had an armed guard. That armed guard stood outside and didn’t even go in. So clearly the shooting didn’t happen in a gun-free zone, and clearly the person with the gun did nothing.

    I still don’t understand how guns make you free, but okay. We should maybe invade places like Denmark and Japan to save these poor gunless subjugated citizens from their universal healthcare and give them back their freedom.

  148. @Anastasia You clearly don’t understand even the simplest basics, yet you feel entitled to rant on and on. A “gun free zone” does not mean that a sheriffs deputy cannot go in with a gun. It means that teachers, students, and visitors that have concealed carry permits are not allowed to bring them into the school. If you look back at previous school shootings, you will find that the shooting often ended when a teacher or administrator went out to their car, and got the gun they had locked in the trunk because of the “gun free” rule, then came back in with it. In which case either they killed the shooter, or as frequently happens, once confronted the shooter killed himself.

    And the comment about invading Denmark is just plain stupid. The Danes are free to set their own laws, just as we don’t need their permission for our Constitution.

  149. @Anastasia The “regulation” is defined by the Supreme Court rulings in Heller and McDonald, which stipulated that the 2nd amendment applied to handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The AR-15 is one of the most popular guns in the US. There are untold millions of them owned privately. For a few years it was illegal to manufacture, and when that ban had absolutely no effect on the crime rate, the ban was allowed to expire. Again you should do a lot more study of this subject before bloviating.

  150. @Aaron Apples and oranges, my friend, apples and oranges.

    Your link goes to a Press conference less than 24 hours after the shooting. I agree that when a shooting happens Sunday evening, then a press conference at noon the next day, when everyone is in deep shock and grief, it is indeed too soon to be discussing policy. Especially since the first reports of a shooting, terrorist attack, plane crash, etc. are often both incorrect and lacking in important details.

    However, Lucky posted this over a week after the shooting.

    Please note that the link you posted had this quote: “policy issues are something that we can talk about in the coming days.” By the time Lucky posted this, it was clearly within those “coming days”. Of course no one wants to talk about policy changes with 24 hours of a terrible event, when everyone is still in shock, and the details of what happened are still sketchy.

    What I said is I’ve never heard anyone say (as in this case) that over a week later is too soon to “talk” about it. Clearly it’s too soon to pass new laws, as laws need study and debate, but it’s obviously not to soon to talk, and in every case of this sort there’s been plenty of talk within that time frame.

  151. I agree with you that this is an issue we can no longer table for later and it’s great the public pressure is having an affect on businesses. I get that people have strong feelings about this subject on both sides but that doesn’t make it an issue that we should not tackle. It’s an important issue and the polls actually tell us that even gun owners can live with a few more common sense restrictions. At the end of the day, we need folks on both sides to come to a consensus/compromise in order to come up with a plan that makes sense for this very unique country of ours.

    If it were up to me personally I’d like all semi-automatic weapons to stop being legal. But I’d probably settle for limiting clip size. I’d also like to see a nationwide registry of every gun manufactured and their corresponding owner. I get that there will still be criminals trying to work around the system but right now we don’t even really have a system. I mean seriously if I cannot buy more than 1 package of Sudafed at a time due to some registry then I think we can do that for guns too. Also HIPPA laws need an amendment to include the opening of mental health related records to those who would want to apply for and purchase a gun as well as for current gun owners. And sellers of guns who don’t follow the rules as well as purchasers should have stiff penalties including minimum jail times for non-compliance.

    I mean these are things I want. I get gun owners might be against some of these things but we all have to feel safe and I don’t feel safe right now so I’m willing to fight and donate to causes that can make these reasonable changes happen.

    No one wants to tell someone they can’t own a weapon to protect themselves and their family or to go hunting but do you really need to be able to fire 45 rounds/minute to do so? There has to be some reasonable middle ground here.

  152. We have the freedom to support or not support whoever we care too. I support the Second Amendment I support the NRA and I’ve never joined but because of these people stopping to support them I am going to join and that will be the way that I make my statement.

  153. Lucky, If you even had a clue as to what the NRA does for gun safety, legal and responsible gun ownership and the fact that NONE of these mass shootings were a result of NRA members exercising their rights protected by the Constitution, you could understand why this is a slap in the face to 5+Million law-abiding Americans. Blaming the NRA is a pure and simple cop-out and misdirection of blame by the liberal politicians and media for the abjectly miserable failure of the FBI and local authorities to implement laws already in place which would have been 100% effective in stopping the carnage brought upon the students of Parkland, FL. Actions have consequences, so while you all glibly rejoice for these rental car companies punishing innocent Americans because we believe in the right to self protection via gun ownership guaranteed by the Constitution, liberal politicians fan the flames of hatred and division with the ultimate goal of controlling the American “sheeple” when they get you all to believe your unalienable right to bear arms is no longer needed in this so called ‘civil society’. This is one more slice in the ‘death by a thousand cuts’ of legal gun ownership being inflicted by liberal politicians and the main stream media.

  154. To all those who think guns should be taken away just remember the once we are unarmed which I never will be and someone does enter into your house and takes advantage of you Whether it’s to rob you or rap your wife and maybe in front of you or kidnap your child and these things do happen it’s then you will have that brain fart wondering what was I thinking to help elemnate my right to bare my arm and stand up for my rights / freedom to protect my family as needed yes 911 is a great tool but my 40 cal is a lot faster and will make a great punctuation that we Americans who are law biding hard workers and tax payers can and will make our start too…… if I was to add my input we do have a lot of trained retired military let creat a JOB for them to serve and protect our children of America after all they were good enough to serve and protect all who cry that our guns kill people wake up its the pit bull syndrome it’s not our dogs or our guns it’s disarranged people in our system that has created this terrible tradgity everyone is upset about wake up America let’s do what’s really right arm all and help our retired Vets get to work Thank you……. God Bless America

  155. Oh look! Kenny Poor! A typical NRA troll! Wind him up,set him on the floor and he will spin in circles and whine, cry and throw a fit! How entertaining!
    Before the top of your head blows up, no one wants to take your guns away sweetie! So you can sit there in your living room with your gun in hand acting the part of the defender so your wife doesn’t get “rap”? But if you are the owner of an assault rile, well that would be an entirely different story.
    So take a breath sunshine, your little tantrum was for nothing! Entertaining though, I enjoyed the chuckle! Thanks!

  156. Those who would have Americans give up their gun rights are spinning an evil narrative. Why is there so much gun violence? Because the CIA and Eric Holder and Obama/Clinton made sure that tons of guns found their way to ISIS and to MK-13 and other drug cartels. They are arming the world of criminals so they can terrorize innocent people into giving up their gun rights. This arming of the world has been going on much longer than the Obama etc., of course. It isn’t a right/left thing, at the core. It is a destabilizing of the world to usher in the New World Order. And when only ONE government and assorted criminals control the guns, how is that going to work out? The Parkland shooting was a false flag, i.e. a real event with a false narrative. Anyone with an ounce of logic should be able to see that the NRA was set up as a scapegoat and flagellated in the mainstream media to draw attention away from the (very possibly deliberate) failures to stop the shooter from creating a “useful” incident. That is pure evil, folks. All you sheeple who have true and compassionate hearts need to wake up and smell the truth that you have been HAD. That your best qualities are being used against you and against others. The narrative, right now, is that “oh no, we aren’t against the second ammendment…we just need to make sure that “bad” people don’t get guns.” So David Hogg proposes that gun checks be linked to private medical records. Uh, not so private medical records. I know people who endured a lot of stress due to a school insisting that their child had a mental disorder because then they would get more money from the government. There is already a concerted effort to start diagnosing and medicating young teens for depression. It’s a win-win for the global elite who profit from the costs of diagnosing and medicating people that they are already screwing up with their fluoridated water, chemtrails and manufactured food full of neurotoxic chemicals and flooding us with expensive EMF-emitting tech everywhere. So now, depression and attention issues and overstimulation by information/social media is pandemic. And of course, we have demolished nearly every vestige of right and wrong from the educational process and dumbed down the content so people can’t look at current events in the context of history. That is why we are messed up. And here comes this innocent blogger, happy that companies are taking a stand on an important issue. Young, innocent, full of ideals – yes, you sound so right. But you are so, so wrong. The NRA is not the problem. Sheeple combined with those who manipulate them are the problem. Wake up, learn, go deeper.

  157. Here is how we fight back – use Uber or Lyft. No need for a rental car or left wing tyrants.

  158. To address the topic at hand, I will not be utilizing the services of these car rental companies anymore. I am a disabled Iraq and Kosovo veteran that has had friends die to protect the freedoms that the left is so willing to give up. I do own an AR15 and I am a school teacher so the idea that the left is using children to peak the emotional issue by brandishing elementary kids in the media completely disgusts me. Before you pass legislation based on emotion, look at the facts! The Parkland weenie that shall not be named had many companies backing out of the NRA and Fox News and ironically enough those same companies are now realizing that they were being manipulated by a child. Less than 300 people or children a year are killed by rifles (all rifles including the AR15), and yet we have no problem with pistols that kill over 20 times the amount people every year. Get rid of them all, or at least try, and the left will destroy our country because even the military and police forces have openly admitted they will not stand with a tyrannical government. Oh ya, also stop “judge” shopping to get your snowflake laws passed.

  159. The only thing I think is that “you are all mad” look at all you idiots. No one listening all chat, all I know best. Sickening it will take us all down.

  160. I’ve been an NRA member for quite a while. This cheap scapegoating only inspired me to upgrade my life membership level.

  161. I am an NRA life endowment member. And you sir, are no travel expert if you think that just because we boycott these rental companies, that we wont be renting a car in the future. In case you don’t know, there are PLENTY of other rental companies out there that would love my business, and that’s exactly where I will take it.

  162. For all the idiots here that don’t want the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms – e.g. to protect themselves and their families against tyranny – why don’t you move your worthless asses to one of the many countries that don’t have such Constitution? Put your money where your worthless ass is.

  163. I will never support any of these organizations that are personally attacking me and my rights. I stand with the NRA and always will.

  164. Such stupidity! The NRA has done more to promote firearm safety than all the anti-gun efforts combined. They provide firearm training to civilians and law-enforcement and their efforts have resulted in a HUGE drop in gun accidents. Don’t believe me? Look it up for yourself. In fact, just do Google search for the accident rates of all sports. Firearm accidents are lower than those for volleyball! In fact, firearm accidents are the lowest of all sporting accidents.

    The problem lies in people confusing criminal use of firearms. The NRA has pushed for severe penalities for anyone comitting a crime while in posession of a firearm for decades while liberal cities like Chicago hardly ever prosecute gun crimes. In fact, Chicago has the lowest rate of gun crime prosecution in the nation and yet it keeps blaming the NRA and law-abiding gun owners for gun crime.

    How people such as the guy who wrote this article and those bashing the NRA come to blame the NRA for gun crimes is a mystery. Do they realize that firearms are used approximately 80 times more to PREVENT crimes than they are used when comitting a crime? Don’t believe it? Look it up. And why does the crime rate soar in countries that ban firearms. Look at what happened to crime rates in England and Australia after their drastic gun bans. Crime soared! Even gun crimes soared! Look it up. But it’s no suprise since the only people in those counties with guns are criminals now.

    Geez! It’s so simple-minded to blame the NRA for mass shootings which they have absolutely nothing to do with. Do you blame AAA for drunk driving accidents?

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