Transfer Capital One Miles To TAP, Get 5K Bonus Miles

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Here’s an opportunity that’s worth being aware of, but probably not actually worth taking advantage of.

Bonus when you transfer miles from Capital One to TAP

Capital One has just added TAP Air Portugal Miles&Go as a mileage transfer partner, and best of all miles transfer at a 1:1 ratio.

To celebrate the new partnership, TAP Air Portugal Miles&Go is offering 5,000 bonus miles when you make your first mileage transfer from Capital One.

There are some terms worth being aware of:

  • This is only valid for your first mileage transfer of a minimum of 5,000 miles
  • Each member can only earn this bonus once
  • The offer is valid for mileage transfers made from April 20 through May 31, 2021
  • Bonus miles should post to your Miles&Go account within seven business days

Below is an example of what that bonus looks like, though again, you only need to transfer 5,000 miles to qualify for the bonus.

Is this promotion worth it?

On the surface this might seem like an attractive offer, since you’re essentially getting a 100% bonus — transferring 5,000 Capital One miles will get you 10,000 TAP Miles&Go miles.

Even so, this offer probably won’t make sense for most people. Why? I’ve written in the past about the best uses of TAP Air Portugal Miles&Go miles, and the reality is that the good uses of these miles is limited. TAP has fairly high Star Alliance redemption rates, as well as hefty fuel surcharges. There are some sweet spots and cool partnerships (like with Emirates), but for the most part the good opportunities are few and far between.

So while this promotion could make sense if you’re 10,000 miles short of an award redemption, there aren’t many circumstances where this deal makes sense if starting from scratch, in my opinion.

Bottom line

In order to celebrate the new partnership, TAP Air Portugal is offering 5,000 bonus miles when you make your first mileage transfer from Capital One. That might sound tempting on the surface, though unless you have a specific use in mind, I wouldn’t take advantage of this.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this TAP Air Portugal bonus for Capital One mileage transfers?

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