Buy Priority Club points for 0.6 cents each.

Much like Starwood and Hyatt, Priority Club will also be participating in the “Discover America Daily Getaways” promotion on Tuesday, May 25 at 10AM ET. You’ll have the opportunity to buy 10,000 Priority Club points for $60, with a limit of five packages per person. Now, while there is a sneaky way to buy Priority Club points for 0.6 cents each, those points don’t count towards elite status. The points purchased through this promotion, however, should count towards elite status. Priority Club Platinum status, which admittedly isn’t worth the world, requires 60,000 points, so you’re almost there if you take advantage of this promotion.

Top InterContinental hotels cost 40,000 points per night, so at the very least this is a chance to get a real top end hotel for $240. Not too shabby!

I won’t be taking advantage of this (my Priority Club points balance is 200,000+), but I’m sure for some of you this will be a really good deal.


  1. Don’t you mean “Priority Club Platinum status is worthless”? Well, it’s almost worthless…

  2. PC Platinum status may not be that attractive, but it does have some benefits. At the Beijing Crowne Plaza, I got complementary hot (not very fancy) breakfast for two (made to order eggs, cheeses, meats, yogurts, nuts, fresh/dried/canned fruit, tea/coffee/latte), free internet access, bottled water and happy hour invitation (beer/wine/limited mixed drinks) with Platinum status. The package was worth $60+/day at the hotel prices.
    In the US, I have been offered complementary B/fast at the very minimum.
    Just my $0.02’s worth!

  3. For the Beijing visit, I did have a friend of mine write down in chinese, “I am a Priority Club Platinum member. What complementary things do you offer for platinum members, like free b/fast, internet access etc.” The front desk clerk had to clear it over the phone with his boss for the freebies.

  4. You can buy Platinum status for $360 if you buy one of the IC packages of 40,000 miles deposited and then add 2 of the 10,000 mile priority club packages. Nothing in the TCs state not good toward status, so they should be just like buying from Priority Club

  5. If you really need PC Platinum status…buy the Ambassador status card for $150. It includes platinum status for 2 years.

  6. @KT, that would be worth it to us. I only find the upgrade to Gold, though, and only for one year. Can you give me the reference for Platinum and 2 years? Thanks!

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