American and British Airways offering up to 25,000 bonus points per transatlantic roundtrip through January 31, 2014

American and British Airways just announced a promotion offering bonus points for paid transatlantic travel.

British Airways Executive Club

The offer is open to US and Canada based Executive Club members offering bonus Avios for transatlantic travel through January 31, 2014. They’re offering 25,000 bonus Avios per roundtrip in first or business class, 15,000 bonus Avios per roundtrip in premium economy, and 10,000 bonus Avios per roundtrip in full fare economy. As usual, only revenue fares apply, and not award tickets.


In addition to being able to earn this bonus for travel on British Airways, you can also earn it for travel on American Airlines, Finnair, Iberia, and OpenSkies.

Registration is required prior to booking in order to be eligible.

American AAdvantage

American’s promotion is almost identical, so you can earn AAdvantage miles instead of British Airways Avios. However, with the American promotion registration is only required prior to travel and not prior to booking as far as I can tell.


Generally speaking it’s not worth booking a trip solely to take advantage of this promotion, since discounted coach tickets are excluded. That being said, there are some nice business class fares to Europe over Thanksgiving. For example, American and British Airways have $1,600 business class fares between New York and London, so 25,000 bonus miles sure is a nice bonus for an already great fare.

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  1. What’s a good way to find business/first class deals? I couldn’t find anything specific on BA site (e.g. no mention of New York – London deal).

  2. Hoping UA and DL match soon since I’m planning a bunch of trips this fall.

    Makes no sense that these promotions require r/t and not one-way. Assuming everyone matches, then if I fly UA to London in biz and then can make an evening flight back to NYC (BA has the last flight), BA is disincentivizing me to take it rather than wait til the next morning to take the UA return. You’d think that in doing this promotion, they’d want your business in either direction, even if it’s “just” a $5,000 one-way ticket. Should be 12,500 per flight rather than 25,000 for r/t or zero.

  3. Ben – Ill ask you the same thing I asked TPG… Do you know if you can cross between the two carriers? Eg book a BA qualified flight but use your AA # in the booking to get the AA bonus instead of BA or is that what they mean by code share flights are not eligible? What I am speculating on doing is “stacking” this promo with the AA elite track promo with the BA Thanksgiving discounted business fares and the BA 1/2 avios upgrade to essentially fly first class for price of discounted business (avios earned net with avios spent) and I will get AA platinum. Help me make this work TPG! I need to get from OSL => PDX, roundtrip in Nov (although I am resident of US so I DO qualify for promos).

  4. Say, if i fly a round trip from India to PHL (on BA in paid business class)does it count for this offer? as there will be a transatlantic segment.

  5. @ PS — You can definitely earn American miles and qualify for the American bonus promotion by flying British Airways. You should also be able to upgrade and still credit to AAdvantage, so I see no reason this wouldn’t work.

  6. @ Skudu — It might still credit in practice, though based on my interpretation of the promotion you have to actually be flying roundtrip between the US and Europe, so I don’t think India would qualify. I could be wrong, though.

  7. How can you tell if your ticket is full-fare economy? I’m going to be traveling from NY to London mid-week in coach and the fare will likely be in the $1500-$2000 range. Is that full-fare economy?

  8. The American flight I was eyeballing says booking code H. Would that not qualify?

    I couldn’t find the booking code until I got to the purchase ticket screen. Is there an easier way to browse flights along with their booking code info?

  9. @ Seth — When you go to select “refine search” and then in the drop down select “refundable” for fare type. That should give you the full fare tickets.

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