British Airways Offering 100% Avios Bonus For Flights

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Here’s a great promotion for British Airways Executive Club members. British Airways is celebrating their 100th anniversary, and as part of that they’ve just launched a new offer.

British Airways is offering a 100% bonus on Avios for your next six flights through December 31, 2019. To take advantage of this you need to:

  • Register before you book
  • Book between March 21 and April 19, 2019
  • Travel by December 31, 2019

This promotion is valid for travel on all British Airways flights, including domestic flights within the UK, flights within South Africa on Comair, and British Airways marketed flights operated by American, Iberia, and Finnair, between Europe and North America.

On top of that, if you complete six eligible flights during the promotion period you’ll earn an additional 2,019 Avios.

The 100% bonus should post the same time as your normal miles, and then the additional 2,019 Avios should post after your sixth flight has been taken. Note that the bonus is calculated based on base miles, so you wouldn’t earn a 100% bonus on your elite or class of service bonus, for example.

Earn double Avios for travel on British Airways’ Club World London City service

Bottom line

It’s pretty rare to see airlines offer bonuses for flying nowadays, as they’re primarily focused on promotions through non-flying means. That’s why it’s quite exciting to see British Airways offer a 100% bonus on flights.

Do keep in mind that this is limited to a total of six flights, so if you are a frequent flyer with British Airways, it could make sense to credit shorter flights to another program if you’ll have more than three roundtrips, so that you earn the bonuses for your longest flights. In other words, you don’t want to earn double miles on an economy ticket from London to Dublin at the expense of earning double miles on a business class ticket from London to Singapore.

Also keep in mind that only tickets booked after registration and by April 19 qualify, so unfortunately previously booked travel doesn’t qualify.

Do you plan on taking advantage of this British Airways 100% bonus?

(Tip of the hat to God Save The Points)

  1. And they could not have started that Promo on January 1st?!….
    Let people book their vaction and THAN start the anniversary promo…..

  2. Talk about not giving a c**p about the loyal fliers of BA who pre-book paid travel way in advance.

  3. Agree with Joe and Oscar. Most of my business travel was either booked back in January or it’ll be booked later this year as dates get confirmed! Should be a year long promotion

  4. I would happily forego this bonus if they would fix their dogsh** IT instead. I’m still not over how they handled their data breach. I hope GDPR tears them a new hole.

  5. @Complainers

    Would you rather they not have the promo at all then?

    Some people bitch about everything.

  6. The point of the promo is to get you to book more, not to reward the travel you’re already doing…

  7. @complainers-complainers: don’t call it f*cking “Get 100% bonus Avios this year”, and connect it to your 100 year celebration when the booking date starts in the middle of the year for not even one month.
    I don’t mind to be shown BAs middle finger, but they’re basically showing it to their most loyal flyers, who already booked flights with them.

  8. Itā€™s not ā€œpretty rareā€ to offer bonuses like this at all. How do you write such guff with a straight face?

    BA had a bonus offer tied to flights at the end of last year and that was 100% bonus based on base miles as well. There as a limited booking period but an extended period for the flights to happen within. Existing bookings werenā€™t included either.

    I think you even covered it at the time!!!

  9. Jackie

    Avios are great for OneWorld airlines. Just not BA.

    So earn on BA but get your rewards on JAL, AA, Cathay, Qatar etc.

  10. Unfortunately I booked my first class return tickets to South Africa on Thursday. Saw this on Friday.

  11. Classic BA – smoke and mirrors promotion. Like others have said, business travel unlikely to be booked by mid April through to the end of the year. Like most things at BA, (fake) fur coat and no knickers. Gold exec club member currently enjoying Emirates as my go to airline

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