Good & Bad News With The British Airways Dating Site Offer

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Since yesterday, British Airways’ online shopping portal has been offering double Avios on all purchases. That opened up quite a few opportunities, though nothing quite like the one available with You can ordinarily earn 75 Avios per dollar spent with, but through this promotion you can earn 150 Avios per dollar spent. That’s like acquiring Avios for ~0.67 cents each, which is incredible.


As I explained, I decided to buy a one year subscription to with all the add-ons. I was able to spend a total of $548.57. At a rate of 150 Avios per dollar spent, that should net me 82,285 Avios. That’s such a good offer that I also encouraged a couple of family members to join

Avios-Dating-Site-10 2 points are posting… but…

When it comes to these amazing shopping portal deals, there are generally two concerns:

  • Will the points post at all/was the transaction tracked?
  • Will the correct number of points post?

Well, the good news is that British Airways’ shopping portal seems to be tracking these purchases. Go to the shopping portal, log-in, and at the top right you should see the “My eStore” section. Click on that, and you’ll be able to see your transaction history.


The good news is that many people are reporting that their subscriptions are tracking, and Avios show as pending.

The bad news seems to be that they’re only tracking based on the base subscription cost. For example, my membership costs $16.99 per month, so over 12 months it costs $203.88.


At a rate of 150 Avios per dollar spent, that’s ~30,500 Avios, which is exactly what posted.

Unfortunately my hundreds of dollars in add-ons didn’t post. When you look at the terms, you’ll see that they make no distinction between base fees and add-ons:

Please note: the stated reward is for first-time paid subscriptions only

As you can see, there’s nothing at all indicating what part of a subscription is eligible, and what isn’t. The add-ons are absolutely part of a “subscription” (after all, they’re billed monthly), so if they didn’t intend to include those, they should have added “valid only on basic subscription plans,” or whatever.

Now what? If you haven’t taken advantage of the offer…

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this offer, this is good news. Take advantage of the deal, but only buy a base or bundled subscription without any add-ons. Spending ~$200 for ~30,000 Avios is incredible.

Now what? If you have taken advantage of the offer…

But what about for the rest of us? Well, the good news is that there are a lot of us in the same situation, and we’re generally a pretty resourceful bunch. There are three strategies to potentially take here:

  • Email the British Airways shopping portal people through this link and tell them that the incorrect number of Avios show as pending
  • Wait until the Avios post incorrectly, and then email the shopping portal people through this link
  • If all else fails, I suspect many will dispute the charge with their credit card, given that they’re not being given what they were promised

Personally my typical strategy would be to wait for the points to post incorrectly and then contact customer service. However, I realize a lot of people have taken advantage of this, and it’s also perhaps “higher stakes” than some other shopping portal issues.

I know a lot of people have already emailed customer service, so hopefully we can keep the conversation going in the comments section about any progress being made. This is an area where working together will net the best results.

So I’ll see what I can do, and the meantime I’d love if others could share their experiences as well.

  1. Even though we are married, I now have to persuade my wife that both of us should join 😉

  2. @Karel: What do you mean “revert back”?

    Also appears to be dead at the moment yes it might come back but folks who didn’t jump in it is probably over (for better or worse).

  3. Looks same for me – account showing pending avios for just the bundle. Would you say chances of honouring total amount are good?

  4. @ David — Who really knows. I feel confident in them honoring it or getting a total refund, but with these shopping portal deals you never really know what they’ll do.

  5. Option 3 seems a bit of a stupid approach.

    How can you dispute the charges to They will have provided you with the services you purchased.

    The fact a third party’s offer didn’t pan out the way you thought it might when you decided to exploit it isn’t’s fault, nor directly related to those charges. You weren’t explicitly purchasing avios so if they don’t post you can’t expect a refund. That’s part of the risk with any shopping portal or cashback website!

  6. I had a hard time convincing my wife I signed up just for the avios… girlfriend didn’t seem to care. ;P

  7. My account shows the same as yours, Lucky. I emailed BA support as you noted. Fingers crossed….

  8. @RichT While I am highly unlikely to do a charge-back here, the offer on the BA website was done in conjunction with it is not an entirely separate third-party issue. Match works with shopping portals to entice users to join their website. One could argue that this was part of the offer that was made when you signed up. Hence the charge-back.

  9. When I took advantage of the offer after your first post Lucky, I was bummed because I hadn’t seen the page to add all the add-ons. So I only paid the basic bundle…

    Seems I was lucky after all… Hope BA does the right thing for everyone who took paid for the add-ons though.

  10. RichT is correct, chargeback is not an option since you made a transaction on and the product was delivered ( subscription).
    If any bonus points etc. that are in partnership with do not post, its not a chargeback reason but you need to press charges.
    Something similar happened to me in the past and I went the entire way (chargeback first, denied and then court)

  11. My experience with is that they make their terms for each deal incredibly vague – you would think this would work to your advantage but they have often disallowed claims I’ve made for missing Avios for spurious reasons. I’d be interested to know if they cough up the extra Avios to those of you with add-ons.

  12. Wooo I wasn’t greedy with all the add on crap, just paid for 12 months straight up for $217, now 32,384 miles is pending for my account. These should serve me well for flying to the Caribbean from Miami.

  13. I jumped on this offer too yesterday with the full add-on as it was a good opportunity to meet the minimum spend as well get a boat load of Avios which I plan to use in the near future. Let’s hope the Avios come through as advertised otherwise it will be a very expensive Avios !!!

  14. I bought ink cartridges @ 56 miles / $1. I am happy. Shipping is free so the entire $199 X 56…

  15. I went with a base subscription on one account and some but not all add ones for a second account. It looks like my net will be about 64,000 Avios for about $670. I will fight for the extra miles, but I avoided a calamity.

  16. The original link from the BA shop site is now gone. Looks like I’ve left this too late to sign up.

  17. As a young college student, at least if this doesn’t pan out, I can look for for single BA Gold members too 😉

  18. FYI, At the moment you cannot file an inquiry via the contact us page as it does not let you enter March 2nd transaction date. The calendar only goes till Feb 26th. So, not sure how you are able to file a missing Avios claim now? Maybe I’ll wait and file a claim later when their calendar allows me to enter 3/2 date.

  19. I’m in the same situation. Chose all add-ons and currently showing 35,984 Avios pending. Lets’ hope this pans out.

  20. The terms said the offer is valid for first time subscriptions only. There’s no reason addons would be considered and no reason Avios should be awarded for them. And as has been said, disputing the credit card charge would be wrong – has provided you with the service you paid for.

  21. That’s weird. If the base cost was the same, but sales tax is different, why is everyone getting different Avios amounts pending?

    Mine is at 28k. I did the all add-ones. About 578$ committed

  22. My points aren’t showing up in the transaction history. Is anyone else having this problem?

  23. As a business owner I can tell you the last thing I want is credit card chargebacks, even if I would eventually win. Too many of those and your account gets all kinds of restrictions and increased costs. Don’t know if being on the magnitude of a company like makes this less of an issue, but I would think it also makes the stakes of blowing up your relationship with card issuers that much more important. Hopefully they will be reasonable and issue refunds if people request them.

  24. I emailed BA support as well. My transaction history is only showing just under 29,000 Avios for the ~$537 transaction. I hope BA will do the right thing and honor the offer. Otherwise, I will never make another eStore purchase again and will avoid doing business with BA.

  25. “If you haven’t yet taken advantage of this offer, this is good news. Take advantage of the deal, but only buy a base or bundled subscription without any add-ons. Spending ~$200 for ~30,000 Avios is incredible.”

    Frequentmiler reported yesterday the deal is dead/expired.
    Not sure why you would post a day later, telling us to “If you haven’t already, Take Advantage”.
    Deal seems dead.

  26. I was actually waiting to pull the trigger on this to see how it pans out for you guys, and I’m glad I did! I would totally do the 30k Avios for $200 but I confirm that it’s not available on the BA website anymore… The bloggers broke it again 😀 !

  27. mine shows as 34184 pending as well. spent $573. it doesnt say anywhere that the bonus ONLY applies to base monthly charges…

  28. In many states, including NY where I live now, there’s a period during which you can cancel dating services and be refunded, so I’m thinking about either having them remove the add-ons or cancel it entirely. My main concern is whether any Avios will post at all if a partial refund is given.

  29. per dubdubdub dot match dot com / registration / membagr.aspx

    Special State Terms.
    The following provisions are added to this Agreement for subscribers residing in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin:
    You, the buyer, may cancel this agreement, without penalty or obligation, at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the original date of this contract, excluding Sundays and holidays. To cancel this agreement, mail or deliver a signed and dated notice which states that you, the buyer, are canceling this agreement, or words of similar effect. This notice shall be sent to:, Attn: Cancellations, P.O. Box 25472, Dallas, Texas 75225, USA (in addition, Ohio users may email us by clicking here or send a facsimile to 214-853-4309). Please include your username and email address in any correspondence or your refund may be delayed. If you cancel, will return, within ten days of the date on which you give notice of cancellation, any payments you have made. If you send or deliver the notice to cancel your subscription agreement within such three day period, we will refund the full amount of your subscription.

    In the event that you die before the end of your subscription period, your estate shall be entitled to a refund of that portion of any payment you had made for your subscription which is allocable to the period after your death. In the event that you become disabled (such that you are unable to use the services of before the end of your subscription period, you shall be entitled to a refund of that portion of any payment you had made for your subscription which is allocable to the period after your disability by providing the company notice at the same address as listed above.

  30. It seems like California Civil Code also has a 3-day cancellation period for dating services:

    1694.1. (a) In addition to any other right to revoke an offer, the buyer has the right to cancel a dating service contract or offer, until midnight of the third business day after the day on which the buyer signs an agreement or offer to purchase those services.

    Might just bail on this deal instead of risk paying 1.8-cents for Avios.

  31. @Noel, secstate, Elizabeth: that is correct. You have to cancel the whole subscription and not just the add-ons and are entitled to a refund upon request. I decided to cancel and will get a full refund from For me, it’s not worth the time and effort to beg/plead/fight with the BA shopping portal and based on other people’s feedback, the BA shopping portal has a history of making up excuses and not awarding the full amount of miles. I consider this a lesson learned and one more reason not to buy miles. I’ll stick to earning them via flights and credit card sign-up bonuses.

    @Lucky: in retrospect, is there anything we could have done differently here?

  32. I think I’ll get refund for only the add-on amount. I got 30,584 Avios for $440 or sth. Which means 12* $16.99 got posted, and nothing else more.

  33. Well looks like I might have bought avios at 75 per $. Not the best rate, but not the worst. With all these kind of things, it is always a gamble.

    Not even, but close enough. I will of course watch to see how this plays out to see if I can get some more points out of it.

  34. I purchased eharmony subscription for 6 months worth of $274 through paypal but didn’t receive any email from british airways authority. I am feeling weird whether I received the 130*274=35620 avois points.
    Please help.

  35. @Jules Cashback deals are always somewhat high risk even more so when they get very popular. So far this is actually gone better than it might have. While I am not ecstatic about purchasing Avios for 1.8 cents I’ll get at least that out of them (I use Avios pretty regularly) no problem so I am not too bothered. I went in eyes wide open and took a risk and partially lost but I am ok with that. The other lesson learned is to the read the terms in the most negative way possible the terms here state “the stated reward is for first-time paid subscriptions only” we should have interpreted that as on the subscription only and not the add-ons. Yes it is vague has heck but we should have been more cautious. In fact the blogger god save the points made this exact point (no pun intended) yesterday advising their readers to only purchase subscriptions. .

  36. Thanks secstate.

    So if I am reading this right, a snail mail cancellation is required unless you live in Ohio where you can also fax?

  37. Yes and you, or course, have to be resident in one of those states. If it were me I would ensure you have some sort of proof of delivery and proof of mailing with the allotted time. Since I don’t live in one of those states it doesn’t do me any good.

  38. Subscribed with full add-ons. BA portal just showed base rate.

    Just cancelled over live chat for a full refund. Just go to live chat and wait in the queue. Took 5 minutes tops.

    Not worth it IMO

  39. The other bad news is that the deal is no longer available.

    I wanted to wait a day to get some data points before committing my money. But I can’t do it at all now 🙁

  40. For the record, I successfully asked for the full refund ($443). I’m in Virginia, so I think refund doesn’t depend on the state, provided that one never used the service like sending an email. It was very easy and total call including waiting time ended in 6 minutes. I just didn’t fight with BA over this. It’s just not worth it and there will be ton of other opportunity to get the Avios.

    TL;DR: If you spent tons of money on add-on, you can just cancel it.

  41. @CP

    Yes, please let us know how you contacted and what you asked them so we can be sure of following your exact steps.

    Did you cancel just the addons or the whole thing? Thanks!

  42. I should note, the Purchase Conditions stated “Subscriptions” and not “Subscription”. Which can make a whole heck of a difference if we fight this for the add-ons to be calculated into the Avios. Screenshot the terms and everything earlier when I was doing the process.

  43. @tom
    I called their number at 1-800-926-2824. I called and then I first asked for the partial refund of the add-on. But the agent said the add-ons are nonrefundable. Then I asked for the full refund. Then the agent checked my usage, and confirmed that I subscribed yesterday and I never used the service such as sending an email. Then he gave me the full refund. I received an email confirmation of the full refund ($443.64).

  44. Wow — thanks everyone. For those who called to cancel, can you tell me exactly what information you need to have on hand to cancel? My wife is travelling today and I need to give her exact instructions on how to cancel the account we set up yesterday. Thanks everyone!

  45. @Larry. I just did it via live chat on the website. Noted that I had been a member for one day, that I did not use it, and explicitly would like a refund.

    Only question was: “While I’m looking into that for you, do you mind telling me how your experience on the site has been so far?”

    I said I did not use it.”No problem” was the reply. Refunded moments later. Was able to print out the transcript.

    No pressure to stay. No balking at refunds.

  46. @CP huge thanks! I called and cancelled to and have an email to that effect already. To those who are asking they needed my email address I signed up with and confirmed my identity using my birthdate. That was it. Took about 15 minute all told. Back to earning Avios the old fashioned way.

  47. To add to what Brian stated the only question they asked was how was my experience on the website? I told them truthfully that I hadn’t used it and also truthfully I wasn’t into dating at this time. No pressure at all.

  48. As a point of comparison, if you were to purchase 30,000 Avios from BA, it would cost you $850.00 (or 2.83¢/Avios). I wasn’t trying to max out the deal (although I was going for 50k), so my effective purchase rate is 1.12¢/ea instead. Not quite 0.67¢/ea, but I’m thinking of keeping them at this rate.

  49. @Matt it all comes down to how you value them and what are you other options to generate points. I can generate considerable points for less than half a penny a point though with some labor involved. Honestly I’d probably not cancel if I as at 1.12 cents but really it is up to you. Also don’t forget when you “purchase” an awards ticket BA gives you the option to pay more cash to use less points this frequently allows you to buy BA points for less than 2 cents.

  50. @secstate You’re welcome, and also they asked me my email address and birthday to check my “identity.” In fact I forgot my fake birthday so they asked me my zip code instead.

    BTW, Groupon Spain sometimes goes on Avios sale about 0.95 euro cents/mile (to be fair, it’s only 2000 Avios max. Otherwise it’s 1.2 euro cents/mile). So I wouldn’t purchase any Avios over 1 US cent/mile. 0.67cpm was incredible, but apparently we were all too greedy 🙂

  51. Thus, the surge of cancellations hit!

    How many here think they’ll follow through and try to dispute for more Avios?

  52. Just did a very quick chat with and got the whole amount refunded. The process was painless – about a 8 minute wait for a chat representative was all. Our typing back and forth took less than 2 minutes. And I do NOT live in one of those especially mentioned states with a 3 day refund period.

    Got the email with the cancelation amount before the chat even ended! Phew…

    Here’s the email I received. By the way, I only had 28.784 miles pending, with the $16.99/mo plan plus all the add-ons.

    ‘Per your request, we have processed a refund for $536.57 on your account. As a result, your subscriber benefits – which includes sending emails to other members – end on 03-02-2017. This refund request should be received by your bank or credit card company within the next 72 hours.

    In addition, the auto-renewal feature on your account has been turned off so you will not be charged again. You may continue to use your account as a subscriber until 03-02-2017, and after that as a “free member” to search and send winks.

    Warm Regards, Customer Care”

  53. Thanks all. I was just able to cancel using the chat, but it was a little bit devious and so just a heads up. I asked to cancel, and she said, “ok you’re all set, you won’t renew.” Upon clarification, I had to say, “no I want a refund.” There was a delay, and then she said, “because you are in a state that allows a refund within 3 days, I have issued a refund.” So, if you’re thinking of cancelling, I might consider doing it fast because it seems like maybe they are getting hit with a bunch of these and may start enforcing the certain states only thing.

  54. @Larry Interesting you mention that because my person did the exact same thing. Said ok you are all set to not renew and then I had to say but am I getting a refund, I want a refund? He then said yes and processed it. At the time I dismissed it as a language barrier thing because the person I spoke to sounded like he was in an Indian call center. For the record I am not in a state that allows a three day cancellation period so they will cancel outside of those but I agree I wouldn’t waste a second if you want to cancel.

  55. Debating whether I want to wait and see what happens or just cancel my account right away. We have 3 business days, so I have till March 7th to cancel.

    Lucky, what are you going to do?

  56. @Larry I had the same issue, mentioned requesting a refund and printed the transcript. With this kind of overload on the system for ‘bad faith’ Avios earning, I’d just go for the refund. Worst that happens if you miss a good deal of Avios, but cheap travel happens quite often anyway.

  57. has been taken off the BA portal, probably because of the controversy. If it doesn’t come back the eHarmony one for 130pts/$ is good until May.

  58. I just went back and cancelled my two accounts via chat (two separate sessions). Both very simple, just said I changed my mind. First one just did it, no issue. Second one gave me “Actually, Match subscriptions aren’t eligible for a refund for any portion. However, as one time courtesy, I’ve gone ahead and canceled the account and your refund for $536.57 has processed successfully.” Either way back to where I started.

  59. Because of the 3-day window, I think I’ll wait another day to see if there’s any progress with my shopping portal claim or if anyone finds out new info. Hopefully someone can get in contact with BA about this soon

  60. correction, the reverse date from Europe confused me….the eHarmony deal is only good through March 5.

  61. I cancelled via the chat, I can’t see BA doing anything over the weekend.

    First she cancelled the renewal but I insisted that it was the subscription and mentioned the 3 days on their site. All good.

  62. Going to add my experience as well. Bought yesterday for $573 and got an email this morning that I would be receiving a little over 34,000 avios. Went ahead and called to cancel, but strangely when the agent pulled up my account, she mentioned my account has already been blocked and I have been refunded. I did not push further to see why they did that on their own since I just want a full refund, but I did get them to send me an email which confirmed the full amount was being credited back. Also looking at my credit card statement, it shows a pending charge for the amount yesterday, and a pending credit for the same amount today. I am just glad the refund seems to be processed 🙂

  63. Just called 800 number and canceled two new subscriptions in full that were ordered yesterday – not worth the risk/fight for the points. They refunded full amount of approx $550 on each. I’m in MD btw.

  64. If you check your “Subscription Status” page, you’ll see that Match categorizes the main subscription cost differently from the add ones. Under “Subscription details” you have the 12-month subscription, while the extras are listed as “Additonal features.” This definitely seems to explain why BA would see the only the main subscription charge.

  65. As @Noel is stating I wouldn’t bet on BA giving a guidance over the weekend. Additionally, most call centres and support centres are closed on weekends for iirc.

    All they have to do is cite “bad faith”. Nothing pressures them to give the user expected Avios. BA earns money, earns money. Your letter likely won’t be postmarked on-time if you mail it over a weekend.

  66. Just bailed myself. No problems, done over chat. Said I changed my mind. No pushback, but printed the transcript just in case. Not worth paying 2c for Avios. Thanks to those upthread for posting cancel info

  67. I have 37k avios pending; however, I made the addon purchase in separate payments. said they can’t refund the addons separately. Should I just wait until the payments go through on my card and dispute the charges?

  68. Was anyone successful in getting the add-on portion refunded but keeping their subscription?

    I only went for one add-on for a total of $24, so I won’t get burned as much if those additional points don’t post, but trying to see if I can still get that money back somehow.. ;p

  69. @John I’d cut your loses and cancel the whole thing unless you are happy buying Avios for 1.8 to 2 cents per point. Chargebacks based on portals not paying out may be tricky and the longer you wait the less likely are you are to be able to cancel the whole thing.

  70. I used chat to politely ask them to cancel just the add-ons and encountered an extremely rude and snappy agent who argued with me about the NY state law and after making it clear I wanted to only cancel the add-ons, just cancelled the whole subscription without asking. Grrrrr

  71. To those who are trying to surgically cancel their add-ons you run the risk this will be deemed a return/cancellation for points even though you didn’t earn points on that part of the purchase. You are opening yourself up to another risk in my opinion. I have had partial returns in the past cancel all of my points YMMV but it is a risk.

  72. Has anyone that has bailed on gone ahead and bought the eHarmony deal now, subscription only?

  73. if anyone cancels, u should cancel the entire transaction (and NOT only the add ons). just like other portal purchases, if theres a partial return, the points/miles will entirely void.

  74. I canceled my subscription and asked for a full refund. When you live chat, the representative will say she has canceled the automatic renewal. You have to ask a for a full complete refund.

    I also told her that you guys are not better than a boiler room stock broker when you play games like these when I ask for a full refund, If they are like this when they are legally obligated to give you a complete refund, I can only imagine how they will be when they are not legally obligated anymore. Nope, no ball with an unethical operator.

  75. seems to be gone as partner. The link is dead and also searing for is not successful unfortunately. Anyone has an idea?

  76. The fact that BA removed the Match offer tells me that they made a mistake (aka error is in their end). I’m going to wait and see if they make the mileage adjustment and honor the offer

  77. “I Earned 82,285 Avios For Joining A Dating Website!”

    Probably should update the above headline? Some people may think you actually got paid if they didn’t see this post.

  78. Anyone not get the correct amount refunded? I was charged $636.50 according to the confirmation email and Chase site, but they only refunded $636.45 and told me that was the correct number in their system, refused to let me send them the email or send to a supervisor.

  79. I didn’t get the correct amount refunded either. I was told I would receive a refund of $662.58 but I was charged $662.63…that is fishy. It’s not a lot by any means, but if they’re doing it to everyone that would add up.

  80. My AMEX still haven’t pended the charges yet. I’ll give them ten days for the refund (as noted in the ToS). Proof of everything involved in case they do try to do a silly thing and not honour the refund.

  81. Even though it’s only 5¢, after the way the agents rudely handled the cancellation and later, my request to look into the 5¢ difference, I’m going to do everything to make sure it gets worked out. Don’t believe the agents are lying, but something is clearly wrong with their system. Most annoyingly, they don’t seem to believe me and seem to think I’m trying to steal 5¢ or something. They claim there is no way for them to look at the emails which I have been sent, which seems unlikely.

  82. I haven’t seen the refund on my Amex either but refunds can take a few business days to post so I am not concerned. My emailed refund amount does equal what I paid.

  83. I “pressed undo” on this as well — thanks everyone for the walkthrough info on how to get that done.

    The chance of it working out well may make that choice regrettable, but time is also valuable. This went from exceptional as originally constituted to awful with the “no add ons” pricing. Would it have been better with 1/3 the points for 1/3 the price? Sure, but that’s water under the bridge.

  84. I actually was able to get the refund processed within 5 minutes of getting a chat agent on, and since I used PayPal this refund is already reflected on there.

    Regarding eHarmony, I’m going to call them now to do the same. According to their website: “You may cancel your subscription purchase at any time prior to midnight of the third business day following the date of purchase to receive a full refund. The easiest way to have your subscription refunded is to give us a call at 844-544-3179 (US & CA Residents Only)”.

    Good luck everyone.

  85. I found some of the comments ridiculous, Lucky has been posting incredible amount of experience, tips and deals over time, yet people are accusing him of being “dishonest” and “should be ashamed” like himself benefited from this promotion in anyway.

    Everyone is trying to get the points/miles for the cheap so they can travel way under the face value of what airlines/hotels charge. But sometimes things get complicated, by the way it seems there is a very good chance of getting the refund if you are not happy paying around 0.18 cent/mile.

    So what the fuck are some of you bitching about??

    At the same time, that held me thinking, what if this deal is honored like it supposed to be, how many would stand up and thank Lucky for his contribution?

    And don’t forget, Lucky paid close to $600 and tested everything out to the best of his knowledge before he posted the blog.

    I think he is not only honest, candidate but also lead by example and incredibly unselfish.

  86. This promotion resulted in – easily – hundreds of thousands of dollars for

    I do not think this is going to be a matter anyone takes lightly and I truly hope there is some kind of resolution soon.

  87. I have an email confirmation of the refund I requested. I had no trouble getting the refund. If you don’t get an email confirmation of your refund, you might want to look into that.

    I think I’ll be much more reserved about using shopping portals in the future. The amount of money (miles) to be made just doesn’t pay for the time and risk. I know most deals are gone by the time someone verifies they got paid, but I’ll just have to lose out on those and take the few that are confirmed. I still appreciate Lucky’s efforts to bring these deals to us, this one would have paid off if we had settled for the bundled option.

    Were there issues with the E harmony Avios as well? I didn’t try that one.

  88. Another data point: I tried to cancel and was UNSUCCESSFUL because shortly after creating the account, I actually used it (shocking!) to send one email to a guy that looked interesting. May turn out to be the most expensive “email” I’ve ever sent since they are using the whole “You sent an email, therefore you used the service, and you’re ineligible for a refund”. No amount of pleading, asking for one time exceptions, etc changed any of the 4 different agents minds that I spoke to. You would think they would consider the fact that I only sent one email and had account open for 24 hours, but nope. Such BS.

    I filed a dispute with my CC company. We will see how that turns out….

  89. From reading these responses it looks like a lot of Lucky’s trained seals signed up for this “deal”.

  90. I called Match and they cancelled my account and issued a refund with no fuss because I hadn’t used it. Unlike most of you, my avios points didn’t post AT ALL. Not 30,000, just nothing.

    To me this has been a learning experience of of “If something seems to good to be true”

    You would think that a well-established company like BA wouldn’t do something like this, but essentially, they scammed their customers.

    Lucky acted in good faith, but perhaps in the future should sound a note of caution with these sorts of deals, given what we’ve just seen.

  91. how long after making the purchase does it take to appear as pending in the transaction in the eStore?

  92. Eharmony link is still available @ 130/$1. I spent $287 for a 12 month package, hopefully the avois will post correctly.

  93. Wow – the level of venom and lack of accountability on people’s parts is astounding. Look, Lucky posted a deal and gave the facts as he knew them. I don’t think he personally profited and may have lost out as did others. We are all adults and can evaluate the value of a deal for ourselves. If someone can’t even do that, they shouldn’t be in the game. But, laying blame on others is ridiculous.

  94. @Thomas

    How do you get $287, this is what I am presented with.

    $27.95/month for 12 month plan

  95. Lucky, I don’t blame you at all. A little reckless nobody forced anyone to follow you. I wonder how many of these people sided with Travis and how many with uber driver, personal responsibility and all that.

    No shortage of idiots and hypocrites in this world. Sometimes they are the same people.

  96. @Noel @Thomas

    Does eHarmony price people differently? LOL I was presented with 17.95 per month for 12 months ($215).

  97. I think you’ll find that the posts giving Lucky a hard time are just Trolls and not subscribers. I wouldn’t let it get you down.

  98. @Lincoln K was spot-on. This is all a game. And any game worth the time and effort is going to have risks. All Lucky did was let everyone know of this deal and then share his experience with taking advantage of it. Apparently a lot of people very willingly followed his example. Great! It seemed like an awesome opportunity. Unfortunately, the devil is in the details and some folk–perhaps even Lucky–got burned. Oh, well. It was worth a try. Some people seem to understand this and are working on cutting their losses and moving on. Others prefer to whine.

    This whole episode reminds me of the Garuda first class sale of several weeks ago. Lucky made people aware of this great bargain; yet, so many hobbyists eviscerated him because they actually had to commit a lot of time & effort to take advantage of a sale that was obviously being marketed to residents of Indonesia and Singapore.

  99. This might be a stupid question – but I don’t see the live chat on Can someone advise where I can find that? Thanks!

  100. @Christine @ Noel There were two options for a 12 month subscription, I chose the more expensive option. The $287 is approx from my card statement not sure what the taxes and fees were. Following this I also signed for quickbooks for 10K avois and big fish games 2k for new sign ups and purchased a game for 3.99$. Hopeful that this was a good day!!

  101. “Frequentmiler reported yesterday the deal is dead/expired.
    Not sure why you would post a day later, telling us to “If you haven’t already, Take Advantage”.
    Deal seems dead.”

    Exactly. That’s the bad news I expected to see in this thread, as it was already done before thread started. Instead it’s ignored and in fact the opposite advocated.

  102. i just bought e harmony 12 month plan for 323.4$(26.95/m) for some reason mostly due to im living in hong kong,well let just see what will happen, if i really getting those points, i could go for a business round trip from hong kong to tokyo….

  103. Did anyone buy a quickbook subscription for $10/month? Which package is eligible for the 10k avios?

  104. @Peter I tried late last night. I signed up for the $10 subscription but nothing has posted as pending yet (not surprised). It was worth the risk to me for $10 but I expect we won’t know what if anything will post until after the 2x offer has expired.

    For folks going for eHarmony there are a lot of folks reporting getting their accounts closed by risk management. While I doubt it will stick some have been told they won’t get a refund I cannot think they would be able to make that stick during a chargeback claim.

  105. Did anyone get your transaction posted after eharmony subscription?
    it has been 24 hrs and there’s nothing yet, just afraid something went wrong

  106. Cashback doesn’t post immediately it can sometime take days, even weeks. I was pleasantly surprised that posted so quickly. We would have all been in for a much larger world for hurt if it had taken a week for to post. As much as this was a mess for some it could have been so much worse. Those who signed up for eHarmony may want to check if your account is still active. They seem to be killing a lot of accounts and not notifying folks when they do so even seemingly legit signups.

  107. Just got my notification on the refund to the Amex card from It is correct to the penny so unlike some others I got the exact amount I paid refunded.

  108. why did u guys all request refunds from, if they do indeed honor the points if’s the base membership?

    did anyone get points from the harmony purchase?

  109. @elad I don’t think folks who just got the base subscription cancelled since the points posted as expected. It was those of us who got greedy and added the add-ons which aren’t paying out in points who are cancelling. Effectively paying 1.8 cents per Avios is not a great deal if you don’t actually want a membership (which I didn’t–I am single but not looking to change that at this time). If I had just got the base subscription I would have totally let it ride.

    I haven’t seen a single report of points posting for eHarmony and there are many reports of cancellations by eHarmony.

  110. Do you think this is worth a better business bureau complaint. The offer clearly states 130 avios per dollar spent for new subscriptions. The add ons were offered as part of the subscription. There is no wording excluding add ons or indicating only base subscription, it is 130 per dollar and we spent $587. I have never been a paid subscriber. Seems like BA violated their contract with a bait and switch. I’m prepared to go to small claims.

  111. Can anybody explain to me how to check pending avios on their website? I’ve been navigating for 30 minutes and still can’t find it.

  112. @ chris my estore tab for pending avios.. still haven’t gotten my miles by the amount is still active so

  113. Just received the email that my eHarmony account has been closed (opened on Friday). I can’t tell if they refunded my account because Citi isn’t even showing my payment from Friday yet. The email says if they closed the account for violation of the T&C, they may not refund the cost. What’s everyone else going to do about this? It looks like their office is closed on Sundays, but I plan on calling tomorrow morning to cancel my subscription since it’s within the 3 day window.

  114. Honestly I’d give eHarmony a couple of days before you call them. I really, really, really doubt they would close an account only a couple of days old and not refund the full amount. That just would not stand up to scrutiny/chargebacks. I am sure the email is just boilerplate and perhaps for when they close an account that had been open and used for months. A couple of folks who paid by PayPal which can show refunds faster than credit card companies have reported seeing full refunds. I’d wait to mid-week before I got spun up.

  115. I have the eharmony pending…
    03/03/2017 Pending 34,244

    on a paypal spend of $263.40 USD

  116. is anyone able to cancel the now?
    theyre all giving me excuses saying they cannot cancel, its in the t&c, no one refund .. etc..

  117. @lhehe: I just chat with the customer service. I typed this and the refund was processed within 30 seconds. No questions asked. You gotta be sure you have not used the service at all.
    I did not use the service at all. It is now less than 3 business days from the day I signed up. According to the Terms of Use, section 24, I am eligible for a full refund because I reside in a state listed in that section. Thus, I would like to request for a full refund for the whole amount of $xxx.xx

  118. Tried to cancel via Chat and got this:

    Actually, Match subscriptions aren’t eligible for a refund for any portion of the initial cost, even if canceled prior to the renewal date. You’ll have full subscriber benefits until the end your subscription on 03/02/2018.


  119. I tried to cancel and failed. What are my odds of winning a chargeback? The problem is my account is still active, so the only thing I would have on my side is not receiving the Avios…

  120. why did it fail? if u are within the 3 biz days and live in one of the states mentioned, they must cancel it.

  121. Tried to cancel also today and was told that I could not receive a refund. I did not use the site at all. ‘Tis life I guess…

  122. I live in New York which is one of the cancellable states. I believe the last day to cancel is today.

    I am pretty sure we have a strong case for a charge back. I think the best approach is to contact BA , maybe after their 5 day tracking deadline and state you plan on filing a chargeback due to BA shopping portal not following through with their end of the contract. See what they say. If enough people do this I believe they will have to answer for it..

    Lucky, you of all people should be fighting for this resolution. Your post resulted in my friend and I spending almost $1,100. I can imagine the total amount of purchases made specifically due to your post,

  123. @ Sean — You can trust I’ll do everything I can, but as of now there’s not much that can be done. We’re still outside the window where you can even file a claim for a discrepancy. I’m in this just like everyone else.

  124. If you want to cancel just change your billing zip code and contact via chat. I just asked how long I had to cancel the account, and she just cancelled.

    I will say worst customer service I have ever seen as she acted like she did not do anything wrong when I told her I asked how long, and she did not care.

    If you decide to stick with it they may honor based on the interaction as they seem to just want to close these accounts out as quick as possible. BA store has not responded to a couple emails about the issue.

  125. just change the purchase date to an earlier date, and mention the actual date in the comments.

  126. Received my refund, but with 5¢ missing (after they cancelled without my permission when I asked to cancel just the add-ons). They insist they rounded the correct amount, despite my bank and the email saying otherwise. Emailed, chatted, called all about the 5¢, not one of the agents admitted the possibility or looked into it. Something very wrong with their system. Contacted Chase and they had Match credit me the 5¢ right away. Worst, rudest, and most infuriating “customer service” I’ve ever experienced, especially the chat agents.

    So make sure you got an exact refund! I know one other person in the thread had this same issue.

  127. I’m very interested in hearing more about others’ resolutions to this issue. I would rather have the points than account closure — though I’d take either. The 3-day cancellation window was shorter than the 5-day Avios appeal window so I opted for the (failed) cancellation first.

  128. Like others, I’m very frustrated.
    Wife and I each spent the $548.57.
    We do not live in a protected state.
    I cancelled online on Saturday night (but of course now they explain, as others have learned, I didn’t really cancel — I just stopped auto-renewal.)
    They will only refund me $472.64 per account, saying I can’t refund the first month subscription.
    I currently have 30,584 pending Avios.
    If I get the 150 Avios for the money spent, (i.e., 11,390 Avios per account), I’ll be thrilled.
    If I get even some fraction of that number of Avios, like 5,000, I’ll live with it.
    Anything else, I’ll try to cancel the charge via Amex.
    Oy. Live and learn.

  129. I just got a cancellation email for my membership even though I did not request it.

    What a nightmare … I just want the points.

  130. Did you get a refund email along with your cancellation email? I got one too, but I assumed it was a result of my chat. They “did me the favor” of turning off the recurring payment due in 2018. No refund to my knowledge.

  131. Ll,

    I did not request it at all. However I got one email, that said I’m getting my full refund and that my account is unusable effective 3/5/17… so yesterday


  132. Credit: how about I give you my account in exchange for never posting on Lucky’s blog again. Then we’ll talk.

  133. Lucky,
    I want to say THANK YOU for this post. By the time I decided to pull the trigger and join, their link was down. So, I signed up for eHarmony and paid $251 for one-year subscription. Today, my BA account shows 32K Avios pending. Great puchase for 0.76 cents per Avios

  134. sent me a email to give me full refund as “per your request”, but actually I didn’t request at all.

  135. if eharmony closed my account. I am preferring they don’t do the refund, because then I must get the BA points, right?

    and if I don’t get the BA points, I can apply for a credit card dispute.

    what do you all think?

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