British Airways Gold Guest List Requirements Increased

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If you think the systems US airlines use for awarding status are complicated, take a look at the systems offered by some non-US airlines.

For example, British Airways uses a “Tier Point” system for awarding status, with Tier Points being being awarded based on the distance of the flight and the class of service you’re flying within certain “tiers.” Beyond that, the number of Tier Points required to qualify for status is dependent upon what country your account is registered in.

British Airways has three “traditional” status levels — Bronze, Silver, and Gold. But they also have some rewards above Gold, for those racking up lots of Tier Points each year.

Specifically, British Airways offers Gold Guest List, which can be earned by accruing 5,000 Tier Points in one year, or 3,000 Tier Points for two consecutive years. To put that into perspective, “regular” Gold status requires 1,500 Tier Points.

British Airways Gold Guest List benefits

What are the benefits of Gold Guest List? Miles from Blighty has a rundown, though they include things like:

  • The ability to nominate one person to BA Gold and two people to BA Silver
  • Twice a year you can make award reservations in a revenue fare class for up to five people traveling together
  • The ability to take an extra guest into BA lounges (two guests instead of one)
  • Hilton HHonors Diamond status

There are some other benefits, though those are the main ones.

Gold Guest List members get two award redemptions in revenue fare classes per year

British Airways Gold Guest List criteria changes

British Airways has announced on FlyerTalk that they’ll increase the number of Tier Points required to achieve Gold Guest List in 2015. British Airways is only changing the number of Tier Points required to qualify for Gold Guest List, and not to requalify.

You’ll continue to be able to requalify for Gold Guest List by earning 3,000 Tier Points per calendar year, though starting April 8, 2015, you’ll need to earn 5,000 Tier Points in a calendar year if you want to qualify for Gold Guest List — earning 3,000 Tier Points for two consecutive years won’t be enough for Gold Guest List anymore if you don’t already have the status.

Remember, Gold Guest List isn’t Concorde Room Card

To clear up any confusion, I think it’s worth pointing out that Gold Guest List is different than Concorde Room Card. Concorde Room Card gets you access to the Concorde Rooms in London and New York whenever you’re flying BA, even in economy. Concorde Room Card is earned when you accrue 5,000 Tier Points in a calendar year. The criteria for that remains unchanged.

British Airways Concorde Room London Heathrow

Bottom line

It seems silly to raise qualification requirements for customers that are already at least double qualifying for top tier status. The benefits they offer with Gold Guest List are no doubt valuable to some, though the cost of providing them is quite low. It seems silly to change that up.

Then again, while the qualification requirements are going up significantly, the requalification process is the same as before.

Is anyone here Gold Guest List, and if so, do you find it to be worth the flying?

  1. Hey Lucky. A little confusing with the info, you stated that the qualification for CRC is 5k TP in a calendar year, isn’t that the requirement for GGL?
    PS. I’ve been a ‘silent reader’ for a while now, both on your blog and Instagram. Keep up the great work! šŸ™‚

  2. I’m disappointed, as I was planning to qualify with the 3000 points in successive years approach, but I can probably squeeze in 5000 points before April to finally qualify. It’s the jokers (booking reward flights for up to five people by forcing availability in a revenue class) and the cards for family members to be able to get into the first class lounge when traveling in business class or lower that make it worthwhile to me. There’s a lengthy discussion on flyer talk about this.

  3. @ Jake Xu — It *can* be the requirement for GGL, though you can requalify for GGL with just 3K Tier Points. So the qualification process is somewhat different, though can overlap.

  4. I have to say that this is a bit of a joke. To change qualification criteria on customers who have been loyal to the airline seems incredibly foolish as a tactic.

    We have a lot of choice of which airlines we fly with. We need to vote with our feet and use different carriers once we reach Gold!

    And the ‘offer’ that if you achieve 3,000 points by April who will still achieve GL status is insulting to our intelligence. My tier point year begins in September, so my ‘offer’ is to collect 3,000 tier points in 6 months rather than 5,000 in the year. Thanks BA!!

  5. Steve – a joke to me as well!

    My tier status begins in NOVEMBER so BA are expecting me to reach 3,000 TP’s in 4 months (Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar) – made worse by the fact that Decembers travel was already booked.

  6. I too have a September renewal and the April “offer”. I won’t hit 5,000 by September but would easily have made my second 3,000 year.

    I’ve done my sums and worked out that the “joker” is worth so much to me that I’m going to sink Ā£1,600 into a “Tier Point Run” later this month.

    JFK-LAS-LAX-HNL-LAX-DCA-JFK in First will net me 960 TP’s and mean that I make it for April.

    It’s a lot of money, and heavy on the body and time, but you might want to think about it if you value it at more than that investment!

  7. GGL membership is worth it for other hidden benefits as well. For the year I had it, I was upgraded on almost every BA flight I took that was not full in the next higher tier.

  8. I qualified for my first 3000 points before April 2015 and will qualify for second 3000 before April 2016, but I think this means I am too late for GGL now?

  9. I am BA Lifetime gold and GL last year. Also AA concierge key.
    Flying BA last year I never had an upgrade, never used the additional benefits and zero recognition other an an occasional hello on board. Zero benefit of loyalty with BA. Suggest readers invest in AA or Qantas.

  10. Hi I am about to go GGL and receive a gold and 2 silver cards – am I able to give silver cards to under 18s? To retain GGL is it 3000 the following year and thereafter or 5000 points each year?
    many thanks

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