British Airways Executive Club Extends Elite Status

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British Airways Executive Club has announced plans to extend status by 12 months, and lower the qualification thresholds for those looking to earn status. While most programs announced similar initiatives several weeks back, it sure took British Airways some time…

British Airways extends status by 12 months

British Airways Executive Club status isn’t based on the traditional calendar year, but rather individuals have different membership years. British Airways will be adding 12 additional months to everyone’s Executive Club status:

  • This will apply to those with Tier Club collection end dates in July 2020 through June 2021
  • This will be applied automatically, so there’s no need to contact British Airways; status extensions should be reflected in accounts within two weeks

British Airways 787 First ClassBritish Airways is extending elite status by 12 months

British Airways lowers status thresholds

Not only is British Airways extending status, but they’re also lowering Tier Point requirements by 25%. This is useful whether you’re looking to earn status from scratch, requalify for your status in the future, or achieve a higher elite tier.

The new Tier Point thresholds will be as follows:

  • Bronze status requires 225 Tier Points or 18 eligible flights
  • Silver status requires 450 Tier Points or 37 eligible flights
  • Gold status requires 1,125 Tier Points

Note that the requirement to complete a certain number of British Airways or Iberia flights (two for Bronze members, and four for Silver and Gold members) remains in place for those taking advantage of the reduced status requirements.

British Airways is lowering elite thresholds by 25%

British Airways vouchers being extended

British Airways will also be extending the validity of any Gold Upgrade Vouchers, Companion Vouchers, and Travel Together Tickets, by six months.

This applies to all vouchers that have already been issued, and those from March through June should already show the extended expiration.

British Airways Travel Together Tickets are being extended by six months

Bottom line

British Airways Executive Club is extending status for members by 12 months, is lowering elite requirements by 25%, and is extending many vouchers by six months. British Airways was an outlier in terms of how long it took for status to be extended, but at least it has happened now…

Will you benefit from British Airways’ status extensions and/or reduced elite thresholds?

  1. With the recent staff developments and greedy indecent attitudes from Waterside. I would not have GGL or Gold for free! Let alone spend my money helping these lot! I want to enjoy my champagne on board, without any bitter aftertaste!

  2. From “we have already applied a 6 month extension to all unused current GUF2 vouchers”. No mention of vouchers that expired in March and my March 2020 GUF still showing as expired.

  3. @ Nigel

    Exactly! My Bronze status expired in 1992, and this announcement does *nothing* for me.

    The unfairness of it all! Oh, the humanity!

    Still, at least we can all agree we hate BA, eh?

  4. Tier point year ended in May, so obviously I got screwed.

    Oh well, very much doubt I’ll be flying much over the next year or two anyway… especially not with BA now.

  5. @ Richard G
    That’s not true — your status (with everyone whose status ended in April, May or June) has already been extended.

  6. BA is trash. There’s absolutely no excuse for an airline to sell PremEcon seats that don’t have power outlets in 2020.

  7. On top of the usual and widely spread comments that “I shall never fly XYZ Airlines again” which have been going on for years and amount to d**k as they cancel one another, BA seems to have succeded creating almost unanimity against them. I started this period with several reservations made and tickets bought, AA, AY, BA, CX, QR, and BA has by far been the most difficult and longest to deal with, late refunds, refusal to acknowledge cancellations when they were obvious, voucher traps online etc…

    I would understand it if it had served them some meaningful purpose, but considering that they ended up refunding in the end, what a bad exercise at PR… (and I don’t mean Philippine Airlines).

    As far as practical and feasible, I am REALLY out.

  8. So the reduced requirement is for this collection year only?
    My Gold status got extended from Mar 2020-2021, so it would only help me for the 2020-2021 collection year?

  9. @Andy
    The email says:
    “What’s more, it will be even easier to retain your Gold status next time you’re up for renewal, as we’ve decreased the amount of Tier Points needed by 25%. This is the same for upgrade thresholds too, making that next Tier more achievable.”

    So my take is the reduced tier points requirement applies to the whole of your extended period. Or is that not what you’re asking?

  10. @The nice Paul

    Not as far as I can see. My gold status was due to expire in June 2020… and it’s still due to expire in June 2020.

  11. It’s the reduced TP requirement and the TP earning year they apply to thats confusing

    My TP year ends in November so do the reductions apply to the rest of this year AND next year or just my next year (that starts on 9th November)

    BTW the commets on how bad BA is or isn’t or that you are never flying BA again are just boring and irrelavant so please just stop as they don’t help anyone.

  12. @the nice Paul

    In practice if my status got extended to 2022, then 2021-2022 year would be the year I would want to have the reduced requirement. I hope that’s what BA means.

  13. Great news! With IB and BA being under the same roof, I’d expect both to take very similar approaches to this, especially given that IB Plus runs from April 1st to March 31st.

  14. Great News! The mediocre overcrowded First Class Lounge in T5 would be even more crowded with drastic cuts in catering as well

  15. @ BrightonReader
    Your status was due to expire in November 2020. It has now been extended to November 2021.

    In November 2021, you only need to have earned the reduced number of tier points in order to retain your status for another year.

    At least, that’s my reading.

    @Richard G
    You should phone BA: you’re meant to have been extended by now.

  16. @The nice Paul – I’m confused by what you say. Lucky says this in his article:

    “This will apply to those with Tier Club collection end dates in July 2020 through June 2021”

    My ‘Tier Club collection date’ ended on 8 June 2020. So looks like i just miss out on a status extension? The expiry on my digital card still says it will expire on 31 July 2020.

  17. @The nice Paul – What gives you that impression? I’ve seen nothing before today to indicate that BA was extending status for anyone.

  18. @ Richard G
    You’re quite right: people whose status ended in April, May or June got a 6 month extension to upgrade certificates, and a 25% reduction in the number of tier points needed to retain status. So, assuming you’d achieved 75% of your tier points in the 75% of the year that took place pre-flight cancellations, you should still requalify. But that’s it.

    @ Luke
    Yes, you’re another of the unlucky ones.

  19. I am under the impression reading many blogs and forums…


    Tier point collection year end 8th December 2020
    Gold reached in feb 2020
    Current card expires 31 jan 2022
    BA extension 12 months new date of card expire is 31st jan 2023

    Now if you want to continue with status without soft landing and reduced Tier points you need to gain these from 9th December 2020 to 8th December 2021 ( Next qualifying tier year) if you fail to complete this within time frames, you will still have gold status until 31st January 2023 but will need the normal amount of tier points to qualify for gold, or soft landing to silver until 2024.

    Just my take on it

  20. I today received a call by the GGL Desk asking me if I have any questions about this message. I asked the question about re-qualification periods Pete and I asked here before and Wing tried to answer.

    In my case, the qualification period ends in July and I have already requalified based on my flights before COVID. The agent explained that I will not have to requalify between July 2020 and July 2021 and my status will be extended until July 2022 (or effectively August 2022). In the period July 2021 until 2022, I will have to earn 75% of the tier points (i.e. 2250) to requalify beyond July/August 2022.

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