Great Deal: British Airways Double Avios Promo

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British Airways has just brought back a double Avios promotion for upcoming flights. British Airways offered a similar promotion last year, though suffice to say that circumstances are a bit more dire for the airline at this point.

British Airways double Avios promotion

British Airways is offering Executive Club members double Avios on up to 10 flights. In order to be eligible you need to:

  • Register and book by August 31, 2020 (registration needs to happen before booking)
  • Travel by December 31, 2020
  • Travel on British Airways (including its subsidiaries, like British Airways Comair in South Africa), or on transatlantic flights operated by American, Iberia, or Finnair, but marketed by British Airways
  • Executive Club members worldwide are eligible for the promotion, and Executive Club members with accounts registered in the UK and US can earn double Avios on British Airways holidays packages

While this is a fairly long window for travel, it goes without saying that border restrictions make taking advantage of this promotion significantly more complicated than in the past.

For the 10 flight limit, each segment is considered one flight. It doesn’t matter whether you book your flights as a one-way, roundtrip, or multi-city, as eligibility works the same.

Your double Avios will automatically post within 24-48 hours of the completion of each eligible flight.

Earn double Avios on your first 10 eligible flights

It pays to be strategic

You’ll earn double Avios for the first 10 eligible flights you take. This is based on the order in which you travel, not the order in which you book.

It could be worth being strategic here.

Let’s say you’re an Executive Club loyalist with five eligible roundtrip flights from London to Dublin in economy, and five eligible roundtrip flights from London to Hong Kong in business class.

It could be worth crediting those short flights to another program so you can earn double Avios on the long flights.

Earn double Avios on your first 10 eligible flights

How many Avios are being doubled?

With this promotion your base Avios earned are being doubled. That’s to say that class of service bonuses and elite bonuses aren’t being doubled. Similarly, you’ll still only earn elite bonuses based on the regular Avios earned.

You can find the standard Avios accrual rates here.

Earn Double Avios for flights in British Airways first class

BA double Avios promo bottom line

This is a great promotion from British Airways that Executive Club seems to offer about once a year. While this is a good offer, it goes without saying that circumstances are very different this year than last year.

Do you plan on taking part in the BA double Avios promotion?

  1. It’s a shame as an early adopter, and a keen advocate of BA to promote and give cash to the airline with booking flights as soon as possible.
    I have now 6 flights booked but will not benefit from this promotion, shame really perhaps I should cancel and attempt to rebook then get double, I get it’s a deal of the day but current plans help the airline out early and then get told tough you should have waited.i personally think this promotion should be retrospective.

  2. Sadly due to Covid I will not be taking advantage of this.

    Once we are through this I will be making up for the lost enjoyment of travel.

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