British Airways Discounts For AARP Members

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I’ve written in the past about the 10% discount on British Airways ticket purchases that’s offered to those with the British Airways Visa Signature® Card. While there’s of course some fine print, it’s quite straightforward. The 10% discount even applies towards the fuel surcharges, taxes, and fees.

If you’re trying to collect oneworld miles, booking paid tickets on British Airways can make sense, given that they have a fairly generous upgrade policy.

British Airways 747 first class

I especially highlighted the “sweet spot” of booking premium economy tickets and upgrading them to business class.

But there’s another discount which British Airways offers, which in many cases can be even more lucrative.

AARP members can save between $65 and $400 per roundtrip British Airways ticket originating in the US. The amount you save depends on the cabin you’re flying:

  • First Class: Save $400
  • Business Class: Save $400
  • Premium Economy: Save $130
  • Economy: Save $65


The basic terms are as follows:

  • Roundtrip travel originating in the US is required (one-ways and open jaws don’t qualify)
  • Travel must be booked by October 14, 2014 (though there’s a good chance that will be extended, I think)
  • Valid for outbound travel by March 31, 2015
  • Valid for travel on British Airways as well as codeshare flights operated by American Airlines and Iberia
  • You must book through the link on the website — this can’t be booked via the call center or another website

Anyone can join the AARP

While the AARP is intended for people 50+, anyone can join. I just paid $16 for a year long membership, and was honest about my age. So anyone is eligible to join.

The discount is really straightforward

To take advantage of this offer, you just have to go to the promotional British Airways AARP page, where you’ll be prompted to log into your AARP account.


Once you’re logged in you’ll be logged into the front page of the British Airways website, where you can begin the booking process. The discounts will automatically display when you try to make the booking.


What I’m most excited about with AARP discount

Oneworld frequently has transatlantic business class fare sales. Sometimes the fares are under $2,000 roundtrip. When you take off another $400, that’s a heck of a deal.

I’m not seeing any especially good fares right now, though lets take a look at business class fares around Thanksgiving, just as an example. I see British Airways fares of ~$2,400 roundtrip for business class between New York and London.


When you apply the $400 discount, it brings it to a very reasonable ~$2,000 roundtrip.


So if we saw business class fares in the $1,800-$2,000 range, that would be an even better value once you apply the $400 discount.

Is the AARP or British Airways Visa Signature® Card discount better?

Which discount is better probably depends on which class of service you’re booking. In this case the numbers are easy to crunch, because you’re comparing a percent discount to a fixed discount. You’d be better off using the British Airways Visa Signature® Card discount if:

  • You book an economy ticket that costs more than $650
  • You book a premium economy ticket that costs more than $1,300
  • You book a business class ticket that costs more than $4,000
  • You book a first class ticket that costs more than $4,000

One important distinction to note is that the AARP discount applies to codeshare flights as well, while the British Airways Visa discount doesn’t.

Bottom line

I’m always looking for discounted premium cabin oneworld tickets, so now will be looking even more closely as the $400 discount has the potential to be extremely lucrative in conjunction with a good fare.

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  1. Several thoughts on this:
    Buy business, earm miles and upgrade to first. It is a savings in miles and the cost is about $1,000 over the fuel surcharges of an award ticket.

    At times they run mileage bonuses for buying premium tickets to London. If you can team up the AARP discount, a low fare and the mileage bonus you can bring the net cost down.

  2. @ Lucky, the things you do for a discount, I love it. 🙂 Well, that explains why I have been getting occasional AARP membership offers since I was in my 20’s. Didn’t know there wasn’t an age limit, so won’t take it personally anymore. 😉

  3. How do I get these posts off of my Facebook? No other bloggers have highjacked my personal facebook acct???

  4. you mean to say if you book a first class ticket more than 4k (repeated yourself on last 2 bullet points)

  5. Lucky – this one expires as of 10/14/14 (book by this date) and the BA Chase Card one ends as of 12/31/14 (travel by this date). Could you do the research for your readers and find out if these will be extended? I want to get the Chase BA card but no point if the 10% discount is going away (it’s no longer listed on the landing page).

  6. The only sad part of the Chase 10% is it’s for flights originating from the US. So the LHR -> EDI flight I need to purchase doesn’t qualify. 🙁

  7. @ sonya — I don’t have the ability to hijack your Facebook? Have you “liked” the blog on Facebook? If so and you don’t want to see the posts there, you can “unlike” it.

  8. @ AnonChi — Historically they’ve been extended, so I suspect they will be extended again. No way to know for sure, though, and I doubt AARP or Chase know yet either.

  9. Too funny…..charge a $1,000 on a “free” ticket and discount it 10% to $900 and tell old people to “shut up and be grateful”………..right in an Austin Powers kinda right…………..

  10. @ rahul-where is rahul — Assuming you can book it as an American flight number and not a codeshare then you should be able to.

  11. If pricings show up on Google Flights with a link to BA but the flights don’t show up on the BA website search, is there anyway to get a desired routing while using the discount?

  12. @ lucky
    e.g. an AA/IB operated flight. says to call BA for pricing on Google Flights but provides direct links to purchase on IB/AA websites, but AARP discount says online only. any way around that? if you search on the BA website, it prices several thousand higher.

  13. Can you cancel within 24 hours online or by phone only

    •If you notice a mistake after you have paid for your ticket(s), we will allow you to cancel your flight booking and claim a full refund without penalty, up to 24 hours from when you make the original booking. Refunds under these circumstances can only be requested by calling our contact centres.

  14. Trying to work out if the BA AARP discount works on flights ONLY originating in the US, or if it works ex-UK.

    It would be awesome if it worked on BA shorthaul as well (between European cities), but likely not if it requires a US origin.

    (No probs getting an AARP membership, as I still retain a residency & citizenship in the US as well as the UK, just no need at the mo if discounts like this won’t work “over here” – which would make sense, as it’s not the A.A. R.P. and not B.A.R.P. 🙂 )

  15. Ben, is there a way to check for BA upgrade award availability online? I’m ;ooking to upgrade BA flight from C to F using Avios.

    When I look at AA flights on it shows that the BA codeshare flights have ‘A’ inventory available. But when I try to ‘book and upgrade’ on the executive club site it only shows flights on AA metal having the upgrade (which makes me think that BA upgrades are not available).

    Is ‘A’ class the right fare bucket for BA upgrade space or is that just a discounted first class? Is there another way/another site to check for BA upgrade space?


  16. @ liam — With British Airways, upgrade inventory matches award inventory. So if there’s award space there should also be upgrade space.

  17. If I buy the discounted BA ticket may I use my AA number to use on a platinum challenge?

  18. @ bruce — Sure, you can put your AAdvantage number on the reservation, though it has to be a codeshare for it to count towards a challenge, as far as I know.

  19. We’ve been an AARP members since 2009 years. Five days ago, we booked return flights to the UK for the end of September. Wouldn’t you know it – today I realized we could have saved nearly $200.00 on the flights. Any chance of getting a refund? If so, how would we go about it.

  20. I can’t thank you enough for sharing the AARP discount here. I signed up and the same day booked a flight LAX-CDG in Business Class for only $895 (I also used 30k of Avios points also to get fare that low). Incredible deal!!!

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