British Airways Is Offering A 35% Bonus When You Convert Hotel Points Into Avios

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Between March 1 and March 31, 2018, British Airways Executive Club is offering a 35% bonus when you convert select hotel points into Avios. The promotion is valid for points transfers from Club Carlson, Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards Club, Marriott Rewards, Shangri-La Golden Circle, and World of Hyatt. Unfortunately Starwood Preferred Guest transfers are excluded (this is a recurring promotion — back in the day they’d include Starwood Preferred Guest for the bonus, though as of this past fall they haven’t).

There’s no registration required, and bonus points should post 4-6 weeks after the conversion is initiated. In order to be eligible for the bonus, you have to transfer at least the following number of hotel points:

  • Club Carlson – 2,000 points
  • Hilton Honors – 10,000
  • IHG Rewards Club – 10,000
  • Marriott Rewards – 10,000
  • Shangri-La Golden Circle– 2,500
  • World of Hyatt – 5,000

In general you’re going to be losing a lot of value if you choose to convert hotel points into airline miles, so it’s not something I’d consider doing with Club Carlson, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, or Shangri-La. You’re much better off redeeming those points for hotel stays.

If you’re looking to maximize value, the only time this makes sense is if you’re wanting to book a Marriott Hotel + Air Packages, of which British Airways Executive Club is a partner.

Through Hotel + Air packages you receive a set number of free nights plus a set number of miles as part of the package. These packages are in my opinion the best use of Marriott Rewards points to begin with, so the value only gets better when you add in a potential conversion bonus.

To put this into perspective, seven nights at a Category 1-5 property plus 120,000 Avios will run you 270,000 Marriott Rewards points. If you did that, you’d receive a total of 162,000 Avios (including the 35% bonus through this promotion), plus seven nights at a Category 1-5 property.

Since Starpoints transfers aren’t directly eligible for this promotion, keep in mind that you can convert Starpoints into Marriott points at a 1:3 ratio, and then convert them into Avios. Using the above method, you’d be paying 90,000 Starpoints to get 162,000 Avios plus seven nights at a Category 1-5 property. Even without factoring in the hotel nights, that’s like getting 1.8 Avios per Starpoint, which is a potentially great deal.

This won’t be for everyone, but if you really value Avios (see this post for some of the best uses of Avios), then a Marriott Hotel + Air package could represent a good deal.

Redeem Avios for LATAM business class without fuel surcharges

Personally I’d rather earn Avios in one of several other ways:

Earn Avios

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this British Airways transfer bonus?

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  1. With the marriot Air and hotel package; do you have to specify the hotel at time of booking (assuming availability) or do you get a certificate to use any time?

  2. How do you extend validity of certificate say by a year?
    Would spending points to upgrade certificate from category 1-5 to 6 extend the validity?

  3. @jay
    Hilton to Avios is 10:1, and nowit is 10:1.35 with bonus.
    Even if you buy hilton points with 100% bonus, you are paying 0.5 cents per hilton point, which is 3.7 cents per avio. That is way higher that the avio value(about 1.5 cents)

  4. @Ed. If you’re pooling points from multiple accounts – yes, they will force you to book specific hotel/dates right away. If you have enough in one account, then I think you just get a certificate.

  5. @Sophia, you can do and it’s instant but you need to have had the Iberia account open for at least 90 days and earned at least one avios with it

  6. I did this last year, but I already had a hotel picked out for my certificate. If my wife and I choose another trip before March 31st I’ll probably add to my Avio stash.

  7. @Sophia, @Lumma: To meet the latter requirement: Most of us will never have earned an Iberia point so you have to opt out for buying some. I believe it cost me $30ish for the fewest option. Worth it. Website is horrible but transfers are instant!

  8. @Sophia Now that Iberia is a transfer partner of Chase you could transfer 1000 URs to Iberia. I originally did it through e-opinions, but wouldn’t recommend that.

  9. @George does multiple accounts mean more than two? Or have they changed their rules? If not, then you’re mistaken about having to pick the hotel immediately. My wife and I transferred points between accounts last year (so I admit things may have changed since then) and had no such restriction.

    Marriott lets you transfer up to 50k points generally, but you can exceed that if the transfer is for a specific award. They will make you book whatever that award is at the time of the transfer in this case, but we only had to specify the package we wanted and were given a certificate for the hotel room which we eventually upgraded and booked later into the year.

  10. Great chance to combine offers with SPG’s 35% discount through March 16, provided you feel British (or Iberia) Avios are worth at least 1.04 cents each! Here’s my logic:

    Buy 30k SPG points x 3 (yourself + 2 other family members residing at same address) by March 16 for $2,047.50 total (buy sooner to be allow time for transfers; and buy with SPG Amex to earn 2x points per dollar spent for even more value)

    Combine the 90k SPG points into 1 SPG account, then transfer to Marriott account to get 270k

    Cash in those 270k points for Marriott Hotel + Air Packages by calling by March 31 and selecting British Airways to get 162,000 Avios plus a 7-night certificate valid for 1 year

    Marriott certificate is worth a min of $360.00 because you can book a hotel, cancel, and get 45k Marriott points back into your account in place of the cert. With Marriott points worth 0.8 cents each, 45k Marriott points = $360 value. Yes, you should be able to get much more value by actually staying at a category 5 hotel for 7 nights, or you can pay 5k points per night per category level to upgrade to a higher category within Marriott — e.g., pay 35k Marriott points + your certificate to get a category 6 hotel for 7 nights (paid at time of booking).

    Summary on buying 90k SPG points to get 7-night cert. + 162k Avios:
    $2,047.50 for SPG pts. – $360 min value of cert. = $1,687.50 net price
    $1,687.50 / 162k = $0.0104 per Avios (or 1.04 cents / Avios)

    And this doesn’t account for the 4,095 SPG points you would earn on your SPG Amex, which effectively brings price down to 0.98 cents/Avios if you value SPG points at 2.4 cents each!

    Just don’t miss the deadlines (3/16 for buying SPG points and 3/31 for redeeming Marriott Hotel + Air Package to get BA bonus), don’t pay interest on any credit cards, and don’t let your Marriott certificate expire!

    Here’s the link to Lucky’s article from Feb. 1 titled, “Great Deal: Starwood Is Selling Starpoints For 35% Off”:

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