Breaking: My Favorite Destination Restaurant Is Closing!!!

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While I appreciate a good meal, I’m not usually one to base my travels around restaurants. I know there are some foodies who plan trips around restaurants, and I totally get it. But it’s not for me.

Well, except two summers ago, when I decided I had to eat at Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale, Arizona. What’s Amy’s Baking Company, you ask?


It’s the restaurant featured in the most controversial episode of Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” If you haven’t seen it and have ~40 minutes of free time, you have to watch it:

I couldn’t not eat there. So I managed to convince a few friends to join me, and we made an outing to Amy’s Baking Company. And it was exactly what you’d expect.

Well, if you’re looking to have an equally awesome time, you better hurry. Per the APAmy’s Baking Company is closing its doors soon:

Co-owner Amy Bouzaglo said Thursday that she and husband Samy Bouzaglo are in final negotiations to sell the property in Scottsdale but that they are keeping the Amy’s Baking Company name. She plans to focus on making desserts for Phoenix-area restaurants and online instructional cooking videos.

The decision had nothing to do with lingering negative publicity from the show, though people on social media have assumed otherwise, she said.

The couple says they opted to sell because they also had issues with the building’s former landlord. Bouzaglo says the landlord allowed construction in other spaces in the shopping center that led to a sewer-like odor seeping into their restaurant.

I might just have to book another trip to Phoenix in the coming weeks so I can once again enjoy eating being told how great their food is.

Anyone want to join me? Maybe we can schedule a reader meetup and take over the restaurant. 😉

(Tip of the hat to Mike)

  1. I am a regular reader and live only about three miles from the restaurant. I have never been able to get anyone to go with me! I’m dying to go. Count me in!

  2. Lucky. Will be hitting this place if it is still open on weekend of Aug 8th. Got the $99 tickets do doing SPG run to get the free weekend promo, and hopefully use that in Venice where rates are 600 Euros a night. Love your blog. Learning so much.

  3. @Andrew Are you talking about the Sheraton promo? You won’t be able to parlay that into a Venice stay. There are no Sheratons in Venice, I don’t think. The nearest is 20 miles away and it’s always pretty cheap anyway.

  4. I’d be down for a reader meet up. I’ll even bring some of my mom’s award winning baklava and we can pretend it’s Amy’s 😉

  5. I’m with Ivan Y, why would you want to give the owners any publicity let alone dollars? Arranging anything at this restaurant seems to be childish at best – grow up the lot of you!

  6. Street food. That’s the only place to go, whether it be in Vancouver, deep Latin America, a warung in Indonesia, or — if ‘permitted’ — in Scottsdale .
    Ambience, colour, risk. Why else would you travel?

  7. Arranging a get together to spend money at this place makes all those involved sound like a bunch of pathetic, self-entitled douchebags given how the owners came across on the Ramsay programme & on social media.

  8. Don’t want to be negative but I would prefer if the focus remained on airlines and hotels, rather than this stuff…

  9. I actually watched that 41 minute video. Time well spent on a Saturday, haha. My goodness, that Amy is bonkers. I actually feel sorry for her. She thinks the entire world is out to get her. Did you meet her when you visited? Or just Samy?

  10. @Jane S:

    Well, if you read the recent piece on Lucky, he thinks the people who run loyalty programs are idiots.

    So ironic detachment and mockery while patronizing a business like what’s described in this blog entry is kind of what ALL the cool kids are doing.

    I’d be kind of careful describing people who enable your lifestyle as idiots. They really are partners, much like how people who count cards and play advantage gambling in casinos are really partnering and symbiotic with casinos. Yeah, they’re “outsmarting” the casino, just like how Lucky “outsmarts” the airlines. But one “sir, you’re no longer welcome in our casino/loyalty program”… and suddenly you’re not so smart any more.

  11. We live in Phoenix, we will attend if we are home when you decide to go. Please post a meet-up time and date!

  12. Again proof that this hobby has jumped the shark. Wasting your precious time, money, and pts. on a worthless trip to eat garbage from garbage people is something brain dead teenagers do…….and you’re doing it just because you can! Imbeciles.

  13. To be fair, I wouldn’t actively choose to eat at Amy’s… I’m more interested in the meetup aspect and don’t really care what the venue is, and I think that’s true of most of the people that have replied.

  14. Hey Ben, I know you like BBQ….Speaking of Arizona-if you are near Phoenix. We found a new place on Wednesday-it’s called Little Miss BBQ-sooo good. A quick hop over from the Airport. It’s alot like the BBQ in Austin-Le BBQ. We flew in at 10 and went straight there. They start lining up at 1030 for an 11 am opening. They are super friendly and will give you tours of the pits. I would recommend the fatty brisket and Sausage!! And did I mention we went back again on Friday for a second helping? We got there too late and missed out on the brisket 🙁 Now I need to find a way to get some of that BBQ in California.

  15. I’d definitely be down for this. Never been there before and would love to check it out before it closes.

  16. There is a travel convention in Scottsdale July 24-26 how about scheduling the meet up that weekend? I know some other boarding area bloggers are attending. The convention is at the Phoenician.

  17. Well that was an entertaining episode! I hadn’t seen it before so I watched it and just had a good 45 minutes giggle! They’re crazy!

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