Boston Logan Airport’s Earth Day Tweet That You Have To See To Believe

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It’s Earth Day on Thursday, so we’re probably going to see lots of companies do some marketing around that. Well, Boston Logan International Airport deserves some credit for being ahead of the curve, as the airport has this morning already Tweeted about Earth Day:

For those traveling, parking at the airport brings you close to your terminal and reduces the impact on the environment. #EarthDay

Yes, you heard them right! If you care about the environment you’ll pay $38 per day to park at Boston Logan Airport! You won’t use public transportation, or rideshare, or park at an off-airport parking lot for a fraction of the cost. Oh, and the airport run economy parking lot is closed right now too, probably for the environment!

The responses to the Tweet are absolutely amazing, and incredibly enough, the Tweet from the airport is still up, over two hours later.

This is almost as wild as when Korean Air launched flights to Kenya, and encouraged people to enjoy “the indigenous people full of primitive energy.”

Can anyone make sense of the airport’s Tweet?

  1. The organizations that run airports are parking companies that provide airplane infrastructure on the side

  2. Charge less for parking and people will show up its really that simple. If i can uber there and back cheaper than parking i will uber. If parking is the same or cheaper i park. No one actually chooses based on anything besides convience and pricing but i do respect this airport for pretending to care about something like Hotels do with water conservation.

  3. Unsurprising. As a former Bostonian, I can assure you that the quick thinking of the Cambridge Brain Trust set is handily overridden by the primitive logic of the indigenous Massholes.

  4. I think their implication is that if someone drops you off, then there’s two round trips to the airport, rather than just 1.

  5. To be honest, Logan is actually extremely close to downtown Boston. This is unlike JFK, CDG, BOS, SEA, DEN, ORD, and a host of other airports where you have to drive a long distance or take a long time in heavy traffic. So Logan’s carbon footprint is actually lower.

  6. Sorry, that page doesn’t exist! (I see the tweet is down now).

    So if I (and 50 of my compatriots) park off-site and then take a bus to the airport, that is more polluting than 51 cars to the closer-in lot? Sheesh!

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