Best Western Offering $20 Gift Card For One Stay This Summer

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While Best Western perhaps isn’t a fan favorite around here, I think it’s worth highlighting their promotions as well, especially given how reasonably priced many of their properties are. Not only can you score a great deal on a hotel stay, but you can potentially get an added reward on top of that.

Best Western Rewards is offering a $20 Best Western gift card after your first stay between May 20, 2019, and September 2, 2019. This is an interesting summer promotion for a hotel loyalty program to offer, since it doesn’t do anything to encourage repeat business. Rather it just encourages a single stay, and then another stay where you can redeem the gift card.

In order to qualify for the promotion, Best Western Rewards members must register for this promotion prior to their first eligible stay (though it’s fine if the stay was booked before you registered).

An eligible stay includes any rate booked directly with Best Western at a non-special discounted rate. Staying at any Best Western property worldwide qualifies for this promotion, and the promotion is valid for members worldwide (in the past they had restrictions surrounding this).

The gift card will be sent to members via email within 2-3 weeks of the completion of an eligible stay. Then the gift card will be valid for stays within 120 days of when it’s issued.

This is a promotion that’s worth taking advantage of if you plan on staying at a Best Western property anyway, though it’s hardly a reason to go out of your way to stay at one of their properties. Best Western has lots of budget hotels, so a $20 return can translate into significant savings, especially for stays of just one night. The biggest restriction with the gift card is that it has to be redeemed within 120 days of when it’s issued.

On one hand this is a smart promotion, since the reward is valuable for the first stay, but then also gives someone an incentive to come back within a few months. However, I do find it rather strange that there’s no incremental reward for stays beyond — I guess they’re really trying to engage those who aren’t otherwise very active in the program.

In a way they address this in the promo’s T&Cs:

Q.  Why doesn’t Best Western automatically register all existing Best Western Rewards members into the seasonal promotions?
A.  Asking customers to register for promotions engages them into our Best Western Rewards program and to our brand, and ensures that Best Western is in their consideration set. It also helps us measure the effectiveness of our promotions allowing us to continue to promote some of the richest offers in the market today. We want you to have a choice.

Do you plan on taking advantage of Best Western’s summer promotion?

  1. I already have a week-long event booked at Best Western this summer using a special group rate. Will I still qualify for the gift card?

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