Being greeted by your own Facebook profile picture at a hotel: cool or creepy?

I’m torn on this one. I was just reading the review thread on FlyerTalk about the W Retreat & Spa in Bali (hey, now that I’m a Platinum I better start paying attention), and came across this post. Basically, as a welcome gift at the W Bali, a FlyerTalk member received a framed picture of himself, which happened to be his Facebook profile picture. It was waiting for him in his room when he arrived.

He thinks it’s awesome, while others think it’s creepy. I can’t decide — on one hand it shows a huge amount of effort on the part of the hotel and great attention to detail, but at the same time I can’t help but find it slightly… weird.

I guess it’s very much on a case-by-case basis, and the hotel was smart enough to target properly. The poster mentioned that he had posted on the hotel’s Facebook page, so given how active he is in social media, they probably thought he would like it. So kudos to them, because he loved it. I’m not sure others would have the same reaction, though.

How would you feel if a picture of you was waiting on the table in your hotel room upon arrival?

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  1. The W Barcelona left me a note addressed to @sosweho (my twitter handle), some gay maps of the city and a cocktail. They took the time to do research and know me, and I appreciated that. But who needs a framed picture of themselves? I guess keep the frame?

  2. Okay the nerd in me has gotta ask… did the picture look any good? facebook pictures are pretty low resolution!

  3. That is one reason why I don’t have any photos or lots of personal details on Facebook. I see people detail trips they are taking which means someone could easily use the info and break into a vacant house.

    Personally I wouldn’t want a hotel or any place to research me unless they asked for permission first.

  4. Creepy. I too wondered about the photo resolution and certainly wouldn’t want a photo of myself.

  5. Yeah that’s a bit creepy. Not quite as bad as “what-room-are-you-in-guy” creepy, but still.

    @Sam – I’m with you on that one. From FT to TripAdvisor, etc all wanting me to link to, or sign in with, Facebook? No thanks. When Skynet becomes self-aware I’ve no doubt it will be thru Facebook!

  6. Very sketchy. A welcome gift using the resources it took to print and place the photo would have been not creepy and just as thoughtful. But the “creeping” integration of Facebook into everything will continue to march on, I’m sure.

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