Be sure to vote in the Frequent Traveler Awards!

While the Freddie Awards ceased to exist last year, some brave FlyerTalkers have taken on the task of creating a similar awards program, The Frequent Traveler Awards, to recognize the best loyalty programs out there. Voting this year goes through October 15, and the awards ceremony will be held on November 4 in Houston (which everyone is invited to attend).

Yes, on one hand this is a popularity contest, no doubt. Loyalty programs blast out emails to all their customers, many of which have no basis of comparison. But at the same time, it’s one of the only ways we can, on a large scale, send a message to airlines and hotel programs about how we feel about them. Whether it’s giving programs love for their good practices (like Hyatt’s very generous promotions) or their bad practices (do I really need to mention them?), this is the best way to let them know how you feel short of shifting your business around. 😉

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