Bangkok Airways New Ad

Bangkok Airways is one of the more innovative low cost carriers within Asia.

Sadly when I flew them from Koh Samui to Bangkok last year I ended up on one of their older planes. I still loved the fact that they have a lounge for all passengers, and that they give you an extra baggage allowance just for joining their frequent flyer program.

Bangkok Airways A319

They also have some of the most interesting marketing out there. Here’s their safety video, which includes an epic 90 second dance routing and award winning voice over if I’ve ever seen one:

But I think their latest ad might just give the safety video a run for its money:

I… I… I… just wow

(Tip of the hat to @fotograaf)

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  1. Same as ANA’s ridiculous stereotypes of foreigners from their ad earlier this year.

  2. Love love love. So cheesy – somehow just right for them, and so weird to us Americans.

    I’ve flown them a few times from BKK to USM, always in business, and I have to say the flights have all been great. They are super friendly, mostly on time, and the lounges are both airports are pretty comfortable for this kind of short haul stuff.

    Nothing’s going to change my love for them, including this ad.

  3. Lucky, I don’t think Bangkok Airways is a low cost airlines. They don’t operate like any of the LCC in Asia and their prices are certainly not low cost.

  4. In the safety video, what happened to the kid during the life jacket demo at 3:20? It looks like the woman moved to the middle seat and the window seat is empty!

  5. I wouldn’t call PG a low cost carrier – you get free snacks in economy, they have a business class product, lounges etc.

  6. Lucky, are you kidding? Low cost? Their service is good enough, if it weren’t for the seat an economy passenger would think he’d be in Business. The prices…oh my god…

  7. Bangkok Airways is not a LCC. It is a full service boutique airline similar to Silkair, though I won’t call Silkair “boutique”.

  8. Pretty hilarious! I guess they are trying to say that no matter how crazy passengers get, they still love them.

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