Back at home

Well, it almost got exciting again, but didn’t. I went to the gate 90 minutes before departure, and asked the agent if they would need volunteers. She said maybe, depending on the number of international misconnects. She added me to the list and asked me not to board. She also said that the next flight would be tomorrow morning and mentioned how inconvenient it was, and she seemed awfully surprised when I said, “don’t worry, that’s not a problem at all.”

Well, boarding began and I noticed halfway through the boarding pass that there were four pilots, two of which were going into the jumpseats and two of which were getting seats. She informed me that they wouldn’t need volunteers, and with that my adventure ended.

Overall an amazing trip– in addition to the miles I earned I received two free tickets and a $600 voucher, hardly bad for a day’s work. Oh, and I also got to fly coach for the whole journey for the first time in recent memory on UA.

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  1. Nicely done! You are starting to make me think that I should go on a run or two during Q3. Loads are nice and high with it being summer and fares are still surprisingly low.

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