Rapper Azealia Banks Launches Online Tirade After Being Banned From Aer Lingus

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She’s baaaa-aaaack…

Azealia Banks, a 27 year old rapper from New York, is no stranger to controversy when flying.

Many of you may not know who she is, but may recognise this track, which is probably her most well known.

In 2015 she went crazy on a Delta flight from New York to Los Angeles:

  • The trouble started when she was unhappy with the speed at which the passengers in front of her were disembarking
  • It ended with her reportedly punching and spitting at a passenger and then using a homophobic slur against the male cabin crew

I’m not sure if she was banned from flying Delta — if she did all that was reported, she certainly should have been!

Aer Lingus

The rapper was flying Irish carrier Aer Lingus from London Gatwick to Dublin earlier this week.

Banks describes it as a ‘travel day from hell’ where she did nothing wrong, but decided to unload herself before the flight departed. She claims she has been banned from the airline because of what happened.

She posted a lengthy and emotional account on her Instagram with her side of the story.

It’s extremely expletive laden, so here is some of what she said, with the obscenities removed. Don’t worry if you can’t guess the words she used — trust me, you don’t need to know!

Every time I come to the UK, they always make some **** with these airline people. They are always starting **** with me.

I was trying to find my passport… and she was staring at me. I said ‘don’t stare at me.’ She goes to the captain of the plane and said that I said, ‘don’t stare at me or I’ll sort you out.’

I’m from NYC, I don’t use that slang. They crowded round me like I’m some sort of animal saying ‘We’re going to have a problem.’

I get off the plane. I’ve worked too hard in my life to be cornered by some ugly Irish *****. They are ugly Irish women here.

Then all these security ****** come over treating me like a wild animal. They tried their hardest to get me to do something or freak out. ***** you’re not going to play me over no ******* Aer Lingus flight. You’re not going to disrespect me and make a ******* spectacle out of me.

Aer Lingus has released a statement saying two passengers voluntarily offloaded themselves before the flight in question departed, but would not name the passengers, only saying:

Aer Lingus can confirm that two guests scheduled to fly on 10:55am flight from London Gatwick to Dublin (EI233) this morning disembarked themselves prior to departure. The guests in question got off the plane safely of their own accord, while all other guests remained on board.

Aer Lingus has a strict no-tolerance policy towards disruptive guest behaviour. The safety and security of our guests and crew remains our first priority.

So although Aer Lingus is not accusing the passengers of anything, or naming Banks, the fact they specifically include reference to disruptive behaviour and the safety of the crew suggests to me that the passengers were behaving inappropriately.

Bottom line

Although we don’t have full details of exactly who was at fault here, and it may have started as a simple misunderstanding, Banks going as far as to call the cabin crew ‘ugly’ would hint that she was far from a model passenger. Aer Lingus is well within their rights to ban her, to avoid any other incidents.

We saw just yesterday how in an unrelated incident, an airline’s failure to ban a problem passenger led to crew being unfairly traumatised.

I don’t actually mind her music, although I would never want to sit on a plane with her, as she seems like an awful person.

It will be difficult to be a traveling musician if she keeps getting banned from more airlines!

  1. POS like that should be banned from all airlines so rest of us don’t have to hear or sit near them. She can go hire private. Oops, I guess she’s not successful enough to do that.

  2. A universal no-fly list for people who can’t be a decent human for a few hours on a plane would shut down people like this real fast. Enjoy taking the boat to Ireland, Azalea.
    Flying is a privilege, not a right. Behave yourselves, people.

  3. Never heard of her or her music. Hope to never hear about her again.

    I don’t think this is a very newsworthy piece, James. Clickbait a la your previous piece about a female insisting on being addressed as “Dr.”

  4. What foul mouthed DYKWIA

    “ musician “ ? Who ? A nobody who thinks she’s someone

    Her response sums it up and making bigoted comments about Irish

    Am sure she’ll concoct some story about the staff being racist

    Her next performance is in Dublin ? I hope she likes potatoes

  5. This is just gossip and small talk.
    No need to report the idiocies of the idiots, you are just making them more publicity and feeding the buzz on behalf of the toddlers, however (in)famous.
    Plus her music sucks, if you really wanna call it music.

  6. @Leeza1: LOL!!!!! They both should fly private as the only two passengers and no crew other than pilot and co-pilot. That would be an interesting flight.

  7. Just another entitled minority blamin’ the dusty ass crackers for all her ills. I think I saw Debit holding hands with her in that video. They should put her on the terrorist no-fly list.

  8. @Santastico: It’s my understanding that you’re probably Brazilian and love Santos Futebol Clube.
    Maybe someone could kidnap those two and leave them in Sao Vicente.

  9. Stop the fake news!! She was not banned!
    She chose to deplane and confirmed she is flying back on Aer Lingus…lol!!!

    Yall wanna tear a blk woman down soo bad….she has a sold out show in Dublin tonight and you queens Shall deal!!

  10. No idea who she is, but Aer Lingus’ reputation just got bumped up a few notches because of this in my book.

    /Worse flight I ever had was on an Aer Lingus flight. I might consider flying on them now.

  11. Please STOP giving these idiots attention. They require bloggers and social media addicts and other dimwits to spread the word about them. PLEASE STOP. Because you slavishly promote all this kind of crap, YOU are responsible for idiots like this – yes YOU. Stop showering them with attention, and these idiots will have to go get a job and leave humanity alone and the world would be a better place.

    Addicted to clicks, are you? How are you different from them?

  12. I shall refrain from mentioing anything about this event lol
    Want to say I did 5 transatlainc flights last year on Aer Lingus and they are truly back in my good books they are excellent on departing on time be it JFK or dublin staff attitude much improved
    went to Delta on the jfk- Dublin route for a couple years wine free on Delta 😉
    I like the new livery well done the flagship airline you represent us proudly around the world take no crap from anyone

  13. Hmm. I thought I came to a website about travel, but somehow I ended up on TMZ. If these type of articles are the future of this website I will go elsewhere for actual travel related information.

  14. Azealia Banks is such a sad cautionary tale. She should be the most famous female singer/rapper in the world. She’s definitely the most talented among those who’ve gained any real recognition. But because she’s a woman she doesn’t get the same pass to act a fool that male performers do. A male singer/rapper can get away with, even increase his fame, by beating his girlfriend, sexually abusing teenagers, shooting people, serving real time etc. Banks on the other hand is just a little bit crazy, a total diva, and likes to spew offensive crap everywhere. If she would shut her mouth then she might have the fame and success where even people who think she doesn’t make “music” (that merits nothing more than an eye roll) would know who she is. But I would be pissed as hell to be held to a higher standard than my male peers too. Just please keep releasing music, girl!

    It’s not like talented musicians or artists being problematic people is anything new.

  15. She’s ignorant, vicious trash. Always has been, always will be.

    Google her. The only time she’s in the news is when she’s said or done something horrendous to another human being, culture, or country.

  16. What a nasty piece of work, with fame and success comes decency and respect to others. This gal has a lot to learn about fitting in if she intends to share space with other folks on this earth

  17. I am sure we will here from DEBIT soon enough ! about how this poor lady is a product of discrimination etc……………..

  18. Assholes like her need to be banned from flying. As for her homophobic slur, I am sure it will be brought up if she ever gets to host an award show.

  19. This type of mentioning via internet only gets her closer to “being somebody”- which is what she wants.
    Please stop this.

  20. I appreciate these stories, and thank you James for posting it. I think she must be a dispicable person, and good to let others know that there are too many of these situations so helps to be aware.

  21. 1. Who is she ?

    2. Soon, she will run out of airlines to fly, and hopefully will be on the bus, until that option runs out.

    3. De-plane is not a word.

  22. Never heard of her, but she sounds trashy.

    Speaking of which: why do I normally only hear of rappers when they get arrested or shot?

  23. What a disgusting racist piece of a..t she is. At a “ concert “ in Ireland she referred to Irish as inbread leprechauns and don’t people have a famine to go and die in

    After the tirade on aer Lingus she sd be prosectuted

    Can you imagine a white performer alluding to African slavery and famine

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