Avianca’s Live Inflight Concert Backfires…

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If I didn’t know any better I’d say this is from The Onion, but nope. Then again, I tend to think lots of things nowadays seem like they’re from The Onion.

Avianca is promoting on Twitter how passengers on flight AV8565 from Medellin to Bogota “lived an unforgettable trip thanks to a live concert.”

And, like, the musicians are even wearing masks, they just have holes in them so they can play their instruments. So it’s almost like the airline realized this might not be quite right, but then didn’t…

As you’d expect, the airline faced a bit of backlash, and it issued the following statement afterwards on Twitter:

“In this new reality we learn every day. We just wanted to deliver an emotional moment for travelers, today we learned from this situation.”

We’re no doubt all learning every day. Though it’s also a bit concerning if a global airline responsible for the safety of a countless number of travelers is just now learning that playing wind instruments in confined spaces poses a significant risk…

I can’t help but wonder how many employees at the airline were involved in this decision, and if none of them actually raised any concerns? Like, it’s one thing to have the inflight concert, but then no one in the social media team was like “hmmm, maybe this isn’t a great thing to promote?”

  1. No spit nor virus molecules could possibly fire out the end of a brass instrument. Nope. Not at all.

  2. Maybe wind instruments weren’t such a good idea. Personally, I find funny that someone had to cut the masks… you’d they would think it’s a bad idea when doing it but then again I’m in an area with practically no COVID and no masks so maybe it’s normal for musicians to cut their face masks to make a hole?

  3. Far out the world has gone mad! If we are going to assume everyone is diseased and can’t even enjoy well meaning expressions like this music anymore, then what’s the point?
    FYI – masks are not mandatory everywhere.

  4. @wpcoe: There are actually some studies ongoing about the how much escapes various wind instruments to help guide what is safe music wise

    Now having been on one of the Southwest inflight concert flights, I really wouldn’t want any concert on the plane right now. There is so little space, so they move about the cabin, getting really close to passengers in the aisle.

  5. Can you imagine the decibel those people blowing in that tin can?
    Can you imagine – Screaming baby finally falls asleep , everyone – big sigh than BANG brass-band

  6. Back in the 1980s, I was on a UA flight from NYC to Chicago, and a guy took his guitar out of the overhead, went up to the front of coach an started busking. Got plenty of tips too. Maybe better than traveling on SUBS.

  7. Why wind instruments??? There are literally hundreds of other instruments that don’t require the performers to spit all over the passengers during a pandemic.

  8. I will feel much safer if all wind instruments are banned permanently going forward–even beyond covid. And where are their face shields??? We can make all the music we need going forward on computers, and don’t need disease ridden humans to play live music anymore.

  9. Let’s give travellers the choice – flights with mandatory masks and flights without them. Same thing as it was with smoking/non smoking. It’s as simple as that. You would be surprised to see the difference in load factor on both types of flights.

  10. The most ridiculous thing during a pandemic, using wind instruments within the enclosed space of a narrow-boy aircraft, with face masks with holes, when the virus-transmission is airborne!!!!
    Avianca is going down and down!!

    Instead of doing this, why don’t they focus on processing refunds, stop lying and refund me the money they own me?
    As I have sent a note before in this forum (deliberately ignored since Ben may have some agreement with Lifemiles), they owe me a bunch of taxes for already 6 months from 7 Biz class tickets originally issued with Lifemiles and cancelled due to pandemic.

    It has been a fight for 6 months and they only keep on lying and making false excuses and for sure, no idea when (and if) they will refund me all the taxes.

    @Ben, why you do not write or say anything about that?? I wrote to you on Ask Lucky and also posted in your last Lifemiles blog; and you say nothing. There are no doubts about your bond with Lifemiles.
    In the meantime, is there anybody who can say anything about the way Avianca is managing refunds and owing money for 6 or more months?

  11. Having taken this flight, I would not be a fan of music or loud anything on a flight in the morning…well noise at any time.

    So we are forced to listen to things when we do not wish to. Great.

    I think the ridiculousness of Covid being blown out of proportion is not worth getting into.

    Music on a plane. Ridiculous!

    NOW I will say. Many moons ago I was on a VS 744 JFK-LHR flight before Christmas. It was the midnight flight (my fav back then). I was in Upper Class in the nose, and Bryan Adams was in the row behind me softly playing his guitar for some lady on and off between midnight and 3am. Delayed due to snow. It was soft and sweet as he played so quietly and sung to her soooo softly. I really enjoyed it. Now it makes me think of ALL of the celebs I use to encounter in that nose cabin over the years, including the Oscar winner that flashed me….haha.

  12. Well, I guess their intentions were good. They just messed up on the execution by choosing the completely wrong musical instruments…

  13. Wow what a CRAP! Must be an idea of this guy Anko, the new CEO. I wonder how are they going to payback the government of Colombia all the money they owe. Well LIFE MILES sound like a good plan to me! Isn’t.

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