Are all business class cabins created equal?

No, I’m not stating the uber-obvious in pointing out that some airlines have better business class products than others. We all know Singapore Airlines’ new business class is just a wee bit better than Egypt Air’s business class.

But what about Lufthansa’s business class compared to…. Lufthansa’s business class? Yes, I’m convinced that business class even on the same airline on the same plane type with the same seats can be a different experience. Why? The answer lies in first class.

I find that overall service tends to be better in business class on two cabin planes vs. business class on three cabin planes. Maybe it’s just my mind playing games with me, but there’s something about being up front and not having a curtain in front of you leading to a higher class that makes a flight better. I also find that flight attendants treat passengers better in the “top cabin,” be it two or three cabin planes.

I believe American goes so far as to make minor service additions in business class to two cabin planes vs. their three cabin planes internationally, although I might be wrong there.

Anyway, I’ll go out of my way to fly a two cabin plane in business vs. a three cabin plane in business any day of the week.

Am I the only one?

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  1. Take CX to NRT for example, they have all kinds of aircraft on this route (except the 77A) but the 74A has the new flat beds in J vs the old regional seat on a 330. It would be a no brainer to take the three class plane here…

  2. That’s true, kchika. I was referring specifically to planes with the same business seats, but there definitely are cases where three cabin planes are much better than two cabin planes.

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