Apparently I Didn’t Have The Worst China Southern Flight Ever

Via Bloomberg:

A China Southern Airlines Co. (1055) airplane carrying 220 passengers passed through the trajectory of a rocket launched seven minutes earlier by North Korea, a South Korean official said.

China Southern flight CZ628, operating as a code-share with Japan Airlines Co. (9201) as flight JL5021, was headed to Shenyang, China from Narita airport in Japan when North Korea fired the missile at 4:17 p.m. yesterday, South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min Seok said today by phone. The jet was over international water at an altitude of 10 kilometers (32,800 feet) at 4:24 p.m. when it crossed the trajectory of the missile, which reached a height of 20 kilometers, Kim said.

“The rocket could have hit the plane on its way down,” Kim said. “North Korea had not given any warning. It was an unexpected and immoral act that goes against international norms.” The ministry has notified China through “certain channels” of the closeness of the trajectory, he said.

Apparently crew sleeping in first class and not cleaning toilets isn’t their biggest problem after all! Puts my China Southern flights from Los Angeles to Guangzhou and Guangzhou to Tokyo Narita in perspective…

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  1. This is FAKE….. As the report claimed,this incident happened on March 4th. Just take a look at the flight data of CZ 628 on that day. It landed at SHE at 4:21…. Pretty sure it wasn’t over international water at 4:24 then.

  2. LOL @ Jason. Where is a facepalm emoticon when you need one.

    Next time don’t jump head first in to a barrel.

  3. Another inconsistency in the article: The aircraft was an a321, according to FlightAware, the max capacity of the CZ 321 is 179 passengers, not 220.

  4. Why would you make such a stupid comments ehen there’s no evidence what caused such an event? It could also be ATC ‘s fault since airplane by no means can detect rocket if they were not well informed. In addition, Korea has much worse safety record than China, so on a a balance of probability, why would you first come to blame CZ?

    You’re just a arrogant person and arr biases on CZ. The aviation safety authority haven’t even finished their investigation yet. then, how come uneducated people, like you, often make poor judgements based on selection bias and the imaginary “turth” as if you were having phycholagny. Aviation accident investigation need to deploy many resources because it requires a lots of precise review of random individual evidence to come to a final conclusion.

    I can’t be silent to your meaningless judgment anymore. You’re very strict customer who also not willing to pay much. You get what you paid. How much did you pay? If I were at the management of the carrier I would put you in the unwelcome guest.

  5. @ Jason – I agree with everyone else, as 4:24pm North Korean time is 3:24pm Shenyang time. The plane was there 57 minutes before landing.

    @ lucky – That’s North Korea’s fault. Glad no one died or got hurt (just a close call), and glad you weren’t on that flight!
    P.S. Lucky, will you try CZ’s A321? Their First Class has fully flat beds.

  6. @Chen Xu- Lucky posted the news from Bloomberg. If you want to blame some information, you should contact Bloomberg.

    You mentioned that “You’re very strict customer who also not willing to pay much. You get what you paid. How much did you pay?” I think it is not a fair judgement. Even Lucky took a free flight, he could be respect as the customer. If you do not happy to see his post, why don’t you follow other webblog. You are also “the unwelcomed guest” too.

  7. @Chen Xu

    If you read carefully (by squinting your already slitty eyes, for instance), the post makes it clear that this is really nobody’s fault. You can only blame those goons in North Korea for firing their missles to show off their power (in response to the US-South Korean joint military exerces).

    Also, ever heard of grammar?

  8. First I thought Jason had the comment of the day. But Chen Xu wins that award. That being said, maybe the plane was full of bloggers on award tix, such unwelcome guests, they don’t deserve a proper landing 😉

  9. @ Chen Xu – relax, don’t be so defensive. Nobody blamed CZ, Lucky was just being humor at the end…

  10. Another idiottte chinese appears, please improve your English writing and reading skills before putting down your non-sense claims. Your sentences show how stupideeeeee you are. Miles are money, listen you chinese idiotttteee. Do you know what is called investment ? Go back to school and open your 4 eyes and start improving reading skills, please. I beg you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. Dear Readers,
    This is not Youtube, please take all your pointless, racist and attacking comments elsewhere…

  12. @Rubber Duckie,

    Sure, Chen Xu made some [email protected] comments but you don’t need to be such racist pig about it. Even if you feel ashamed being a lowlife white trash that you are, you need not advertise it here.

  13. wow… the stereotyping shown over here…

    a tad closer to even racism…worse comments than Chen Xu

  14. Chen Xu attached his facebook address to his post. That shows something. At least wanted to show his courage. However, he tried to hide his face on FB profile. My guess is that this guy is still in college and recently moved to Canada. My feeling tells me he is super jealous what Lucky does for a living and enjoys luxury life. Another possible thing, his girlfriend might be one of the flight crew members who got punished.

  15. I heard the $5 sparkling wine had been recalled for ‘contaminants’, so maybe it was an overzealous attempt by the winery to fulfill its promise to ‘forcibly remove and destroy every bottle in existence’.

  16. Well that went downhill fast. We start out with a conspiracy theory because someone doesn’t understand time zones, move on to dumb comments from angry China Southern fans, and then finish strong with blatant racism. Nice job, readers.

  17. Wow.. Not to the article or the missle that almost killed 200+ ppl. But wow to these comments.

  18. @Ole
    The fact that Bloomberg is a reliable medium does not necessarily guarantee that they’re the expert in aviation safety and will make no mistake. Bloomberg produce tons of news everyday, for sure it’s reasonable if they make mistake; thus one cannnot always believe Bloomberg is flawness. You can research some of their mistake records or some info about aviation safety.

    @Mr. N
    Before criticizing me, look at yourself, such a racist lacking proper parenting and education. Perhaps I was not clear enough on a point——since I didn’t know Lucky in person, so my reply was intended to comment based on his post about CZ. I surely appreciate the ppl who share the information here.

    I would apologize to @Lucky if he feel it would seriously make him unpleasent beyond a reasonable level of a blog comment. Thanks for some ppl to point out that my comments is inappropriate.

    Just FYI. that I made the post when I was busy, so I didn’t bother to check. FYI, English is my third language, so you can either speak with me in Chinese or French, I guess you’re such a genius that will make no mistake.

    Being a racist is such a honorable thing for you in your value due to your lack of education, isn’t it? Who’s the one that should get a life?

    P.S. I made the comment with name since I wouldn’t think that one can make bad judgement just because it’s anonymous.

  19. 🙂 , u r still a kid and I stop here. I will not continue fighting with u on his wonderful blog.

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