Anyone want to confess?

When I arrived at the Park Hyatt Shanghai on Friday, my bedroom looked like this:

Today I went to the gym, and upon my return my bedroom looked like this:

Hey, better than my ticket being canceled, though anyone want to play Scooby Doo and guess what happened?

Certainly one of the few not fun parts of being a travel blogger! Though I did find it ever-so-slightly comical.

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  1. @ Susan — They claimed it must have been some kind of an error. There was a language barrier which made it all a bit tougher.

    @ RJ — Not even kidding you! Have to burn off those hot nuts, cookies, and sundaes somehow.

  2. Maybe you were travelling with your partner and there was some miscommunication about your relationship status, so they brought your “male friend” the extra bed? Sad if true, but that’s my guess.

  3. Ummmm, so they put a rollaway bed in your room by accident? So either someone else asked for an extra bed and they got the room number wrong, or they misunderstood something you said and thought you asked for an extra bed. Sorry I don’t get how that is funny, or creepy, or that interesting…

  4. The angle of the wall on the right and the lack of light in the first photo makes me feel like I’m looking at the bedroom in the attic of my grandmother’s house, rather than a Park Hyatt…

  5. They didn’t like that you left the TV on when you weren’t in the room so they took your remote control and put up a barricade in front of the TV.

  6. Someone called the hotel and requested the rollaway bed as a joke or a prank? Similar to what happened to some of your AA reservations being adjusted without you knowing.

    That is the only thing I can come up with that would result in this along with this “hint” where you said “one of the few not fun parts of being a travel blogger”.

  7. This was probably a simple mistake made by housekeeping, however, reading your old post about your AA ticket change from Paris is scary. Scary to think that anyone would do that. I am so sorry that happened to you.

  8. I am afraid could be the CCP came in and copied the entire Hard Drive off your laptop and now ‘bugged’ your laptop.

  9. Is it even possible for somebody else to do this? Wouldn’t the hotel notice an outside phone number calling the hotel to ask for an extra bed? I doubt it’s someone “sabotaging” him…even if the person was in the hotel, wouldn’t the hotel wonder why someone from room x was asking for an extra cot in room y? I think it might have been a genuine mistake.

  10. I swear, the only demand I gave them was that I wouldn’t give up my share of the Creme Brulee. I specifically told them we’d be attending the spa separately and that I had no problem with sleeping on the floor šŸ™‚

  11. Any one of us could have phoned in and made a request, acting as you, since WE KNOW where you’re at, scary thought! i give up … hurry up and tell us what occurred.

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