Another great Lufthansa 747 cockpit video

I don’t know what it is with Germany and producing awesome aviation related documentaries and cockpit videos. I just came across another great one last night while browsing the interwebs.

While it’s several years old, it’s as awesome as any of the newer ones I’ve seen:

I’ve seen lots of Lufthansa “sterile cockpit” videos, but I love the personality that goes into this one as well as the different vantage points and overview of the pre-departure process. Oh, and of course the captain’s announcements. 😀

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  1. Cool video. I like their reaction when asked for push back and were told to hold for traffic behind them. I worked ramp traffic in DFW and most pilots reacted the same way.

  2. This is from the series They have amazing cockpit video- DVD’s seem kind of pricey online- but very cool.

  3. That is Norbert Woelfle – one of the more outgoing LH pilots. Are real gentleman. Great interaction in the cockpit, very calming. Pilotseye videos are awesome.

  4. Another great set of videos are the series by Just Planes especially the ones about Air Canada TATL,TPAC and to Australia.

  5. Pretty cool!

    But, of course, everyone would be much more interested in landing videos. A current air disaster movie would feature a passenger who cached a YouTube landing video before departure and managed to a land a plane after all pilots were incapacitated 😉

  6. Really cool video. I like them a lot.

    I also like the flightdeck action videos by viking aviation photo. Same style videos.

    LAX is a sweet spot!

  7. wirklich ausgezeichnet – so cool! but – no announcements in English (or edited since intended for a German audience)?

  8. @ Nancy M — My guess is they were edited out so that the whole video wasn’t just announcements. Lufthansa pilots always make announcements in both English and German, in my experience.

  9. Fantasic vids will keep looking at them. keep up the good work,I now feel in safe hands when flying.

    regards Brian Snape

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