And we’re on our way!

Here we go, I’m kind of excited. If you’d like to enjoy the flight with me (minus the flat bed, caviar, and mocha ice cream), you can follow along here.

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  1. I’m with you LUCKY but in the cheese deli plate and 2 days old omelete with water and juice style!

    Hey, have fun and take lots of photo for me.


  2. ANA’s F seat alone is one of my all-time favorites (super private and very roomy and comfortable in bed mode), and their service is excellent. Probably a notch below Singapore overall, but still very, very good. The ground service in NRT is terrific.

  3. @ JOSH — I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures just for you! šŸ˜‰

    @ TonySVC — Absolutely spot on. The bed was fantastic, and totally agree on your other points (though not sure the ground services are *that* great for connecting passengers.

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