And we’re off!

Where are we off to? I suspect the carpet gives it away…

I’ll have lots of updates along the way, of course. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for even more up to the minute updates (yes mom, I’m talking to you).

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  1. The other lounge occupants are just as telling as the carpet. Also the bottle of Jameson in the bar. Aer Lingus to Dublin?

  2. First look at the picture I saw the green and thought “Alitalia”- and you’re going to Italy. Then I saw the Twitter messages…

  3. Hope my home airport treated you well…I’ll be doing the same trip in Aug.

    Interested to see where you’re staying in DUB- I was debating between the Westin and the Conrad, but I may jump the shark completely and try the Morrison (that’s right, no loyalty program!)

  4. Intrested to see your review of business class on aer lingus. Although, you may be too spoiled by all the first class treatment you’re used to šŸ˜‰

    The wife an I plan on a trip next summer and we’d like to know what we’re in for.

  5. Does that make me an alcoholic that I can spot a bottle of Jameson in that picture? šŸ˜›

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