ANA award tool now shows Swiss, Air China, and Shanghai Air award availability!

Here’s some exciting news. The super-useful ANA tool now shows Swiss, Air China, and Shanghai Airlines award availability, which it didn’t before. The fact that it now shows Swiss award availability is particularly useful, although it still doesn’t reflect actual award availability completely accurately, in my experience, and that goes beyond United’s Starnet blocking. After a call to Aeroplan and even US Airways, they have claimed there isn’t availability on Swiss when the ANA tool shows seats available.

So overall this is a huge improvement since ExpertFlyer didn’t completely accurately represent Swiss award space available to Star Alliance partners before, but this is still really helpful.

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. So far what the ANA site is showing for Swiss has matched what Continental has been able to book. Data points are about a dozen flights, mostly JFK-ZRH and ZRH-BKK (and v.v.).

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