Amex Platinum Card Benefits: Free Hotel Status

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Recently we saw The Platinum Card® from American Express relaunched with new benefits, a bigger welcome bonus, and a higher annual fee. The card now has a welcome bonus of 60,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $5,000 within three months. On top of that, the card’s annual fee increased by $100, though I think for most people the new benefits will more than make up for the increased annual fee.

I get a lot of questions about the details of the benefits of The Platinum Card® from American Express, so I’m writing a series about the various benefits of the card.

In this post I wanted to talk about the free hotel status you get just for having the Amex Platinum Card. This is a benefit that’s available as long as you have the card, though you do have to activate it. I imagine a majority of cardmembers don’t take advantage of this opportunity, so here’s an explanation of how you can do so easily.

What hotel status do you get with the Amex Platinum Card?

The Amex Platinum Card comes with Hilton Honors Gold status and Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status. However, ever since Marriott took over Starwood, SPG Gold status can be matched to Marriott Rewards Gold status, including if you earned SPG Gold through the Amex Platinum Card.

Do Amex Platinum Card authorized users get hotel status?

They sure do. Keep in mind that you can add three authorized users to the Amex Platinum Card for $175, so this is a great way to get three people mid-tier hotel status in three programs for under $60 each, not even accounting for all the other benefits.

How do you request Hilton Honors Gold status?

You can request your free Hilton Honors Gold status online easily. Visit this page, and log into your American Express account.


On the next page you’ll be prompted to enter your Hilton Honors number.


Then within 72 hours your Hilton account should automatically be updated with Gold status.


What are the benefits of Hilton Honors Gold status?

You can find all Hilton Honors Gold benefits on this page. The way I see it, the most valuable perks of Hilton Honors Gold status are the following:

  • Complimentary breakfast at many Hilton brands
  • On a space available basis you get an upgrade to a club level room
  • 25% bonus points
  • Late check-out, subject to availability

The way I see it, the single most valuable perk of Hilton Gold is that you get free breakfast, and/or club lounge access.

Get complimentary breakfast at Conrad Hotels as an Honors Gold member

How do you request Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status?

You can request your free Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status through this website — the process is virtually the same as with Hilton.


On the next page you’ll be prompted to enter your Starwood Preferred Guest number.


Then within 72 hours your SPG account should automatically be updated with Gold status.


What are the benefits of Starwood Preferred Guest Gold status?

You can find all SPG Gold benefits on this page. The way I see it, the most valuable perks of SPG Gold status include the following:

  • A 25% points bonus on all stays
  • 2PM late check-out, based on availability
  • An upgrade to an enhanced room
  • Premium in-room internet
  • A welcome gift of bonus points

Of these three status levels, I consider SPG Gold to be the least valuable. The main benefits are that you earn more points and get guaranteed late check-out.

W-Hotel-Punta-De-Mita - 10
SPG Gold members receive complimentary room upgrades

How do you request Marriott Gold status?

Ever since the Marriott/SPG merge, SPG and Marriott Gold are one and the same. If you have not yet linked your accounts, be sure to visit this page.


Once there, select “SPG” as the program, and then log into your SPG account. You’ll then be able to link that to a Marriott account. When it recognizes your SPG Gold status, you’ll instantly be matched to Marriott Gold status.

Which of these status levels is most valuable?

The way I see it, the most valuable status level here is Hilton Gold, followed by Starwood/Marriott Gold.

Hilton Gold gets you lounge access and/or breakfast, though doesn’t get you premium internet or guaranteed late check-out.

Still, I’d say this is more valuable than Marriott/SPG Gold status, which gets you bonus points, late check-out, and a room upgrade.

Bottom line

It’s pretty awesome to be able to earn mid-tier hotel status in three programs just by having the Amex Platinum Card. These status levels gets you some of the most valuable perks offered through status, like free breakfast, lounge access, late check-out, etc. Even better, authorized users get this benefit as well. So if you add three people to your card for a total of $175, everyone gets all three status levels.

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  1. Ben AU can’t get the status, I tried but not working, also called Amex they said it’s for primary card holder only.

  2. @ TravelinWilly — The process is the same. They’d enter their card number through the above pages.

  3. I still think the whole point of hotel loyalty programs is to encourage people to stay at one chain vs. other chains (i.e. Hilton vs. Sheraton). When hotel chains sell blocks of status memberships to credit card companies the hotel chains shoot themselves in the foot because there is no incentive to stay at those hotels. If you have status at Hilton and at Sheraton, Wyndham etc. you can stay at any of them and get the benefits. Doesn’t seem like a good long term business model as far as I can see.

  4. Regarding gold status with Hilton and the free breakfast. Well, you get free breakfast either when you choose it over the bonus points or if you are upgraded to a club level room.
    That’s why I like my current diamond status. Gives me both, free breakfast and the bonus points.
    The other hotel status I like that the American Express Platinum gives me is, of course, Club Carlson Gold. But … I realize you are talking about the US version of the card 😉
    With the German version I don’t pay anything extra for “additional authorized users”, however, the annual fee is higher. Not the cheap $550 but EUR600.

  5. @ Rob in Miami — Yep, except the cost to add an authorized user is different on that card.

  6. The SPG late check out has been quite useful to me. I just used my Hilton Gold status and that is easily useful, but can be had with their card for a cheap price. I haven’t used my Marriott Gold yet.

  7. Be warned that Marriott is not matching what they term the promotional status of SPG. I spent many tweets and an hour on the phone with them. They only match earned status with SPG. I was finally able get Gold with Marriott when a supervisor gave me credit for my stays since January that would have awarded me Gold if I were offered a status challenge. Might want to check with Marriott, Ben, and see what they tell you. I spent a lot of time on this and they were adamant (in tweets and on the phone) they don’t match a promo status thru Amex with SPG.

  8. Mark, Marriott matched me to Gold off of my AmEx Plat-granted SPG status. I think there was even a post here or elsewhere a month or so ago where Marriott confirmed that.

    That said, I’ve found Marriott Gold status to be fairly worthless. You may get upgraded to a “club level” room and get free not-very-good buffet breakfast (which, if I’m traveling on business, is irrelevant since I’d get reimbursed for breakfast anyway), but close to no chance of a suite. Maybe different if you’re in a smaller city/flyover.

  9. @shza here is the message I got from a DM response on twitter and was told the same on the phone by 2 reps and then a supervisor. Why the mixed messages Marriott?

    From Marriott:
    Hi, Mark. We’ve been informed by SPG that you’ve earned SPG Gold Status through American Express. Marriott is unable to status match with any other programs.

  10. hello. if i book a SPG hotel room with amex travel rather than through the hotel website using my platinum card, would i still qualify for gold status perks? thanks.

  11. With SPG Gold you also are able to take advantage of Delta Crossover rewards to earn SPG Points when you fly Delta. I’m not an SPG guy, but with the changes at Hyatt that haven’t exactly been great for me, I wouldn’t mind starting to build up some SPG points without any effort.

  12. Hello Ben – My annual fee for the AMEX Plat Personal card just came up. I was offered either $150 credit or 5K points + 15K points after $3K spend in 3 months. Which would you choose? Thanks for the advice!

  13. Authorized users get status but you can’t do it online. You have to call Amex to get status and Priority Pass.

    I have used the Hilton Gold Status the most. I have gotten a PROACTIVE upgrade every time, including to a Junior Suite at the Juniper Curio Collection in Cupertino last week. I have declined breakfast and taken points every time so far because the breakfast hours haven’t worked for me. Juniper doesn’t start breakfast until 7:30 (at least on a Saturday).

    Fantastic benefits so far at Hilton for only being Gold.

  14. I am going to get the Amex Platinum soon. However, I have status in both Hilton and SPG (as well as Marriott) so I don’t need the gold status from Amex Platinum. In this case can I give the gold benefit to my mother (I won’t add AU for her) so that she can enjoy the gold benefit.

  15. I am currently a holder of AMEX Platinum CC but in Brazil, so des anyone happen to know if I am eligible to all these benefits? Down there they are handled by Banco Bradesco, and they just use the ÄMEX brand.
    Thank you.

  16. Just a note, you don’t get lounge access with HH Gold unless you’re upgraded to a room type that includes it.

  17. Marriott is now stating that they do not match SPG Gold if it was earned through the American Express promotion. I’ve called twice and they refuse to match.

  18. If i get added to my friends card as an authorized user, will I still get credit enquiry? Also, what other benefits will I get?

    Trying to get the hotel status but don’t want to sign-up for more cards.

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