Amex Offers Page Redesigned For The Better

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I’ve written about Amex Offers several times over the past few months, as they’ve had more lucrative deals than ever before, in my opinion (at least for those of us who are into travel).

Basically, when you visit the account summary page of any American Express card, you can see all the offers you’re eligible for. Most of these offers are for a discount when you spend a certain amount with a retailer, and registration is required. There have been all kinds of opportunities to save money from travel providers, including Emirates, Sheraton, Westin, etc.

There are constantly new Amex Offers, and at any given point there are often 80+ offers that your card is eligible for.

I’ve found the current way the offers are displayed to be a bit cumbersome, since you can just see four offers at once, and then have to hit the small scroll button on the side to see the next four offers. With 80+ offers, that can often be 20+ clicks.


It’s not a deal killer, or anything, but if you check the offers as obsessively as I do, you sure realize it’s not the most practical layout.

The great news is that American Express has redesigned the Amex Offers page, whereby it’s now much easier to see all the available promotions.

There are more Amex Offers displayed on the first page, and then you can click “Load More” for more offers to be displayed vertically.


The best part is that the previous offers will continue to appear, so you can now display all Amex Offers on one page. That’s great news.


Bottom line

Ultimately this isn’t a game changer, in the sense that it won’t change my behavior when it comes to Amex Offers. I got a ton of value out of them before, and will continue to get value out of them. But it sure does save me a few minutes every day now that the offers are easier to see.

What do you make of the Amex Offers redesign?

  1. Keith, this is pretty big though. This is the way Amex used to display offers and it’s a lot easier than having to scroll through them all to find out if you were targeted for an offer.

  2. So he tells us how to save money via these offers and you want to complain? Stop reading. And I’m sure you probably just checked to see if there are any offers you can use.

  3. If you use the Amex app for Android (I don’t know about the iPhone app), you can scroll through all your offers quickly.
    It’s been like this for quite some time.
    Much better than the desktop website.

  4. fyi, there is nothing “new” about the layout. it’s just a return to the previous layout that amex had before they got cartoony.

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