New Amex Offer For Select Hilton Brands

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For those of you not familiar with Amex Offers, it’s a program available through most Amex cards, where different cards are eligible for different savings and bonus offers. In many cases the offers can be huge, and more than offset the annual fee on a card.

To view Amex Offers, go to the bottom of the account summary page of any American Express card, where you’ll see all the offers you’re eligible for. These offers come in different forms, including discounts and even in some cases bonus points. Earlier today I wrote about a great Amex Offer for stays at select Marriott brands, though it looks like there’s another offer for select Hilton brands.

With this new, targeted Amex Offer, you can get $50 back or earn 5,000 bonus points when you spend $250+ at Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites, or Home2 Suites in the US through November 15, 2018.

There seem to be two versions of the offer out there — one is for $50 back when you spend $250+, while the other is for 5,000 bonus Membership Rewards points. Personally I value Membership Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, so I’d consider that to be the much better offer, since I value those points at $85. That would translate to over a third back on a $250 purchase.

Again, this promotion is only for stays at Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites, and Home2 Suites properties in the US and US territories, so other brands don’t qualify. There’s a separate Amex Offer for stays at Hilton, Curio, or Canopy properties, though that expires September 5, 2018.

All eligible room rates and room charges should qualify towards this offer, including taxes and other fees. It would appear as if you could use this even for a stay after the deadline, as long as your room is charged prior to the deadline (so if that’s the case you’d want to book a pre-paid rate — just make sure the hotel actually charges you at the time you book, because sometimes hotels don’t charge you right away for pre-paid rates). You don’t have to spend the entire $250 in one transaction, but rather multiple transactions should qualify.

This promotion is targeted, though it at least seems to be pretty widely targeted. In my case, all of my American Express cards (with the exception of my Starwood Cards, understandably) are targeted, though only one card has the 5,000 point offer, rather than the $50 offer.

Getting 20% back (or more, if you value the points more) on select Hilton stays in certain increments is an incredible value. Amex Offers is such a great program, and for many more than justifies the annual fees on many cards (and in some cases even allows you to “make money” on cards, since these are even on no annual fee cards).

If you book a stay costing significantly more than $250, you can always ask them to charge multiple credit cards at check-out, so that you can maximize your rewards and savings.

This promotion is stackable with Hilton’s amazing promotion for 2,500 bonus Lufthansa Miles & More miles per stay through October 31, 2018.

Was your account targeted for this Hilton offer, and do you plan on taking advantage of it?

  1. I actually just saw that promotion, as I went online and paid my bill.
    I ended up adding the $50 off to my Hilton AMEX card promo, as I am going to stay at the Embassy Suites in Napa during Labor day weekend. While 5000 points means more, the bonus that comes with that $1000+ stay through the HIlton Honors credit card means more to me. I will also add that AMEX Platinum also this HIlton UK properties promo too. You paid $500 or $600 and then get $75/100 back. I can’t remember the exact details though.
    However I like this joint promo between Hilton and AMEX!

  2. Love Home2 Suites, and wish more travel bloggers would review the concept as it rolls out nationwide.

  3. Adrian – You could probably do a split payment (do exactly $250 on the amex card and the rest of the $1k+ on the Hilton card)

  4. Could someone confirm whether the split payment method will work even in the following circumstance:

    I have an upcoming Home2 Suites stay where the room total will be $251 (!), plus about $43 in taxes.

    Can I ask them to put $251 on my Amex, and cover the rest by gift card, while still hitting the spending threshold? I ask because the Amex Offer only includes room rate & room charges, not taxes, and if the split were done proportionally, then those $251 would cover roughly $220 of room charges, plus $30 of taxes, right? Am I overthinking this?

  5. Rereading Lucky’s post, he actually says that taxes do count as part of rate & charges. Is this correct? If so, I guess I did overthink things!

  6. Great AMEX offers for Hilton and Marriott stays… but where’s the offers for Hyatt??

    Grumble… grumble…

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