Amex Increases Credit Card Limit To Five

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Update: While it seems that this update is in the process of being implemented, data points suggest that Amex’s systems haven’t been updated yet. I’ll update this post once we know that this change is live.

Here’s some potentially great news if you’re considering applying for an American Express card

Amex credit card limit increased from four to five

All the major card issuers have different restrictions when it comes to approving people for new cards. One of the major restrictions for getting approved for American Express cards has been a limit on how many total Amex credit cards you can have.

Prior to the pandemic, people were limited to having five Amex credit cards. Then in May 2020, presumably to limit exposure given the uncertainty, that limit was lowered to four Amex credit cards.

Well, there’s a positive development on that front — it’s being reported by Walter Credit Card that as of today (Monday, April 26, 2021), Amex has increased the credit card limit to five.

I’m working on getting official confirmation of this from Amex, but it appears that Amex reps on the phone are confirming these details as well.

Which cards don’t count towards Amex’s card limit?

The good news is that not all Amex cards count towards the five credit card limit. Generally speaking both personal and business cards count towards the limit, with the exception of the following:

Why are these cards excluded? Historically these were known as charge cards, meaning there was no pre-set spending limit, and you couldn’t consistently finance charges. However, nowadays these are all hybrid cards, as the option to finance charges is now more consistently available.

Most importantly, though, these cards don’t count towards the five credit card limit with Amex.

Bottom line

American Express has allegedly increased its credit card limit to five. Pre-pandemic the limit was five, then it was lowered to four, and now it has been raised to five once again. That’s great news, and points to Amex being more confident in consumer behavior, with the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us.

If anyone applies for an Amex card that gets them back to the five credit card limit, please report back with your experience!

  1. Also might be worth noting that corporate cards are also charge cards that are co-signed and don’t apply.

  2. Talked to senior rep after talking to the regular recon rep (was declined over the weekend) this is NOT live yet. The change is happening, risk has approved, and likely it’ll be in the systems by the end of the week but recon reps can’t do anything yet. Apply at your own risk.

  3. The personal green card counts as a CC if you already have it and apply for CC #5, but not if you already have 4 CC’s but want to apply for it.

  4. I still have the Optima Card, since the Feds forced Amex to give that card to accts that were screwed by Amex, when their credit ratings plunged!

  5. I was at 4,
    Applied for Marriott Bonvoy personal card
    Was told if I cancel another card, they would approve me
    So I did
    Next day, applied for the business version and was approved putting me back to 5

  6. I had the delta Amex and was effected by the 2008 economic downturn, I didn’t do a charge off i stayed in touch with Amex paid off the balance with very very low interest rate and Amex said when I paid off the delta gold Amex I’d be given a new Amex card, it took me 2 years to pay the balance off but Amex gave me an optima Amex with no rewards of any kind and I keep trying to apply for delta gold Amex and only to ne denied. A customer representative told me they don’t issue optima cards anymore and if I have one to know its not a credit card its a loan. Id like to apply for a different Amex now.

  7. Anyone who needs 5 American Express credit cards automatically qualifies for a free psych evaluation. You no doubt, have issues.

  8. You’re not really talking about American Express cards, but rather American Express partnered cards. The cards you listed are the full Amex cards. The cards that this applies to are the ones that are partnered for airline or hotels, etc.

  9. It’s not just the co-branded cards, also applies to all non “Charge” cards like to BBP card, etc. The key is the ones that have a preset credit limit.

    I’ve had 5 of them since before they had lowered the max to 4 and thought they might try to close one of them especially the now defunct Bonvoy card that I only keep around for the anniversary night award. The $10/month restaurant credit is what’s taken it out of the “sock drawer” for now.

  10. @iamhere – that’s not true, Amex has credit cards that aren’t partner cards such as the EveryDay cards. Those would count towards the limit.

  11. I had applied for a Marriott Bonvoy card from a directed offer sixteen days ago and was denied for too many cards. I asked a rep yesterday if the limit had increased, he said the limit is now five credit cards (as opposed to total cards), but “strongly suggested” i wait til 30 days after the previous application before re-applying.

  12. The Green Card product is counted against the 5 card limit if it was opened after October 24th, 2019 since it is now a revolving card.

  13. To those up top Saying that having 5 Amex cards is a problem, you should reevaluate the worth that they provide. True, you don’t need 5+ cards, but that’s not the point. Like me, what if we simply just WANT to increase our card count ? Every card has a purpose in someone’s wallet. It isn’t a problem to multiple cards with excellent credit.

  14. I have 4 AMEX cards and was denied in March for a new card. I called the reconsideration line on Monday inquiring about this change and the rep stated that I had the total number of cards allowed and he was not aware of a change. I called reconsideration again today and they confirmed the change had been implemented and they approved me immediately.

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