AmEx Centurion Lounge Miami Opening Early June 2015

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In April of last year we first learned that American Express planned on opening a Centurion Lounge at Miami International Airport.

This complements their existing US Centurion Lounges in Dallas/Ft. Worth, Las VegasNew York LaGuardia, and San Francisco, as well as the Centurion Studio Seattle, which is also scheduled to open this year.


Centurion Lounges are far superior to anything offered by a US airline, as they have “real” food, quality cocktails, beer, and wine, and the lounge in Dallas even has a spa, with complimentary treatments.

The Centurion Lounge Miami was initially supposed to open in late 2014, though has been way delayed, unfortunately. I’ve heard rumblings for a while now that it’s scheduled to open in summer 2015, though up until now haven’t heard anything beyond that.

Well, via the Miami Herald, the Centurion Lounge Miami is scheduled to open in early June 2015.

What can we expect in terms of the design?

The 8,000-square-foot Miami space will be ring-shaped, with tarmac views and, in a nod to South Florida’s coastal vibe, a floor-to-ceiling textural wall that resembles a wave.

That’s a fairly large space. For context, the Centurion Lounge LaGuardia is ~5,000 square feet, while the Centurion Lounge Dallas/Ft. Worth is ~9,000 square feet. It’s also good news that it will be in the North Terminal, so will be easy for American Airlines passengers to access.

The menu is inspired by Michelle Bernstein:

Bernstein’s buttermilk-brined fried chicken and Greek-style local watermelon salad will be available at MIA’s Centurion. She said she leaned toward lighter items, like a green goddess salad and a vanilla panna cotta dessert, to “make sure people are comfortable as they board their flights.”

Yay for the lighter options. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Mexican food at the Centurion Lounge Dallas/Ft. Worth, but am I the only one that feels like that might not be the best cuisine to serve before getting on a plane? I far prefer the menu at the Centurion Lounge LaGuardia, which includes things like salmon, tomato & mozzarella, salad, etc.


As a reminder, there are a few ways to access the American Express Centurion Lounge:

  • Those with the The Platinum Card® from American Express and American Express Centurion Card receive complimentary access
  • Those with either of the above cards may bring their spouse and children under the age of 18, or two travel companions as guests
  • If you have an American Express Card other than the ones listed above, you can purchase a day pass at the entrance for $50

Bottom line

I’m very excited about the Centurion Lounge Miami. I’ve managed to avoid transiting Miami for at least a year now. It’s one of my least favorite airports in the US. I’ll certainly be anxious to fly through there to visit the lounge, and if it’s decent, might make a point of transiting Miami Airport in the future (after all, transiting through Miami typically gets you more miles than transiting through Dallas, assuming you’re flying coast-to-coast). 😉

Who else is excited about the Centurion Lounge Miami finally opening?


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Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.
Regarding Comments: The comments on this page have not been provided, reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by any advertiser, and it is not an advertiser's responsibility to ensure posts and/or questions are answered.


  1. Do we know which terminal this will be located on?

    Ive got 3 trips going through MIA on AA

  2. +1 on not being a fan of Mexican food before boarding a plane. The Centurion lounge at DFW should change their menu to something more appropriate and light.

  3. Assume this is a typo and you meant 2014? “The Centurion Lounge Miami was initially supposed to open in late 2015, though has been way delayed, ”

    I don’t disagree with you about Miami airport being horrible. It’s a lot better since they have the automated passport control machines and last time I visited in November I was out within 15 minutes of landing. However….the BA/American lounge. Oh my. Last time I was traveling in F on BA, some woman was going absolutely nuts over how disgusting and awful the lounge was and she had every right to. I’ll be sure to try this out instead.

  4. Finally! Now Amex needs one in ATL, LAX, and JFK. Then we are good. That way I can say adios to the current airlines lounges and get in for free.

  5. Has anyone had experience using a Platinum Amex Card that has been converted to a Green Card as entry into the Centurion Club? That is, do they just look at the Platinum card and confirm it has dates not yet expired, or do they swipe it?

  6. Good news for AA fliers but bad news for the rest of us 🙂 … though given the available choices at MIA, I don’t blame Amex for going with AA, given all of the hub connections. I imagine this lounge will be packed in the evenings before South America departures.

    It will be interesting to see what terminal Amex goes for if they ever open in JFK and LAX. At JFK I could even imagine one in each of T4 and T8.

  7. Just an FYI, MIA is super easy to transit internationally now as the entrance is all digital. Don’t even need global entry! I’ve done it 3x this year and all through immigration in a whopping 5-10 min.

  8. @David – Yessir. I flew EZE->MIA earlier this year and I was surprised by how fast immigration was. SFO has the same system now too. From the time I deplaned, to the time I was in my taxi was less than 15 min.

    Too bad I’ll be in MIA today and I’ll be stuck in the Admirals’s Club. Worst part of all, the Amex lounge here in SFO is in T3, not T2.

  9. @zow they do verify the validity of all cards at entry because some card members aren’t eligible for free entry.

  10. @ Bgriff — Totally agree, will be interesting. Would be VERY tricky, especially at JFK, where virtually no terminals are connected airside.

  11. @ zow — They swipe it and verify whether it’s still valid. If it’s not “active” anymore you won’t be able to get in for free.

  12. Having to fly through MIA multiple times a year I can say that I am excited for this new lounge to open! It will be something new to look forward to in an otherwise boring airport.

  13. I do not have a Amex PLT card, but have used the Amex lounge in LAS, the $50 fee isn’t bad since the drinks and food are top notch, I don’t travel enough to pay $450 yr to out ahead.

  14. @lucky – which centurion lounge is the best out of the 4 currently open? other than the spa at the DFW, are they pretty standard across the board. or do diff lounges offer diff amenities (even if slightly diff). or things like a diff food/drinks menu etc?

    not sure if you did a cumulative review and ranked em yet or not. but would love to get your summary thoughts on em fwiw.

  15. @ Adam — Great question! I do prefer Dallas for the spa, but otherwise the major difference is probably the style of food. In terms of food my favorite is the Centurion Lounge LGA, because the food is the lightest/best for flying, in my opinion.

  16. Wow! Transiting through Miami in July. Was hoping this would be open by then. I hold Amex plat. Wow wow wow, thrilled!

  17. Lucky,

    You should try transitioning through mia to get to lax more often. American airlines normally has at least one 777-200 fly that route each day. It’s also the same price as a first class ticket on a 737!

  18. @ jack buck — I know I’m crazy, but I really value wifi on domestic flights, and the 777 doesn’t have that.

  19. When I went to the LAS Centurion lounge last week, the girl at the front desk said that MIA should be opening up the 16th. A previous article mentioned that it would be around the D12 gate but I didn’t see anything that was obvious in that area.

  20. Dear All,

    Unfortunately I had a official return from Amex that the MIA Lounge will open only in March 2016.

    Dear Luiz Rodrigues
    I am writing to confirm that the Executive Office of American Express has received your message and we have reviewed your inquiry.
    The Centurion Lounge- MIA is estimated to be completed in March 2016.
    We appreciate your interest and should you be a Platinum member, please remember in the interim to visit “” for an available lounge near you or please feel free to call the number on the back of your card for further assistance.please feel free to call the number on the back of your card for further assistance.

  21. @ Ted — Hmmm, I don’t believe they’re connected airside, so don’t believe there’s an easy way you can access it.

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