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I know a lot of American employees have been excited about their new uniforms. Given that I spend 90% of my time in pajamas and don’t even own a suit, I can’t really relate, but whatever. šŸ˜‰

While I’m by no means a fashion expert (contrary to popular belief), there’s no denying that American’s current uniforms are horrible. Like, they make even attractive people look unattractive. The good news is that when I meet a new hire that looks mediocre in their uniform, that basically translates to supermodel out of uniform.

The worst part of American’s current uniform has to be the blazers that flight attendants used to wear in international premium cabins during the meal service. When I once asked a flight attendant why they wear them, she explained they were supposed to look “classy.” To me they just looked like something you’d wear if you were delivering a eulogy at a funeral.

And don’t even get me started on US Airways’ uniforms. They look like track suits (which I can totally appreciate — my kind of uniform!).

Anyway, A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew on Facebook has posted pictures of what the new American uniforms will apparently look like. Here are a few pictures:

American-New-Uniforms-2 American-New-Uniforms-3


You can find more pictures at A Fly Guy’s Cabin Crew.

The new uniforms are non-offensive and very Banana Republic-y, if you ask me. But I’ll never ever ever ever understand the button down sweater thing. Because there’s no way it won’t look frumpy.

And that’s apparent based on the way the model above is wearing it. What laws of gravity are applying that her sweater isn’t buttoned, but the top part isn’t folding over/falling?

What do you think of the new American Airlines uniforms?

  1. Oh Ben – This new uniforms are simply hideous. While I am usually careless on what the FAs are wearing usually theres 3 major airlines that catches my eye (Emirates, Qatar & Cathay Pacific). Really like their style and presentation. I wish American Airlines FA would present themselves better (some do, some don’t, and some look like they just out of bed and went to work). Big NOO NOO on this new uniforms. Plain, boring and nothing attractive on it.

  2. @onemileatatime
    so what about the elephant in the room.. lack of sAAver space on AA metal please?
    latin america also affected? domestic?

  3. Plain gray? Not even a detail in red to make a contrast? Anyway to make it more boring that this? It looks like they are all dressed for a funeral or a job interview.

  4. omg. the scarves. grey. really? If they are going to have scarves, shouldn’t they at least have a pop of color? All that color on the tail of the plane, and nothing left over for the scarf?
    Here’s my theory. The proposed uniforms are deliberately dowdy/ugly. Management hopes that the flight attendants will be so distracted and annoyed by the uniforms, that they will pay less attention to other terms and conditions of employment.

  5. Too bland, needs some color!

    Reminds me…I recently met one of Delta’s newly hired flight attendants (as in, just finished training). We started talking about how they pick/get their uniforms, and I asked her if she was going to get the red dress. Her response: “I wanted to work at Delta BECAUSE of the red dress…so, yes!”

    I’m guessing that other DL flight attendants don’t share her same level of enthusiasm…but never underestimate a little pop of color! šŸ™‚

  6. Looks clean and sharp. Classy like ThinkPad laptops. I like it.

    Sure some more color would be more exciting, but that could go out of date quickly. This look will last them a long time.

  7. Anyone remember the walmart-designed NEW United merged carries uniforms ?
    Seems like the American flagged carriers are really spending less creative $’s on design for their front-end PR employees. A colorful scarf or some bold colors perhaps? NOā€¦welcome to the funeral !

  8. @Anon
    There is one pilot shown, and being that the vast majority of pilots at AA are male, it makes sense that it is a male. And even if three of three pilots were male it would still be statistically representative of the company as a whole.

  9. The scarves are going to be a disaster. They close-up in the picture looks fine, but it also looks like it was freshly pressed before it was professionally applied in a dressing room. In reality, the scarf is going to be thrown on by a drowsy FA as she’s checking out of her hotel room. It’s going to be a wrinkly out-of-place accessory that does more harm than good.

  10. in AA’s defense, I have a similar sweater in pink (by Banana Republic, no less!) and the top part – even when the whole sweater is unbuttoned – doesn’t fold over/fall. You would have to iron it to make it fold šŸ™‚

  11. This is very much inline with the AA mgt’s attitude towards their employees – a grey faceless mass of worker ants who don’t even deserve anything better than bland grey crap. Any they actually hired a designer firm and paid loads of money to design this? Shocker.

    Another point – these don’t even look that good on models. Have you seen the…ahhh… proportions of a lot of AA FAs? These will be large size 14 grey potato sacks…

  12. All I want for Christmas is the guy on the top row, far left, please. Ben, keep an eye out for him on your AA routes, will ya?

  13. I think the prior (^^^) comments about the scarf are dead on.

    I really have no problem with the uniforms. “Banana Republic” is a very good description. It also points out how far Banana Republic clothing has fallen since its early days.

    However, those scarves are a joke. They are very dated looking, and are bound to be a PITA for the FAs. If AA got feedback that the new ladies’ uniforms led to cold necks, then give them a turtleneck option, but scarves? What knucklehead thought the FAs would like that? This is reality, not a TV show.

  14. Hello Lucky,

    Do you agree with Best Overall Airline in the World ranking?

    Etihad Airways
    Singapore Airlines
    Delta Air Lines
    United Airlines
    Asiana Airlines
    British Airways
    Air Canada
    Swiss International Air Lines

    Can’t believe Delta or United is way above than Emirates and Cathay Pacific is not even on the list.

  15. @ LRH — As usual, these ratings seem totally arbitrary, so wouldn’t put any value to them. Definitely don’t agree with the selection, but I guess it all depends what the selection criteria is.

  16. Wow, these uniforms are really drab and unflattering; really hope that, at least, they are of high quality and practical.

  17. Largest carrier in US, I’d think AA would want to stand out. The uniforms pictured are not fashionable. Grey on grey is depressing. It’s American Airlines. Red, white and blue colors for marketing and branding would make more sense than grey/grey.

  18. Very drab and won’t look good on anyone!
    Try using some color like ….. Our Top flyers
    Colors emerald, Ruby, sapphire, jeweled colors! It will fit our frequent flyers name and will make everyone happy to wear a uniform. If we feel good about the way we look then we will all be more excited to work for the Largest Airline in the world!
    Don’t be cheap and boring!

  19. These uniforms do not present a positive image for the “new American”, in fact they are strongly reminiscent of the “1984 themed” TV ad that I believe IBM did for the Super Bowl years ago. Everyone faceless and grey. To me it is a poor choice to try to show the “new American” as the largest and best airline in the world. American Airlines needs a new VP of Marketing if he or she thinks this works!

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