Insane Video: American Passenger Assaults Partner

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An altercation that unfolded on a July 21 American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles is going viral. A woman was traveling with her significant other (it’s not clear if it was her boyfriend, husband, or what). Apparently the issue arose because the woman thought that the man was looking at other women.

This caused the woman to go absolutely nuts on him (if you’re going to watch the video, note that there’s a lot of bad language). The crew then confronts her and says she needs to be removed from the plane.

In the meantime the guy is running off the plane and saying he’s being assaulted, at which point the woman slams a laptop over his head and hits him.

As you’d expect, both passengers were removed from the plane. One of the flight attendants was caught in the crossfire and an EMT checked on her, and they had to find a replacement flight attendant for her.

The flight ended up being delayed by about two hours.

I guess we should be grateful that this happened on the ground and not in the air, because this lady went totally off the rails, and this could have become a much worse issue at altitude.

A couple more notes from the video description:

At the end of the day, I don’t have all the details on what prompted the situation or how they treat one another in private, so I can only discuss what I saw and am not in a place to judge. She made many malicious and racist comments about the man’s upbringing, background and heritage — most of which wasn’t recorded — so it was hard to watch (especially knowing there were so many children on board). There is absolutely no excuse for physical abuse.

Another note: the woman does not say she “consumed” a child, but that she “consoled” a child. This is in reference to the fact that, before the altercation, she consoled a baby (not her own) on the flight who was crying.

Here’s the video, and once again let me note that there’s quite a bit of offensive language, so watch at your own risk:

While airline crews are sometimes known to overreact to situations and threaten to have people arrested, in this case I hope the lady spends some time in jail. I always try to understand both sides, but acting this way is simply inexcusable regardless of what prompted it.

  1. A two hour delay for every passenger and crew member on that flight because some crazy woman with impulse control issues figured she would have the last word. Every passenger who missed a connecting flight and/or suffered financial loss as a result of her actions should be compensated by her. Of course, she probably would never be forced to pay but she should spend substantial time in jail, fined and banned from life from AA and all other carriers. There needs to be harsh penalties for such incidents or they will become regular events and no one will ever get to where they’re going.

  2. Americans are such trash people. They have no business telling other nations how to live their lives. This is disgusting.

  3. @Matt – I don’t know where you are from and I don’t care but wherever it is, I feel safe speaking on behalf of other Americans, that we don’t waste any energy giving even a second of thought to your country and how you live. Don’t flatter yourself thinking we care much less want to dictate to you or your people how to live.

  4. Such a fuss about nothing. Just a minor ‘domestic’ that happened to play out in public. Probably not the beginning of the fight. The suggestion that it should end up in a prison sentence is simply ludicrous: if people go to jail for this trivia, then the prisons would be 10X as full as they are now.
    As for language, I didn’t hear anything that’s not everyday usage on TV.
    On the other hand I wouldn’t want them as neighbours.

  5. @Max

    Careful, you’re true colors creeping out…


    Maybe in your neighborhood assaulting people is an every day occurance, but for most people, thats lands you in jail…

  6. She will get away with it, women are not held accountable by society or courts for behavior like this, I sharona child with a similar person and 3 DUIs, 2 DVs, a hit and run and endless abuse later zero has happened to her.

  7. @Max

    I completely agree!! While @Donna and your every day average person might not care, unless you haven’t been following any kind of news or history in I don’t know let’s say the last century if not longer we are always bossing other countries around why do you think they hate us so much? For instance, how did the Jews acquire Jerusalem? Look it up and then maybe you’ll find your answer!!

    As for criminally prosecuting her, come on people get some priorities here. I’ve seen way worse than that with zero repercussions. They should’ve simply been escorted off the plane and that is that but to throw somebody in jail for disrupting a flight you’re just wasting your money on mine because guess who pays for all of that I’ll give you a hint it’s not the government

  8. Yeah, no jail for her, just a pass. Domestic violence is initiated roughly 50/50 between the sexes. Legal system assumes it is all men. That guy better not break her fingernail while covering his head… otherwise off to jail for him.

  9. American decided to entice people to splurge the extra $47 instead of flying Spirit or Frontier with $187 RT fares and this is the type of ‘crowd’ you get nowadays.

  10. I hope AA sues them for cost of the delay in addition to any criminal charges. This is simply unacceptable behavior. The poor FA who got hit with part of the laptop, I hope she is OK.

  11. Absolute scum. An indictment of US culture and society! And these people have the right to vote, smh.

  12. The bigger atrocity here is the idiot filming vertically. Always horizontally, people! Always! Why is that so hard to comprehend?

  13. MMM – So much for the “violence against women” campaign. That campaign paints does a dis-service to the reality of domestic violence. The language we use frames our thoughts and beliefs.

  14. I was on the flight. The guy was a total perv. He must have been drunk and thought he was at a titty bar. He deserved worse from his lady, and as far as I’m concerned he got off easy.

  15. These comments certainly didn’t disappoint. And Donna, I have to say your reaction actually acts as an illustration of Matt’s point; your reaction reads as overly defensive and tactless (or some might even say trashy). You certainly don’t speak on behalf of me, but I’m glad you feel comfortable doing so. As for you calling for “substantial time in jail,” not really surprising that you would push for that as an American, sadly many Americans agree because our prison systems are incredibly overcrowded and we imprison and embarrassingly high percentage of our population compared to the rest of the developed world. It’s clearly not working to deter crime, either, since crime rates are no lower in the US (and often higher) than those other nations.

    As for generalizations about what this says about Americans, those aren’t much better. Anyone who has traveled around the world can assure you that there are trashy people everywhere.

  16. Mr Helly Hansen in front trying to ignore the trash behind him. People have no shame but to air their dirty laundry in public.
    There are some people who think it’s ok to use the N word
    The sort that would be seen on the Jerry Springer or Jeremy Kyle shows

    Somehow I doubt their trip to LA was to
    attend a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and Bauhaus exhibition at the Getty Center

  17. Hey, what’s wrong with a little pre-flight entertainment, just so long as I’m not the one receiving a blow with a 7 lb laptop…….

  18. Why aren’t people like this banned from flying so other passengers and crew never have to deal with them. Maybe people would learn to behave if they faced huge fines and flight bans. And it’s not just Americans. Look at what goes on on Easy Jet flights and other cut rate airlines in Europe.

  19. @David
    Stupid Americans who cannot spell ‘Matt’ I presume.
    And Americans sure are the bossiest people around. They obviously have never heard of ‘when in Rome’.
    Actually they probably ask ‘and?’

  20. Yes, it was awful for everyone and if I was on the flight I know id be singing a different tune, but that was funny. I don’t know what Memo did but he probably had it coming and it was just bad timing it happened on the plane.

  21. @David and @James
    I’m Max, my previous comment was deleted by moderation because some people seem to have got emotionally hurt by it.
    That was definitely not my intention, I just wanted to point out what causes this erratic behavior and why you are much more likely to find this in the US than somewhere else.

  22. That nasty woman is an example of what you become when at your young age, you are not taught by your parents and teachers about morality, discipline , respect,and personal responsibility

  23. So I’m guessing she single now? Anyone have her digits? I make poor choices.

  24. The funniest part of all this is when they both come into view and we all realize they’re both white! Second funniest part: that dude’s nickname is Memo.

  25. Ouch, poor guy and the poor FA.
    I think she is not totally out of control though. At least she did not forget her Gucci purse…

  26. I’d pay to see these people, the doctor from the United flight, the racist Ukrainian, and other notable passengers on the same flight.

  27. What a pair of fat trashbags!
    And the criticism of @Matt here is rather harsh~ he’s onto something, although I would not have made such a sweeping comment.

  28. One has to admit that USA if usually very poor on bad language. Repeating the F word for 100 times in a row doesn’t sound very interesting, and that’s all that angry people in USA do all the time.

  29. @CoolHandLuke you are right that my criticism is harsh and generalized. But I did it on purpose because ignorant Americans love to generalize everyone of a certain ethnicity or national origin based on an interaction with one or two people. The behavior exhibited on that plane is pure trash.

  30. @adamR I think now days most people watches YouTube videos like this on phones or tablets, so vertical orientation is the norm.

  31. This bitch should be put on the no fly list! I hope because she injured a Flight Attendant that she was arrested. On another note who would like to take bets that this dysfunctional couple is back together this very moment? Such a sad case, this is why i enjoy the single life!

  32. That video should appear as a link where American is now selling Business Class and Economy Plus seats, with the caption “Look what you avoid when you upgrade.”

  33. MAX LIVES! I JUST SAW HIS LAST COMMENT! Wonder what he said the first time that everyone was so offended by? Seems like no one can be offended any more.

  34. Fun fact: The black guy sitting next to the white guy is Russell Westbrook’s little brother Raynard.

  35. Typical scum American trash that is our society these days. Can’t wait to get to a more civilized place like Japan soon.

  36. I just got off from working a 16 hour shift and let me just say. Thank all of you for the hilarious comments… Life is what we make it and if we were all the same it would be a boring world…. Gotta love life!

  37. @ Living on the edge –
    I have to say – you gave me the best laugh of the night!
    The world needs more people like you!

  38. @max. How do you know their nationality ? There are plenty of British Germans and Scandinavians who behave like this , in addition to the fact that air rage and unsociable behaviour are common in China Then you have to look at the size the population. The US is around 330 million and they were flying between Miami and LA , where a huge amount of the population weren’t born in the US It’s rather like blaming all Americans for trump

  39. She looks like Latina but the way she talks and acts is AA ghetto. Perhaps that is where she grew up. Using N word is not derogatory if within the same race. AA to AA use it all the time.

  40. @Rafa.. it’s very clear neither are African American, why even try to justify it? She talks like she’s flom the hood, that is not exxclusive to AA’s.

  41. @Kevin
    That is exactly what I’m saying. She is using hood lingo, cadence, syntax. Culture determines the tribe membership, not skin color.

  42. AA should consider implementing Sharia Law aboard their airplanes. 🙂 🙂 – Except , of course, when it comes to free-flowing Jack Daniel’s for passengers.

    I’m confused by @Tina’s comment on how Jews acquired Jerusalem. There were Jews in Jerusalem long before the first ship sailed to the New World.

  43. He was actually scared.
    I have never seen a caucasion woman call a caucasion man the “N word” before?
    Excuse me I’m Australian and don’t understand her slang

  44. @ Kyall
    It is a bit confusing. Initially I didn’t hear the “N” word, but then I thought maybe that word is used by African Americans to each other as a term of abuse( or even affection); ( but forbidden for everyone else) in the same way the “F” word seems to be used in the gay community in the US.

  45. @Paolo
    Im actually perplexed and don’t understand any of her logic at all.
    I pity this woman, maybe she is obviously crazy and disillusional (she racially vilified a man that did not fill that racial profile, And she was of similiar/same race to him). Maybe she watches movies or T.V shows and uses that as an affectionate word to her partner as you explained, Maybe they have origins and bloodline l shall not question or judge by.
    The ‘F’ word (FXXXXX) for gay people is something I hear very seldom these days, maybe only a few imbeciles use it here or there to try and offend a straight person as if it’s an insult, which doesn’t seem to work because rarely people shall use this word against gay or straight people anymore because in this day and age I believe there are no derogatory words or insults against these people(In Australia and the western world) because being gay is normal and just as acceptable as anything I can’t think of a circumstance now where its acceptable to tease somebody about their sexual orientation.. but please excuse me I also don’t know the origin of that “F” word but I definately know the origin ot the African American “N” word.
    The modern world is different to the past also.

  46. @ Bob, I agree with you completely about Donna. As an American that spent years traveling and even living abroad, including Africa (before I had kids) – she is actually everything that’s wrong with America. I have been teaching my children to explore the world outside our borders, because I fear they might grow up with the typical American mindset – “we shouldn’t care about the world outside our country, because we’re the best.” **rolls eyes**

    Donna does not speak for me, as an American, but I’m also glad that she feels the freedom to think she does. **shrugs shoulders**

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