American once again selling business class seats on inaugural Boeing 777-300ER flight from Dallas to Sao Paulo!

American’s inaugural Boeing 777-300ER flight is scheduled to be from Dallas to Sao Paulo on December 13, 2012. This is significant not only because it’s a new aircraft to the American fleet, but also because it will feature their brand new first and business class product.

Anyway, shortly after they announced this would be the inaugural flight they zeroed out all first and business class availability, so the only seats that could be snagged were in coach. This is despite the fact that the business class cabin is wide open, with three seats taken on the seatmap:

I assume this is because they plan on inviting some executives and folks from the media, so wanted to hold on to their premium seats for a while. However, it appears as if they’ve finally started selling business class seats again, so if you want to be among the first to try the new product, this is your chance.

Now, December is peak season in Brazil so there’s no saver award space, though you can book a standard award for 100,000 AAdvantage miles in business class for the one-way. Usually I’d never pay that, but for the opportunity to be on such a special inaugural flight (for a new type of aircraft and new premium cabin product) I couldn’t resist.

The other nice thing is that since American charges the same number of miles from Hawaii to Brazil as they do from the US mainland to Brazil, I can add a non-capacity controlled business class seat from Honolulu to Dallas to the reservation at no extra cost, which I can use anytime prior to travel. That at least increases the value of the award a bit.

Anyone else planning on taking the inaugural? Would be great to see some of you aboard!

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  1. Sounds like fun.

    One tip to others, Hawaii is one of those markets where you can’t buy a one way ticket for half the cost of round trip. So if you get a freebie as Lucky outlines, you’ll need an award ticket (or use the first half of a RT starting in Hawaii) to get back.

  2. @ beachfan — Excellent point! For some west coast markets I find the pricing is one-way, but for anything other than that (and including some west coast fares) it’s not anywhere close to half the cost of a roundtrip.

    @ mh — Hah, thanks for pointing that out, went ahead and removed that. And for the record I have three speculative awards booked, or the balance would be higher.

  3. I’m on one of the 77W flights during that inaugural week — I won’t say which for security (though will gladly share in private). I’m flying first, but I figure the FAs won’t mind letting me try out the business seat if there are any empty ones. Email me what days you’ll be in GRU. It would be a pleasure to buy you a nice espresso (I figure you’re not a fan of Caipirinhas).

  4. I guess now you are committed to going to SFO via Europe so you have a way to get to Hawaii before this flight.

  5. @ beachfan — I believe all Alaska fares are one-way. Also, I’ve seen many one-way fares on American from secondary cities, but it seems to vary by the specific market.

  6. Ben

    I was wondering if you can recommend any airlines or routes to try for first/biz award space.

    I work from home and have a flexible schedule, I have 100k in BA, 300k in each AA,UR,SPG,MR and 50k in delta & united.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated šŸ™‚

  7. @ danny — I think it all depends where you want to go, what airlines you want to try, etc. That’s a VERY open ended question. šŸ˜€

  8. I have flown AA 963 on a 767 many times. I hope that the service is also upgraded along with the hard product.

  9. I reached my EXP early this year because of the double miles early on,,, so I am out of Brazil until January… However,,, I am really excited about this new plane,,,, and can’t wait to use some of my evip’s to get there in the new cabin. Please take lots of pictures, and write a good review… I go to Brazil about 6 times a year, and I want to know how the new bird flies šŸ™‚

    On another note…. GREAT GREAT tip about Hawaii…!!!! I had no idea you could start a trip on miles in Hawaii to brazil… That is amazing!!! I don’t fly often to Brazil on miles,,, but if I have more time next year, that is definitely the way to do it!!!

  10. @ Kane — Well other airlines allow stopover at any transit point on a roundtrip award like United or US Airways. United allows an open jaw and a stopover, so you could do something similar with them on some awards. With US Airways you can only have a stopover or an open jaw, so that makes it a bit tougher.

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